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Domain Hosting Luar Negeri – The 1 million dollar domain name program is one of the main programs of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as part of the main program of the Directorate General (Directorate General of Information Applications). The goal of the 1 Million Domains program is to increase positive and productive content on the Internet. Use internal server and .id domain trusted Indonesian domain.

The program to create a million domain names is given free for 1 year. A million domain names make an impact in the short and long term. In the short term, optimization of Internet access and acceleration of access to local content are encouraged. Meanwhile, the long-term program of 1 million domain names aims to make Internet access cheaper, because access to foreign domains requires expensive international bandwidth.

Domain Hosting Luar Negeri

Domain Hosting Luar Negeri

The program of 1 million domains is for small and medium businesses, schools, Islamic boarding schools and communities with Indonesian domains and web hosting. For business domains, use,,, .id. While Islamic schools and boarding schools use the domains and The domain name communities and organizations used are and .id. The domain name is used for desa. Each UKM, business, school, Islamic boarding school, community, organization and village has different requirements for obtaining a domain name. In Phase 1, counseling was held in 10 provinces, namely West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Region, East Java, Banten, Lampung, Riau, West Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Bali.

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Small and medium enterprises and enterprises have the following requirements: have products in the form of goods or services that can be offered online, are interested in selling online, reside in Indonesia, have access to the Internet, have permission from the government according to the size in the business there is a responsible person Citizens Citizens of Indonesia aged 17 (seventeen) and above, the responsible person has an address in Indonesia and a contact phone number, is ready to prepare materials / goods / goods / service to post on the website.

Schools and Islamic Boarding Schools have the following requirements: Public and Private Schools at the level of Primary School/Madrasah Ibtidayah, High School/Madrasah Tsanawiyah, High School/High School Vocational/Madrasah Aliya or Islamic Boarding Schools, Schools/Madrasah and / or Islamic boarding school located in the territory of Indonesia already has Internet connection, the responsible person is the principal of the school / Madrasah or the head of the relevant Islamic boarding school, the responsible person has an address in Indonesia and a contact . number, ready to prepare material to be posted on the website.

The village has conditions that must be met to register a domain name, namely the village located in the territory of Indonesia, meet the requirements according to the legal provisions, is ready to prepare materials for display on the website, is registered by desa. id by registration in state administration bodies. The community also has conditions that must be met, namely: the community is located in the territory of Indonesia, there is a responsible person who is an Indonesian citizen, aged 17 (seventeen) and older, the responsible person has an address in Indonesia with a phone number where you can be contacted to contact, is not a business entity, school and/or village is required to prepare material to post on the website, there are members who can be verified in the list of members.

The One Million Domains program was planned to be implemented over three years with a target of 350,000 each in 2016, 350,000 in 2017 and 2018 out of 300,000 domain names. Steps to achieve this:

Mengenal Domain Dan Perbedaannya Dengan .id

To qualify for free domain support, SMEs, schools or Islamic boarding schools can register by visiting the 1 million domains website at Requirements for potential domain name registrants. Here’s how to register it:

The first thing you have to do is scan the KTP and accompanying documents as required online and then open the hosting list. Id, then click on register, then register according to the existing conditions, download the KTP and the accompanying documents that have been checked, then fill the form according to the requested data, fill correctly and more clearly that possible, after that, if approved by Kominfo, you can continue, go to the next step, but if you do not need to go back to the first step, once approved, the domain name will be active and can be used through CMS login and cPanel, and when it ends. , you can immediately join the help, the benefits are the ability to learn how to complete content online then if you join the help you can use the internet for free for 1 year.

The events held for 1 million domains, namely on October 5, 2016, free domain socialization and registration was held at Aston Hotel Tanjung Pinang Kepri. Other events were also held on October 13, 2016 at Horison Hotel Lampung.

