Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

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In short, the difference between domain and hosting lies in their functionality. The domain is the address of the website, Hosting is the area where the website is built. So if you want to build a website, you need both.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Therefore, For a more detailed discussion of the differences between hosting and domains; Let’s learn more about domains and hosting below.

Jangan Salah, Ini Perbedaaan Istilah Website: Hosting, Server Dan Domain

Hosting or web hosting is a server where all your website files are stored and accessible and managed over the internet. image files; videos, It starts with scripts etc.

Ok The hosting server is not alone. The server is managed and stored in a data center. This is to ensure that the hosting server is secure and performing at its best.

There are also different types of hosting services and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The price offered is also according to the options offered.

For example, Imagine renting a bed and breakfast or a room in the same house. You will share the same facilities with other residents in the unit. For example, the bathroom Kitchen and so on.

Apa Beda Domain Dan Subdomain? Ini Penjelasan Selengkapnya

Similar to shared hosting; Your website files are shared with other users. It’s speed, It will share the same options like disk space etc.

Shared hosting is suitable for those who are creating a website for the first time or those who are just starting a website and do not need high specifications.

Baby student There are many shared web hosting packages available for personal and business. Pricing also varies depending on the hosting package you choose.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

So you can configure and define your resources freely. However, this process requires technical knowledge.

Langkah Migrasi Hosting Dan Domain

Many different resources are partitioned on one physical server. It is called this because the software is used by sharing this server.

Yes, Think of it like an apartment and take over a house. You can assemble anything in your home and do it freely.

However, since they are still in the same complex, they still share key resources. For example, electricity water, If the power goes out, It will feel a bit confusing.

As with cloud VPS, If the server goes down, VPS users of the server will also experience it.

Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain Yang Harus Diketahui

VPS is suitable for high-traffic websites, whereas shared hosting no longer accommodates them. They want to be able to manage and configure servers independently and have the technical knowledge to manage servers.

You can do this by deploying multiple servers simultaneously. So if a server goes down, You still have another backup server.

It’s like opening a store or chain restaurant. Not all consumers focus on being in one place. This way you can avoid long queues if there are too many guests.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Cloud web hosting is suitable for high-traffic websites, but requires simple configuration. for example, online stores; project websites; company websites; News portals etc.

Berkenalan Dengan Hosting Dan Domain

Cloud web hosting services are large disk space services that can accommodate thousands to millions of traffic and they are available at various prices.

The importance of hosting is that it later affects the performance of your website. So you need to choose wisely. There are many factors to consider when looking for the best hosting service.

Small or personal websites typically still require less than 20 GB of disk space. At the same time, Large websites (online shops, news portals, etc.) need 20 GB unlimited.

Bandwidth is a very common function of your site. So choose a hosting service that provides unlimited bandwidth to run your website more smoothly.

Mengenal Apa Itu Pengertian Nameserver

3. Webmail – Manage emails on the hosting server using the domain name suffix. The goal is to look more professional.

Unlimited emails are required to handle very high email activity. for example, adding a site administrator email account; Sending emails to users, etc.

5. Data Center Quality – Hosting is server storage equipped with infrastructure to protect the server from interruptions. The highest data center level is data center level 4.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

In the beginning, A domain is a very complex combination of numbers and letters that indicates the address of the hosting server where the website files are stored. It is very difficult for internet users to remember.

Mengenal 4 Perbedaan Utama Antara Domain Dan Hosting

So the browser recognizes the site file location from the domain name. Same as the address of the host or host server.

Armed with a domain, you can also find information about the owner. name physical address; It starts with an email address and more. ok WHOIS is a list of such personal information. You can check domain owner information on domain whois.

The top-level domain is .com; .id,, .gov etc. is the extension behind the website name. It is worth considering when choosing this plugin, as you can choose the one that best suits the purpose of your website.

