Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress – Choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress website is an important decision in the process of building your website. It’s surprising how much your success depends on hosting: website performance, security, downtime, even Google rankings and more.

But here comes a question: Is WordPress hosting different from other general hosting? Yes it is. You can also choose a public one for your WordPress site, but dedicated WordPress web hosting gives you a better experience by simplifying WordPress installation, being compatible with all the software you may need, and offering many benefits. But let’s leave the details for later and come back to the hosting market.

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

Today’s hosting provider market is huge which makes your choice very difficult. According to FinanceOnline, web hosting has grown at an annual rate of 15.5% in 2019. And with unprecedented global Internet use due to the pandemic, it can grow even faster. It becomes impossible to walk through the market if you do not know exactly what to expect from your guests. To narrow down this choice, you must first decide what type of hosting you want.

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Shared hosting is a popular choice, especially for those starting their first website on a tight budget.

The server that hosts your website is shared by multiple websites. This means sharing resources with “neighbors”. Which is good most of the time, but every once in a while it can give you a real headache. During periods of unexpectedly high traffic, you may need a bit more. But also other shared server websites are the same and if there is not enough disk space for all of them, one of the websites will fail and it might be yours.

Shared web hosting is considered the cheapest option, with average monthly fees ranging from $3 to $10. This is often the main reason why many people choose this type of hosting.

Arguably the most annoying thing about shared hosting prices is that most providers give you a very cheap initial price for your first year, but the fine print says that the prices go up once you reach the second year. If you are buying hosting for the first time and don’t know the market, you are likely to miss out.

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Website speed depends on countless factors and if none of them are taken into account, your website will slow down. In order to keep prices down for a competitive advantage, most shared hosting providers do not use the best hardware and software for their customers.

Or you can get the basics for a low price but go for any additional options like SSD storage, CDN (Content Delivery Network), or manually manage all your storage.

It’s often cheaper than paying a few extra dollars for managed hosting and getting it all in one package.

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

Every year, shared hosting providers find and implement new measures to make their user experience more secure. Is that enough? For many users, it is, but we live in an era where any network traffic is simply unpredictable. Even with scalable shared hosting, you can never be sure how much your website needs and whether your service provider can handle it.

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Managed hosting is a form of hosting where the provider provides all hosting management services to the customer. You can find different types of managed hosting such as: B. Cloud-based or dedicated. However, the big trend is towards managed hosting based on the cloud, since clouds like Google Cloud or Amazon AWS are safe, reliable and offer countless possibilities for customization.

With managed WordPress hosting, you can use one of these cloud hosts for your website and take full advantage of automated website management, an easy-to-use interface, and customer support.

With all these benefits, managed hosting usually costs more than shared hosting, usually starting at $25-$30 per month and up. Most providers offer a fixed price that is different from regular providers.

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But there is an option to get a better version of managed WordPress hosting for $10/month or even cheaper if you host multiple websites. We are talking about automated WordPress hosting. It harnesses the power of automation to simplify and speed up hosting and website building.

Improved website performance is one of the key selling points of managed WordPress hosting. But that varies by provider. Scroll through the reviews and see what users are saying about their site’s performance before choosing the one you prefer. It also doesn’t hurt to look into the technical aspects: Does the hosting provider offer a CDN? Does it make storage easier? What hard drives do they use (SSD is the preferred choice)? And a dozen other questions.

To get your idea of ​​speed requirements, check out these 15 tips to speed up your WordPress website.

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

Another plus point you get with managed WordPress hosting is security. First of all, when we talk about cloud-based hosting, your website is separated from other websites stored in the same cloud by a virtual container. These containers ensure that your cloud server functions as a separate server.

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In addition, managed WordPress hosting provides you with many security tools, such as: SSL certificate, periodic security audit service, and so on. Make sure your service provider ticks all the boxes when it comes to security, as you’re already paying for a package and don’t need basic add-ons for extra money.

Cloud hosting is similar to the cloud-based hosting we talked about, but it’s not the same. So you get as much storage as you need directly from the cloud provider. You can make the most of it, but cloud hosting requires a lot of work and technical knowledge to set it up and keep it up.

All we can say is that cloud hosting starts at a very low price as it varies greatly depending on how much storage space and technical options you want/need. Keep in mind that you may pay extra for hardware and software that comes with other hosting plans.

If you know how to optimize it, your website will perform like a rocket. But again, it takes all your time and effort. Also, you need additional services like image optimization, CDN and many more.

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Clouds themselves are secure. You just have to protect the environment. Set backup, security scan, enable HTTPS to transmit secure data. The big difference with managed hosting is that you take care of it all yourself.

The name speaks for itself. Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting where you can use your own physically separate servers. As a user, you can access and configure your own dedicated server, which provides you with proper privacy, control, and resource allocation. It can be a great solution for a large website with a dedicated IT department, but not so much for an average sized website. Let’s see why.

Although the cost of web hosting varies widely, we can safely say that it starts around $70-$150. This is a very high price to pay for just one website unless you have a legitimate database and/or traffic.

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

Like an isolated container in the cloud, a dedicated server helps you avoid speed issues caused by “neighboring” websites. It has nothing to do with another website’s traffic, which keeps you pretty safe.

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On the other hand, all the freedom of design and configuration comes with the responsibility of taking care of the speed of your website, either manually or through a third-party service. If you don’t have that much time, skill, and resources, find a provider to speed up your website for you.

Blocking all other websites is good for your security. Not only are you safe from other people’s traffic, you can never get a virus or otherwise be hacked because you share your space with a very vulnerable site.

When you are ready to configure all the additional services and features, such as B. Infrastructure, security audits and customizable records of all website changes, then dedicated hosting is definitely enough.

We have now looked at the most popular types of hosting available in the market. Now it’s time to make an in-depth comparison and define our most important criteria when choosing a web host.

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According to FinanceOnline, “Managed web hosting (18.7%) is the fastest growing segment of the industry, followed by shared web hosting (10.4%).

While shared hosting itself may have an additional layer of management, the traditional understanding of shared hosting implies an unmanaged, user-configured option. By managed hosting, on the other hand, we mean mostly cloud-based options managed with an automated management layer and a very simple interface.

I may sound biased, but you will find that this is common knowledge

Do You Need Web Hosting For WordPress

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