Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns – Do you want to have a blog with your own domain, but you don’t know how? I’ve often encountered confusion about installing a blog domain in the various WA groups I follow. Well, this time I want to talk about domains, some call it TLD (

Regardless of the reason for setting up a domain for your blog, you should know about it from the beginning so that you don’t get surprised in the future.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

Who want to have a blog with a TLD but don’t want to pay a lot of money, then Blogger, also known as Blogspot, might be an option. Why? Because on Blogspot we don’t have to buy hosting, so we only pay for the domain.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Ke Vps

Domain usually already has a blog domain installation tutorial, so follow that. But generally, to install a domain on Blogspot, we only need to make arrangements in two places, namely DNS Management, where we bought the domain, and in

Now. If it still fails, it’s possible that our domain is still propagating, so please wait a while. if successful

Do you have a blog on and want your own domain without having to migrate to your own hosting? You can, but I don’t recommend it, heuheu.

If you already have a blog on and have written a lot, the advantage of installing your blog domain directly is that you don’t have to bother with migration. We can still continue blogging as before.

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So, when you buy a domain on, you also buy hosting there. The cheapest plan is the personal plan, which costs IDR 44,700 ($4) per month (if you have an annual subscription).

Although at the cost of Rp. 44,700 per month, we can buy our own hosting and domain, and we can also install it has more steps, heuheu. The installation method is also different when it comes to buying a new domain vs. we already have a domain bought from elsewhere.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

It doesn’t really need to be discussed in detail, huh, heuheu. Usually you buy hosting and the domain is already included in the package, you just need to use it, so you don’t have to change the settings related to the domain.

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The most troublesome is if we buy hosting and domain elsewhere. Is there such a thing? There, haha. What I did recently was because hosting was cheap

Okay, looks like there’s enough discussion about setting up this blog domain. In fact, if you want more detail, you can split it into three places, but it’s good to only have one, so it’s easier to read.

Hello, introduce me, I am a mother of two children currently living in South Tangerang. I write about parenting, traveling, blogging, weddings and life notes while in New Zealand (2019-2021). Connecting the domain to the hosting server is the next step we take after successfully purchasing the domain. This step is known as setting the domain in DNS or DNS (Domain Name Server) configuration.

Sometimes webmasters buy domains and hosting from different places. No problem as combining the two is still easy with a nameserver.

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Therefore, in this article, Panda will discuss specifically how to connect your domain name to your hosting server. Let’s find out more!

Before we start the steps, there are a few things that we need to know and that we need to pay attention to first. These are, namely:

Make sure your domain name is ready. Normally, people look for articles on domain linking and hosting after completing a domain purchase. The goal, of course, is to combine the two for your website to survive.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

Web Hosting is where all the files and data of a website are stored and can be accessed and managed via the internet network. This site’s files and data include scripts, applications, databases, images, emails, and videos.

Cara Buat Website Gratis Pakai 000webhost Dan Freenom

The later hosting hosts website files that will be accessed via the earlier domain name. Of course, you should make sure you’ve done the right setup so the two can connect.

We use hosting with a rental system, which means we pay the hosting company. There are many types of hosting that can be our choice. Is it better to host Indonesia or abroad.

Connecting the domain to the hosting server is a technical matter. But believe me, it’s pretty easy to do. In general, the steps are divided into only two, namely:

Before redirecting your domain name, the first step is to know the nameservers used by your hosting. The easiest way to get this information is the email sent by the hosting when you first registered.

Cara Mudah Menghubungkan Domain Dan Server Hosting

The second easy way to find nameservers is to access the hosting Customer Area. For example, in’s hosting settings, you can view domain name servers under client > My products and services > Product details.

Once you’ve obtained your domain, you can log on to your domain name provider’s website to view information about your domain. Here you will find a tool to set or change domain name servers.

In general, each domain may have a different menu arrangement. This means that the provider you use may look different from the example image that Panda refers to.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

The purpose of this step itself is to tell the domain to point to the hosting service you are using. Simply put, changing the DNS of a domain or name server (NS) so that people accessing the domain can access information data on the hosting server.

