Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli – Although there are many web hosting guides written by so-called “super technical” people who forget that beginners don’t have the same expertise.

For those of you who don’t understand anything about web hosting currently, by the end of this guide you will have a solid understanding of how web hosting and domains work.

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

This guide has 7 chapters, written for beginners who want to learn about web hosting. I will cover topics starting from the most basic, what is web hosting and domains to knowledge about name servers and DNS.

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Before going further about web hosting, it would be good to know what is web hosting? and why do you need web hosting services?

What is hosting? Basically, web hosting is just a computer. The computer you host your website on.

Usually when you talk about web hosting, it means that there is a company that provides a place on the computer (or you can call it a server) that is used to store the data of the website.

I don’t think it’s clear before you understand that a website is a collection of computer files (such as image files, documents, audio, video…etc.) that are linked together.

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So how do you make a website that contains computer files accessible to many people? So you need a computer or server with a high speed internet connection.

If hosting is really just a computer for storing website data, then why do I need a hosting service? I also have a computer with a high speed internet connection at home?

In fact, you can use your own computer at home. But it’s not a good idea, I think it’s a really bad idea. Why? Below I give four reasons why saving website data on your own computer is impossible to do.

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

If the power goes out in your home, your computer will die. Your website will still be down (unable to access). After all, the computer at home can’t work 24/7, right?

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Although you may have a faster internet connection at home, it usually has to do with download speed, not upload speed. Because the server needs high loading speed to deliver website files.

Home Internet connections have IP addresses that change from time to time. An IP address is like a home address. Imagine that a friend sends you home, but your home address is changing, you can be sure that the package from your friend will not arrive.

Maybe once your home computer is broken and then it takes a long time to fix it. It may take days or weeks before you can use the computer again. During the repair, your website may become inaccessible, and even worse, you may lose important files.

Power supply in almost all web hosting services is always supported by an adequate generator, which can keep the server alive even in the event of a power outage. Although in practice the server may die for some reasons.

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In web hosting services, they have very high loading speeds and can serve tens, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of visitors simultaneously.

By using a web hosting service, you will have a unique IP address that is only yours, different from other users and does not change, which means that people will always find your website easily.

You will not have to worry about equipment maintenance because the best web hosting providers have a team of professionals who can keep their equipment in good condition and

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

The best news is that most web hosting providers will create a backup file for your website so you don’t have to worry about missing files or errors on your website.

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Generally, there are 4 types of web hosting which are Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

However, they have specific specifications ranging from price, server management, storage size, security level, server speed and reliability.

As the name suggests, shared hosting is a hosting service where your hosting account is placed together with other hosting accounts on the same server.

Imagine that there is a large room and the owner of the room rents the room to many people. Then he came and took a chance in that great room. In it you share it with other people who rent it. This room is called the server and the server shares the same with everyone who rents the server.

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Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about technical maintenance on the server when you run the program, because all hosting is fully managed by the hosting service provider.

For example, an easy-to-use web-based control panel (cPanel), so it will be easy for you to install platforms such as WordPress, create email accounts and add databases, without having to touch any coding. never.

For example, if one of the users of the server uses a lot of resources, such as a lot of traffic / visits, spam, etc., then your website or other users on the same server will experience a slowdown or slow down. slow down

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

Shared hosting is best for new websites, personal blogs, online stores and websites with not many visits per month (usually less than 25,000 traffic per month).

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It just takes more resources and a dimension, and CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

Imagine a room rented by the previous owner, where you have your own space / private room.

So in VPS you get full control over the server, you even get the same benefits as dedicated server hosting services at a much cheaper price and you get better server service than shared hosting.

, there is no interference from other users, and you still get some resources, so you have better performance than on shared hosting.

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Yes, VPS itself is divided into two, unmanaged VPS and managed VPS. What is an unmanaged VPS? In short, it’s a VPS that you rent:

An unmanaged VPS hosting provider is responsible for the server you use. And what is a managed VPS? A managed VPS is the opposite of an unmanaged VPS. The server you rent will be managed directly by the hosting provider, such as shared hosting.

There is no need to think about this and that. With a managed VPS, you can focus 100% on your website.

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

Which is better than shared hosting, but you don’t want to pay more to buy dedicated hosting. Your data and email will be uploaded to the server

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For your information, currently most web hosting providers no longer use traditional VPS because they have moved to VPS cloud hosting.

I will discuss cloud hosting in point 4 of chapter 2. For unmanaged VPS, I recommend Digital Ocean, Vultr and Lindode.

Dedicated server hosting is a hosting service where you rent an entire server and don’t share it with anyone.

Again, we use the example of someone who has a large room. In this exclusive hosting, you rent the entire room.

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Dedicated server hosting is the most powerful, secure, scalable and flexible web hosting solution, it also has very good performance, because the server is not used by anyone.

On dedicated hosting, you have complete control over the server and can control all the activities that happen on the server.

Also in most cases, when there is damage to the server being used, it is the responsibility of the server provider to fix it.

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

Of all the advantages of dedicated server hosting offers, it is not surprising that the expenses that you have to use are comparatively more expensive.

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If you don’t want to bother with learning these technical things, you can hire a dedicated server administrator to manage the server.

This service is suitable for large business operations that deal with high data traffic, also for websites that hold very sensitive personal information such as e-commerce, company, university or government website.

The same problem with dedicated hosting, virtual private server (VPS) and shared hosting services is that these three types of web hosting cannot keep their servers online when resource usage exceeds normal limits. Often caused by the explosion of visitors.

You may start to panic when this happens to your website hosted on a shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting service.

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Most websites do not exceed their normal resource usage limit, except for shared hosting because they have limited resources. Remember, on shared hosting, everything is about resource sharing.

But there are some websites that regularly receive thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, and millions of visitors every day.

Due to the fact as stated above, web hosting companies offer a service called cloud hosting.

Download Template Free Hosting Jual Beli

Cloud hosting is a hosting service designed to ensure that a website stays online despite the explosion of visitors as described above.

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Usually if a server is not online/offline then the website on that server will also go down (because it only has one server).

But with cloud hosting, the website below will be placed on another server that is online (because it is connected to many servers).

Therefore, it is not 100% guaranteed that the website will always stay online. Especially if you use cloud hosting with the best infrastructure in the world, such as Google Cloud and AWS.

Cloud hosting costs are generally more expensive than unmanaged VPS and can be more expensive than dedicated hosting if you choose large resources.

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Cloud hosting is suitable for websites that regularly receive tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors every day. It is also good for websites that get a lot of visitors but not hard

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