Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting – 2 Service Description Every company needs a server connected to the Internet for various purposes. This includes web servers, databases, test and production application servers. such as file servers. Server needs are limited due to the company’s lack of skilled IT personnel. as well as high CAPEX costs for setting up servers and connecting to the Internet. helping companies Especially SME players can take advantage of servers connected to the Internet all over the world without the burden of having their own servers. can be used to install applications. partition Reload like dedicated server on demand Source: PTT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk

4 TelkomVPS services are divided into 3 service packages: Gold, Titanium and Diamond, each with the following features: Source: PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk.

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

5 benefits of the service TELKOM fully managed service, the customer does not need to pay for IT investment. This is offset by regular monthly Opex charges b.Cost Savings: No IT unit required to manage a dedicated server. · Site performance No need to pay a license for the used software c. Economical use of hardware and software d. Accelerate the process of system capacity increase e. Adjust IT bandwidth and capacity according to user requirements. (According to client’s business growth) f.Customer application can be customized g.User can access IT resources anywhere.Source: PTT Telekomunikasi, Indonesia, Tbk.

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Make this website available We store and share user data with processors. By using this website, you agree to the Privacy Policy, including the Socket Layer Security cookie policy in this presentation: Web Security Necessities SSL/TLS Transport Layer Security Protocol HTTPS security shell (SSH).

Encryption Basics Secure Socket Layer (SSL)  SSL was first used by Netscape  to protect data sent over HTTP, LDAP, or POP3.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 TCP/IP Protocols and Services Technical Reference Slides: 1 Chapter 23 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Chapter 2 Computers on the Internet Suraya Alias ​​TCP/IP Protocol Suite Internet Applications – Client/Server Applications Client Request Data

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32.1 Chapter 32 Internet Security: IPSec, SSL/TLS, PGP, VPN, and Firewalls Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission to copy required.

Cosc 4765 SSL/TLS and VPN SSL and TLS We can use this in general. But with future multilayer web services: –S-http (secure http),

1 Chapter 12: VPN Connections in Remote Access Design VPN Remote Access Design Essential VPN Remote Access Design Concepts Data Protection

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Internet Security 2 PGP is a security technology that allows us to transmit authenticated and/or encrypted information. Authentication Verify identity

What Is Anyconnect? [introducing 10 Main Advantages Of It]

VPN Virtual Private Network In its simplest definition, a VPN is a connection that allows two computers or networks to communicate with each other.

Multi-Layer Security  Application Layer –  Transport Layer – Secure Sockets Layer  Network Layer – IPsec (VPN)  Link Layer – Wireless

 Authenticated transmission  Secure tunneling over a secure public channel  Normal host-to-host transmission  Service regardless of requirements What is needed?

Lecture 10 Page 1 CS 236 Online SSL and TLS SSL – Secure Socket Layer TLS – Transport Layer Security A common standard for securing network applications.

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Vo Yang Lam Virtual Private Network Overview What is a Virtual Private Network Features Types of VPN – Remote Access VPN – Site-to-Site VPN Security

SSL: Secure Socket Layer By: Mike Weissert Overview Definition History and Background SSL Certificates SSL Session Issues Attacks and Defenses

Communication Protocol 2. HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a protocol for the World Wide Web (www) Client Web Browser Web Server Response to File Requests

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Virtual Private Network (VPN)  Secure tunnel over a secure public channel  Authenticated transmission  Host-to-host transmission is normal  Service is agnostic. What does it require? VPN device IP subnet knowledge Permissive authentication based on permissive encryption algorithms