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If the domain being set is a second domain, the alias is not the root domain, additional configuration of the hosting service is required. This secondary domain itself means that it is a new domain added to the hosting and has a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that is different from the primary domain.

The concept of the domain addon itself is to present multiple domains or websites on the same hosting account. Resource usage (space and bandwidth) from the secondary domain will be shared with the primary domain.

Once you’ve successfully added a secondary domain, you’ll see the domain in the Secondary Domains list as shown below:

I have successfully reset the nameservers according to the hosting information, why is the site still unable to publish? Patience, don’t panic. Domain propagation takes time.

Cara Reset Dns Untuk Propagasi Domain

Domain propagation means the time needed to connect the domain to the hosting server after the configuration process. By default, domain propagation takes 1 x 24 hours or 1 x 48 hours.

Although redirecting a domain to a hosting server is considered a technical tutorial, it is actually quite easy for us to practice. There are only two keys that already have nameserver hosting details and set up nameservers with your domain provider.

The nameservers on this hosting are relatively easy to find. If you do not receive this information by e-mail, you can access it from the hosting panel or the Customer Zone. But if you still can’t find it (this is very rare), you can ask your hosting provider’s customer service for help.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

If this domain configuration is for a second domain and so on, that is, a domain addition, for one hosting, follow step C of the tutorial above. After all, all you have to do is wait for the domain propagation process to complete and see…. Your site is live and ready for further management.

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Hope you find this Pandas tutorial on connecting your domain name to your hosting server useful. Nice try, genks! 🙂

He has been working in the blogging and digital marketing niche for over 5 years. It used to be part of the largest digital marketing agency in Central Java. Currently and continuing my studies in the field of Digital Marketing. The amount of fees paid really depends on the type of extension chosen and the company dealing with domain registration.

So for those of you who just want to learn how to make a website but don’t want to pay for a domain, we have some alternative domains that you can use for free.

We’ve compiled information on free domain extension providers with reviews of the pros and cons of using free domains as well as tutorials on how to get them.

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If you’re not using a free domain, you’ll need to order a domain name and register it first with some funds.

In general, you just need to have an active email ready to register an account. If so, you can check the availability of the domain name you want to use right away.

Using a free domain can be an alternative to make your site easier for consumers to remember as it is much shorter than using a subdomain with Blogspot, WordPress or Wix.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

So you can prepare a contingency plan if you think these shortcomings will have a big impact on any project you create using this type of domain.

Apa Saja Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting? Simak Penjelasannya!

People tend to underestimate or question the credibility of your site when they see that the extensions used can be obtained for free.

This will have a direct impact on the credibility and image of your website. For this reason, using a paid domain extension is highly recommended if you want to build a legitimate business website.

Of course, as users of free products, our power over what rights we may have is more limited, and we must abide by all rules set forth by service providers.

Therefore, when using a free domain extension, there is a possibility of a ban, whereby the domain will be automatically removed without notification in case of problems or accidental violation of the rules.

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What are subdomains? You can read an explanation about subdomains in the article titled How to know the difference between secondary domains and subdomains, which we wrote earlier.

Unfortunately, if you are using a free domain, you cannot use the subdomain feature. So, you need to opt for a paid domain extension, which currently can be obtained from as little as Rp 15,000 per year.

Unlike buying a domain name, using a free domain usually does not provide good or even no support services.

Dot Tk Cara Memasang Domain Ke Web Hosting Setting Dns

This, of course, is very inconvenient for novice bloggers who have problems with the installation process, settings or other technical issues.

Website Gratis 1 Tahun Untuk Desa Dari Kementerian Kominfo

Most users create blogs for profit. To achieve this, one of the conditions is to increase traffic as much as possible.

So when there is a problem, it may happen that all the compiled data just disappears. In this case, the free domain provider is not responsible and you cannot file a protest. Consequently,

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