Doteasy Cancel Hosting

Doteasy Cancel Hosting – Founded in 2000, Doteasy is a Canadian web hosting company specializing in domain name registration and sustainable web hosting solutions.

Doteasy’s quality web design services and successful customer support team strengthen our already strong portfolio, providing all the tools and services you need to get you online fast, reliable, powerful, and a secure hosting solution. . This includes domain name registration services with advanced Domain Name System (DNS) controls.

Doteasy Cancel Hosting

Doteasy Cancel Hosting

Doteasy’s driving mission is to provide industry-leading hosting solutions, with a commitment to positively impact the environment through operations.

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Doteasy strives to provide the best web hosting service available in the market, making environmentally conscious commitments and moving forward with the way web hosting practices are generally implemented. They do not compromise on the quality of their services or their commitment as a green group.

The business runs on 100% renewable energy, contributes to green causes, works to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), and effectively reduces their energy consumption. . Doteasy’s mission is to be one of the largest hosting groups operating in the market.

All of Doteasy’s operations are powered by 100% renewable hydropower, including powering their data centers. Data centers are notorious for their high carbon footprint. For example, a 2016 DXC technology white paper stated that the world’s data centers account for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Doteasy directly addresses this issue by protecting its data centers using energy efficient air conditioners, which use less energy and have a longer lifespan than conventional air conditioners. Additionally, Doteasy’s data centers are located in British Columbia, Canada. This region runs mostly on 100% renewable hydropower.

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Doteasy’s environmental consciousness extends to their daily office operations. For example, the company uses energy-efficient LED lights to reduce emissions. In addition, office supplies are purchased thoughtfully for longevity, and businesses prioritize refurbishing and reusing equipment before disposing of it. Doteasy has a green office culture that strives to reduce waste, and has implemented solutions such as their comprehensive recycling program and bottled water coolers.

Doteasy servers implement the energy efficiency and speed of Solid-State Drives (SSD), whose solid states use 7x less energy than conventional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) – plus SSDs are 30x faster. This allows Doteasy to integrate powerful hosting while also reducing resource consumption, meaning the business is doing its part to keep the planet green while still providing industry-leading service.

Web hosting is an inherently resource-intensive service, from maintaining online systems to maintaining internal servers. For example, the average web page produces ~0.5 g of CO

Doteasy Cancel Hosting

The image per page. This means that for a website with 10,000 page views per month, the total carbon footprint is 60 kg of C0.

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Collected annually. Therefore, web hosting is expensive in the environment. This is something that Doteasy has actively addressed in its sustainability program.

Doteasy consolidates the content of its servers, old and new, to save resources and energy consumption. In addition, they effectively use architecture to reduce the power consumption of their servers – without compromising the service provided to their users. By making these improvements to how they operate, Doteasy not only significantly reduces their environmental impact, but also reduces their overall costs.

Doteasy has registered with the Green Business Bureau (GBB) to obtain a green business certificate and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. GBB certification communicates Doteasy’s green achievements to stakeholders, such as customers and clients, through the online EcoProfile and the GBB green seal.

Doteasy also wants to extend their attention to their customers. That is, they want their customers to be aware and encourage like the Doteasy team to actively protect the environment. By raising awareness, and emphasizing the importance of their environmentally conscious operations, Doteasy hopes that their customers will feel empowered to share the same green ideas.

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Doteasy believes that the partnership process is changing. And by working with the Office of Green Business, together with their clients and customers, a positive impact can be made together, which supports sustainability through new environmental friendly initiatives and green change.

The web hosting industry is widely known for using energy and resources to maintain features such as responsive servers and 24/7 uptime. Doteasy is unique in that it originates from British Columbia, Canada, a province that runs on 98% renewable electricity, meaning only 2% comes from natural gas (which is only used for renewable generation). returns during periods of high demand).

In addition, and as mentioned, Doteasy’s data centers are maintained using energy-efficient water-cooled chillers, which consume less energy and last longer than air-cooled chillers. While data centers always need to use energy, Doteasy centers work exclusively on renewables, to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly hosting with a 24/7 guarantee.

Doteasy Cancel Hosting

Doteasy is also unique in that they focus on building a green office culture that supports them in pursuing their green mission. The importance of reducing individual and collective carbon footprints is emphasized, from reducing daily waste to always choosing the most environmentally conscious equipment (in addition to other equipment options available). Doteasy strives to consider, consider and be responsible for the planet in every aspect of their company’s operations. Our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact wherever possible.

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“We hope that website owners realize that running a website 24/7 consumes a lot of resources. However, it is possible to make good choices, one of which is to get a certified green host, and has a positive effect on the protection of the world.” – William Wah, Doteasy Marketing Manager When you make a purchase through a link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works

Doteasy’s features are sure to meet your web hosting needs but the company charges more than the competition with huge price increases with upgrades.

Why you can trust our expert inspectors spend hours testing and comparing products and services to choose the one that’s best for you. Learn more about how we test

Doteasy (opens in new tab) is a Canada-based provider (opens in new tab) that was founded in 2000, with the mission of providing “high-quality, affordable hosting solutions”. website. They also claim that their strong security means that they have never compromised in their entire history, which they say is partly due to the fact that they have never outsourced their technology or support team. They currently serve half a million customers.

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The provider has a Cisco-powered data center in Vancouver, Canada. They don’t make any direct uptime claims, but say they don’t rely on the local power grid, instead using diesel generators and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) to keep everything online at once. every. This means that even if the power goes out, the generators will turn on and keep everything going.

Doteasy offers a variety of reasonable features: everything the most advanced plan has, you will also find in the cheapest plan, but greatly reduced. This is still better than nothing and it also makes it easier for you to choose between different plans, as you are less likely to miss out on important features if you don’t want to break the bank.

The Doteasy Starter plan (opens in a new tab) will set you back $3.75/month. prime time ($7.95 upgrade). Includes free domain registration, 10 GB of disk space and data transfer each, free SSL certificate, 10 email accounts, and MySQL database.

Doteasy Cancel Hosting

The last plan, Unlimited (opens in a new tab), is true to its word: there is no limit to these features, and it costs $ 4.75 / month. Previously ($12.95 renewal). The most expensive shared hosting plan is SSD Unlimited (opens in a new tab), the only difference is that you get 100 GB of SSD storage space for $5.75/month. (regularly $13.95/month)

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Once you’ve chosen your Doteasy hosting plan, you’ll need to create an account with them by leaving your name, address and phone number. The provider will automatically generate your account login details for each account, including a password, and you must choose the length of your contract.

The advertised price is only available for a 3-year contract, while the shortest one (one month) is much more expensive than the advertised one (the cheapest plan is $10.95/month.) Doteasy will still try to automatically adds website and email backup $1.50/month, plus you can get free pre-installed WordPress and Advanced Email Virus and Spam Protection $6.95 Add/month. Importantly, Doteasy’s Refund Policy states that they only offer refunds for annual or longer plans.

Every hosting plan with Doteasy comes with cPanel, which means experienced users will be able to get it working properly. By default, cPanel allows you to upload your website to their file manager or use FTP if you prefer, as well as install WordPress or a number of other applications through Softaculous, which is the same regardless of the plan.

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