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Cisco VPN Cisco supports IPSec Diffie-Hellman style VPNs. 3DES or AES is used in VPN tunnels between two routers/firewalls to exchange keys Transmission: Other standards Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Key 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)  Developed by Netscape  Used by web browsers for secure exchange  Use sockets to communicate beyond Layer 4  Simple protocol 1) Client connects to web server via SSL ( https ) 2) Server returns digital certificate. (Public key) 3) The browser client verifies the certificate from the list of trusted sites 4) The client sends E ( SessionKey, ServerPubKey ) 5) The server decrypts the session key and checks the valid document 6) Session keys used to support https exchange through selected algorithms (such as DES, IDEA etc.).Everything is a XaaS service, which means cloud computing and various remote access services. It recognizes the many products, tools, and technologies that are now available to consumers through the Internet. This is a professionally designed template for Everything as a Service XaaS IT to give you a quick idea. In this presentation, why XaaS companies and organizations should transform their business operations with the XaaS model. We have discussed XaaS introduction, importance, market share, segmentation by type and application. These include: Disaster Recovery Services, DRaaS, Communications, CaaS, Network as a Service, NaaS, Desktop as a Service, DaaS, etc. The model includes training programs for IT and IT teams. Price as a Service Model In addition, the platform supports 30-60-90 day plans, plans, database as a service dashboard, and migration to the XaaS model. Finally, this model covers the business impact of everything as a service. Download now

This comprehensive package covers a wide range of topics. There are also PPT slides to highlight important concepts and meet your business needs. This comprehensive suite focuses on everything as a XaaS IT Powerpoint Presentation Slides service, including templates with professional background images and related content. The deck contains a total of eighty-three slides. Our designers have created models that are suitable for you. Focus on your comfort You can easily edit the color, text and font size. Not only that, you can add and remove content if you want. Click the download button below for a fully editable demo.

Slide 10: This slide summarizes everything in terms of services. Including HaaS, CaaS, MaaS and other offerings.

Poc Guide: Citrix Secure Internet Access With Citrix Secure Private Access

Slide 11: This slide shows that everything is important for service. Why are organizations moving their business operations and services to the XaaS model?

Slide 17: This slide shows the types of disaster recovery such as self-service DRaaS and assisted DRaaS.

Slide 18: This slide shows the benefits of disaster recovery as a service, such as zero downtime, low cost, and scalability.

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Slide 20: This slide shows communication as a service as a customized version of the SaaS model.

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Slide 21: This slide shows the features of communication as a service. Flexibility, scalability, no investment, etc.

Slide 22: This slide shows the benefits of communication as a service. Includes 24*7 support and assistance.

Slide 25: This slide shows networking as a service function. and how this service helps customers save money.

Slide 27: This slide shows the service-as-a-service model of the network, namely bandwidth on demand. such as virtual private networks.

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Slide 30: This slide shows the desktop as a service overview. Businesses benefit from a fully organized desktop with applications, without the need for IT support.

Slide 31: This slide shows the type of service (DaaS) that includes fixed and non-fixed desktops.

Slide 36: This slide shows the types of environments provided in Infrastructure as a Service. such as simulation environments such as production environments.

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Slide 37: This slide introduces the benefits of IaaS, including shared infrastructure. Web access to resources etc.

How A Vpn (virtual Private Network) Works

Slide 39: This slide presents a database as a service overview that allows businesses to operate without the need to build a database center.

Slide 41: This slide shows the benefits of database services such as easy management. such as better collaboration.

Slide 43: This slide shows the platform as a service that provides an environment for developers and cloud service providers.

Slide 44: This slide shows the nature of the platform’s services, such as meetings, collaboration, and engagement.

Cloud Storage It Private Cloud Storage Service Ppt Summary Designs

Slide 45: This slide shows different types of PaaS like Public PaaS, Private PaaS, Hybrid PaaS etc.

Slide 52: This slide presents the advantages of the SaaS cloud computing layer, where there is no client installation. such as low hardware requirements.

Slide 54: This slide provides an overview of security as a service that allows organizations to outsource cybersecurity services to cloud providers.

Download Ppt Virtual Private Hosting

Slide 56: This slide shows the benefits of security for services such as resource release. latest security updates and tools

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Slide 58: This slide provides an overview of Storage Services. Organizations can also rent cloud storage from cloud service providers.

Slide 59: This slide shows the benefits of storing with a service, such as saving time and money. more secure etc.

Slide 62: This slide provides an overview of logistics, a service that helps companies and individuals make shipments.

Slide 69: This slide shows the database dashboard as a comprehensive service.

Telkom Virtual Private Server (vps)

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