For example, If you want to create an online store, it is better to use a school website like .com or

Domain Adalah Seperti Ini Jawabannya, Newbie Wajib Baca!

An SLD can also serve as a registered domain name. It can be your brand name or company name.

However, you should not be careless when choosing an SLD. Because your website visitors remember this SLD later.

When a domain has subdomains it exists in the first place. Its mission is blogs, orders, To divide the pages of the website according to their purpose like courses etc.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Do you know what is a domain and what is hosting? These two things are different. The functions of the two complement each other.

Apa Itu Domain? Pengertian, Fungsi, Dan Jenis Jenisnya

A domain name for a home and hosting for that home. If you don’t have an address, you can’t enter the house.

Appreciating the long process; Hmm. However, the above five steps are relatively quick in seconds. It depends on the performance of the server.

Usually The hosting buyer buys the domain at the same time. It’s like a home buyer who buys the “title” of their home all at once.

But what if you already have hosting but want to switch domains? Don’t worry as you can almost transfer the domains on the website. The process is short and simple.

Pengertian Hosting Dan Domain Serta Jenis Jenisnya Yang Wajib Tahu

Although it is often difficult to distinguish the two, Looks like you now know the difference between hosting and domain. Both are connected and work to build the website.

You can use both with a hosting package to create the website you want. With extra speed and security; You can get cheap domain hosting for free.

As additional information, They currently have a free vps shared plan and free web hosting that anyone can join. Want to try premium services for free?

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Various educational articles; Get interesting facts and tips about the online world directly by email. Sign up now and start earning! The difference between domain and hosting lies in their functionality. Hosting is your website’s home and domain is your website’s address. When creating a website, you need both.

Tips Mudah Mengarahkan Domain Ke Ip Tertentu

The first is the function of domain and hosting. Its role in the website. Next, understand domain and hosting. the last one, Why do you need a domain and hosting?

Hosting acts as a home or warehouse where you can store various files on your website. If you want to display photos on your website, you need to host those photos.

There are many types of files stored on your hosting. photos, Start with the most common files like pdf and icons.

PHP javascript Even files for programming and rendering like html and css.

Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting Serta Fungsinya Pada Website

While the domain serves as the website’s address; If you have a domain It will be difficult to access your website.

What is Hosting? Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to make their websites or web pages available on the Internet. Click Tweet.

As explained above, Hosting functions are storage space. But the storage we’re talking about is Google Drive; Unlike Dropbox or Google Photos.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Google Drive Dropbox or Google Photos are file storage services. i.e. where is the file stored? The hosting we are talking about is web hosting. Means website storage.

Perbedaan Antara Parked Domain Dan Addon Domain

That’s why it’s better to rent hosting. This is because the cost is much lower than building your own storage facility.

As discussed earlier, the physical form of hosting is the computer. Because there are so many of them, the computers are numbered for easy identification. This number is called an IP address.

Do you think memorizing these numbers is fun? For some people, This is very sad. Therefore, A domain name was created as a solution.

You will be surprised if I tell you the domain name of the above IP address. This may be because you visit the website frequently. Curious?

Apa Itu Domain Dan Hosting (kelas Pemula)

Therefore, Using a domain makes the address of a website easy to remember. No more memorizing complex numbers.

You should know that you cannot buy domain and hosting. Rent whatever you can. Since the contract is a lease, the effect is that it must be renewed for as long as you want to use it.

The domain rental cycle is usually one year; two years Three years and so on. Hosting is usually monthly; every three months six months Every year and so on.

Domain Dan Hosting Beda Domain

Available for free. Just search on Google. You can easily find it.

Apa Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain? Baca Selengkapnya

But remember that there is a quality gap between paid and free. That’s why I recommend using it for free.

Because when you study directly with paid services. You really Get an industry-standard experience right away. This can speed up the learning process.

Domain and Hosting are the main things you need to own if you want to build a website. When studying, Use paid storage as it can speed up your learning process.

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Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting

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