Domain Hosting Luar Negeri

Therefore, the 1 Million Domains Program is the main program of the Ministry of Communications and Information that teaches Indonesians to use .id Internet domains in the world of business, community, school and others through direct and free contact and registration, as well as training. regarding populating the content of the website .id. (cut)

Nama Domain: Perbedaan, Kegunaan, Dan Syarat Membelinya

Digital literacy (246) PDP bill (112) Personal data protection (92) digital transformation (79) fake Covid-19 (72) Corona virus (64) SPBE (60) smart city (55) National data center (54) Digital startup (49) MSME Go Online (48) Data Leakage (47) Negative Content (46) Digital MSME (45) Cyber ​​Creation​​​​(42) Digital Leadership (39) Personal Data (35) 1000 Digital Startups (34) G20 (34) ) UU ITE ( 32) In today’s digital age, business owners or marketers use many marketing methods. Like through social networks,

, and make promotions that attract customers. For those of you who feel that your campaign is ineffective, perhaps you should create a website for your business.

A website is an important factor in the success of an online business as it has many advantages. In a website we must consider several things starting from name, design, price, domain, registrar etc. And most often we think about

! Although domain selection is very important for online business, you know. So for those who want to create a website, first learn everything about the domain. Start from the most commonly used domains to their pros and cons. So that you do not choose the wrong domain for your site. Surely you need a business website according to your target customers, right?

E Commerce 🛒diwajibkan Pakai Domain .id, Kamu Kapan?😂

So which domain extension is most suitable for your current online business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each domain? Let’s take a look at the article below!

A domain is a unique address or name attached to a website that we have created. You can enter the domain name itself

To identify a computer network, each network must have a unique IP address. An IP address usually consists of different sets of numbers on each website. Of course, these numbers are very difficult to remember, so it will be difficult for visitors to find our website. So we can create a domain name for our website so that it can be found easily.

Domain Hosting Luar Negeri

I’m sure you’ve heard of it when you surf the web, there are websites that have .COM and .ID behind it. So what does this mean? Well, I’ll explain below, okay?

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (diuji 2023)

.COM and .ID domain extensions are among the many existing domain extensions. The .COM domain extension is short for this word

And focus on business people. This extension is the first and most popular domain in the world. This field is a developed international field

The .ID domain extension is a domain extension that has been officialized as a website domain in Indonesia. The .ID domain is managed by a domain management company in Indonesia, namely Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (PANDI). This domain extension is safer to use because it is specially designed for websites in Indonesia so that the government can also intervene if a crime or fraud occurs.

What is the difference between a .COM domain and a .ID domain? Maybe many of you want to know the difference between them. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Everything needs to be considered, starting with the type of website you are building. Here’s the difference between a .COM domain and an .ID domain!

Cara Beli Domain Dan Hosting

As you know, the .COM domain is international. A .COM domain can be owned by anyone worldwide. This is not only the form of the company, even individuals can have a domain extension .COM.

(cc-TLD). Therefore, this domain extension can only belong to websites in Indonesia. This domain extension is also limited in terms of ownership. The parties that have the right to use the .ID domain extension are the parties that comply with the terms and conditions.

For example, the domain extension .GO.ID can only belong to government institutions in Indonesia, .SCH.ID or .AC.ID can only belong to educational or scientific institutions, both formal and informal.

Domain Hosting Luar Negeri

.COM domains have a huge reach. This domain extension can be accessed by anyone from all over the world. This field is international in scope.

Cara Beli Domain Dan Hosting Blog Dan Juga Website Murah Melalui Idwebhost

While the .ID domain is a separate domain for the country of Indonesia. This domain extension can only be used locally, namely only in Indonesia. This domain is also safe because it is only protected by the government.

There is no code attached to buyers of .COM domains. This means that anyone can easily own a .COM domain.

Meanwhile, for buyers of the .ID domain, the requirements are different. Start with passports, certificates, SIUPs, notary deeds and more, depending on which .ID domain extension you want to have.

If you use a .COM domain extension, this domain will tell search engines that your website is neutral. So it can be accessed anywhere.

Kupas Tuntas Kualitas Layanan Web Hosting Idwebhost

If your website uses the .ID domain extension and someone searches for something related to your company, your website may rank higher in the search results. This is because the Google system tries to provide results that are relevant and closest to the user’s location.

This domain is easy for anyone to own as it is cheap and has no strings attached. In addition, this domain is not locked to a specific user, so anyone can own it.

If your website uses a .COM domain extension,

Domain Hosting Luar Negeri

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