Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop – While there are many web directories written by so-called “super technical” people they forget that beginners don’t have the same level of understanding.

For those of you who currently do not understand anything about web hosting, at the end of this guide you will have a solid understanding of how websites and domains work.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

This guide has seven chapters, written for beginners who want to learn about web hosting. I will cover topics starting with the most important, what is web hosting and domains to information about nameservers and DNS.

Cara Membuat Website Untuk Bisnis

Before you continue about web hosting, it is good that you know what is a web site? and why do you need web hosting services?

What is Hosting? Basically, a website is just a computer. The computer on which you host your website.

Usually when you talk about web hosting, it means that there is a company that provides space on a computer (or it can be called a server) that is used to store website data.

Is it clear?

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

So, how do you make a website with computer files accessible to many people? So you need a computer or server with a high speed internet connection.

If hosting is just a computer to store website data, then why do I need a hosting service? At home, do I have a computer with fast internet?

Basically you can use your computer at home. But it’s not a good idea, I mean it’s a bad idea. What is the reason? Below I give four reasons why it is impractical to save website data on your computer.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

When the power goes out in your house, your computer goes out. Your website may also be down (unreachable). After all, a home computer can’t work 24/7 right?

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Even if you have a fast internet connection at home, it usually has to do with download speed, not download speed. Because the server needs a high speed to transfer files to the website.

A home Internet has IP addresses that change from time to time. An IP address is similar to a home address. Imagine your friend sending a package to your home, but your home address changes, you can be sure that the package from your friend will never arrive.

Maybe one time your home computer broke down, then it took a long time to fix. It may take days or weeks before you can use your computer again. During the repair, your website may become inaccessible and worse, you may lose important files.

The electricity available in almost all web hosting services is always backed up by an adequate generator engine, which is able to keep the server alive even in the event of a power outage. Even in practice the server may die due to other reasons.

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In web hosting services, they have very fast speed and can serve tens, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of visitors at the same time.

By using a web hosting service, you have a special IP that only you have, it is different from other users and cannot be changed. This means that people will always find your website.

You don’t have to worry about hardware maintenance, because the best web hosting providers have a team of employees who can keep their hardware in good condition and good condition.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

That’s good. The good news is that most web hosting providers create backup files for your website so you don’t have to worry about missing files or errors on your website.

Pengertian Top Level Domain Dan Fungsinya Bagi Website

Generally, there are 4 types of web hosting, namely Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

However, they have different specifications, starting from price, server control, data storage area size, security level, server speed and reliability.

As the name implies, shared hosting is a hosting service where your hosting account is placed together with other hosting accounts on the same server.

Imagine that you have a large room and the owner of the room rents it to several people. Then come and rent a place in that big house. In this you share with other people who are also renting. We call this house a server and the server is shared equally with each tenant.

Cara Membuat Toko Online Dengan WordPress

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the technical maintenance of the server while running the program, because all the shared management is completely managed by the host service involved.

For example, there is an easy to use web-based control panel (cPanel), so it is easy for you to install platforms such as WordPress, create email accounts and add databases, without having to handle coding.

For example, if one of the users uses a lot of resources, such as a lot of traffic / visits, email spamming, etc., then your website or other users on the same server will experience a slowdown or experience slow loading time.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

Sharing is best suited for new websites, personal blogs, online stores and websites that do not have many monthly visits (usually less than 25,000 traffic / month).

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It’s just that you get more resources and real size, both CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

Consider a room rented by the previous owner, where you have your own space/private room.

So, with VPS you get full control over the server, even get almost the same benefits as dedicated server hosting services at a cheaper price, and get higher server performance than shared hosting.

, no interference from other users, and you get more resources, so you get better performance than when sharing.

Langkah Cara Membuat Subdomain Di Cpanel

Yes, VPS itself is divided into two, unmanaged VPS and managed VPS. What is an unmanaged VPS? In short, it’s a VPS that you rent:

The hosting provider of an unmanaged VPS is solely responsible for the server you use. And what is a managed VPS? Managed VPS is the opposite of unmanaged VPS. The server you rent is managed directly by the hosting provider, such as shared hosting.

You don’t have to worry about this and that. With a managed VPS, you can monitor 100% of your website.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

Which is better than shared hosting, but you don’t want to pay more to buy dedicated hosting. and your email will be stored on the server

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For information, currently most web hosting providers no longer use traditional VPS because they have moved to VPS cloud hosting.

I will talk about cloud hosting in part 4 of chapter 2. For unmanaged VPS, I recommend Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode.

Dedicated server hosting is a managed hosting service where you rent an entire server and don’t share it with anyone.

Also, we use the example of someone who has a large room. In this dedicated space, you rent the entire room.

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Dedicated server hosting is the most powerful, secure, scalable and flexible solution for hosting a website, it also has an excellent service, because the server is not used at all.

With a dedicated hosting, you have full control over the server and can control all the events that happen on the server.

Although in most cases, if there is damage to the server being used, it is the responsibility of the server provider to fix it.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

With all the advantages that dedicated server hosting offers, it is no wonder that the prices to use it are very expensive.

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If you don’t want to bother learning these technical issues, you can hire a dedicated server administrator to manage the server.

This service is suitable for large business activities that manage high data traffic, also for websites that manage a lot of personal information / data such as Commerce, companies, universities or government places.

One problem with hosting a dedicated, virtual private server (VPS) and shared hosting service is that three types of websites cannot keep their servers online when there are resources available beyond normal. This is mostly due to the explosion of tourists. .

You might start to fear what will happen to your website hosted on a shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting service.

Cara Membuat Website Toko Online Untuk Pebisnis Pemula

Most websites never exceed normal resource usage limits, except for shared hosting because they have limited resources. Remember, when it comes to sharing, it’s about sharing resources.

But there are some websites that regularly get tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, and millions of visitors every day.

Due to the fact that as mentioned above, web hosting companies offer a service called cloud hosting.

Domain Hosting Biasa Dipakai Online Shop

Cloud hosting is a hosting service designed for the purpose of keeping a website online despite the explosion of visitors as described above.

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Usually if the server is down / not available, then the website of that server will also be down (because it has only one server).

But with cloud hosting, the website will be transferred to another server that is online (because it is connected to many servers).

So it is not 100% guarantee that the website will always be online. Even if you use cloud hosting with the best infrastructure in the world, such as Google Cloud and AWS.

The cost of cloud hosting is usually more expensive than an unmanaged VPS and can be more expensive than dedicated hosting if you choose large resources.

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Cloud hosting is suitable for websites that regularly receive tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors per day. And it is also suitable for websites that get a lot of visitors but don’t.

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