Distributed Hosting Seo

Distributed Hosting Seo – Today’s web hosting companies have become ultra-active to facilitate the endless demands of websites to rank at the top of the search engines. Along with the excess demand, the oversupply of web hosting providers broke through, creating a large gap between the quality of services and the prices offered. So choose the most likely and correct one

, a question can be asked, does server location play an important role in the operations and performance of any web hosting provider? Do server locations also affect the ranking of a site?

Distributed Hosting Seo

Distributed Hosting Seo

Today, in the discussion below, we will analyze how important the physical location of the server is and how it can have a big impact on your SEO performance.

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Server location refers to the data center that hosts the server that hosts your website. This location can be anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

For example – You live in India and your host also lives in India. Now it is not necessary that the server hosted for your website should be located in India itself. It may be located and stored in any of our server data centers in the US or UK. The distance between you and your server location can also be the basis for determining website speed.

Google seems to be making a lot of changes to their algorithms to account for a more global type of setting. Google Webmaster Tools allows website owners to target a country. When your website uses TLDs like .com or .org, you have the option of choosing a target country. If you do not select target countries, the search engines use other criteria to make their selection. These criteria are –

Well, when it comes to server locations, it doesn’t really matter because you don’t need to host your server only where your target audience is high. You can set up international targeting correctly with webmaster tools and away you go. Also, if your site is targeting a worldwide audience, checking the hosting location is not important.

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Even Google states that server locations are usually close to their users. Although some websites use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to host their servers in locations filled with the highest quality server infrastructure. So today they don’t rely much on their server location finder as a factor to rank any site higher.

If you are well versed in setting up and managing IP geotargeting with SEO IP Geolocation Webmaster Tools, you don’t need to think much about server location. Although it is always recommended to check and ensure that your website is hosted on the best server location that provides fast access to your users.

Well, honestly yes! The location of the hosting server affects SEO. The domain name your server is connected to is associated with a specific server IP address that identifies the location of your FTP hosting server.

Distributed Hosting Seo

For example, your server is located in another country, e.g. Austria. Your server hosting in different countries can make Google think that you have hosted your server in Austria because your website complements and serves an audience in Austria. But Google’s website ranking also evaluates the language you use on your website. This can also affect how Google ranks online search results based on locations.

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Google’s ranking factor also assumes that sites ending in co.uk are more focused on the UK audience, and for .com sites, they are focused on the US audience. So, to find yourself in the spotlight of Google’s search quality experts and to ensure that your website’s loading speed is top notch, your website hosting should take place at the server location closest to your business area or geographic target area.

The server location of your web hosting server can have a direct impact on the speed and uptime of your website. The closer your audience is to your server’s data center; the higher speed your SEO website will be.

But Google states that when it comes to geo-targeting, the location of a data center server hardly makes a difference. If you use webmaster tools effectively with ccTLDs and gTLDs, your website will experience geotargeting regardless of where your server is located.

Google can set up geo-targeting so you don’t have to set your server location to a specific or specific location only. Websites can use the best hosting country or location as per their convenience. All Google needs is information in the form of ccTLD or webmaster tools.

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Allowing thousands of domain names to be hosted under a single IP address that also includes shared services with the same memory and bandwidth. Under shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server, and multiple spammers’ websites can have huge effects on your own website hosted on a shared server.

Search engine and SEO ethics won’t even consider you competitive if you have a few spammy features on your site.

Always stay away from cheap hosting providers that offer shared services as they will definitely hurt your website ranking. Instead, look for a web host that offers quality web hosting server services that will help you avoid all the shared storage, bandwidth, and spammer drag because your dedicated server will be dedicated just to you and your website.

Distributed Hosting Seo

When a search engine views your web page, the search request is relayed from the host’s data center and then to users passing through the interconnected networks we call the Internet. The data is transferred to the browser in the most efficient and fastest way.

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Since many networks in today’s generation use fiber optic cables, the speed of the website is significantly improved. So, even if the location of the server is far away, the internet speed of the web server will be lively with tremendous speed and minimum lag.

The location of your site’s data center can have certain impacts on your site’s speed. It is believed that the closer your site is to your audience, the faster the page load time will be with minimal latency.

If the location of your website’s data center is far away, then there are chances that the servers will receive and process the request, which can lead to increased latency and page load time.

• According to Amazon’s calculations, a page slowdown of just 1 second can cost up to $1.6 billion in sales each year.

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• Firefox research has shown that an improvement in page load speed of 2.2 seconds can lead to a 15% increase in conversions and can improve a site’s ranking by a mile.

• A 1 second delay in page load time can cause up to 7% reduction in conversions for e-commerce sites. This is why everyone is concerned about the importance of page load time.

• According to Google, when they tested slowing down search results by just four tenths, they lost close to 8 million searches a day. It also means that minimal ads will be shown, which will directly affect Google’s ad revenue.

Distributed Hosting Seo

• The speed at which your pages load also plays an important role in the ranking of your website. As the reason, always count on the best website hosting company that offers you all the resources to optimize your page load speed and SEO goals.

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• Even Google states that they take website speed as one of the biggest factors in determining the ranking of any website. By speed, it means how quickly the website responds to the requests it receives.

• Search engines always search and crawl your web pages. If a slow website comes across to access any website, then it degrades your keyword ranking to a great extent.

• There can be other factors that can lead you to a slow loading website such as – coding of your website, unoptimized images and animations, excessive and fancy flash, spam, shared server downtime, etc.

So yes, hosting location can have some implications. But it is really important to have the support of a certified IP SEO hosting service for a website that will perform well and successfully to achieve your SEO goals.

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A content delivery network (CDN) service helps your visitors have multiple alternative server points to access resources from your website. These CDN points can be distributed around the world in different locations. CDN services offer high speed and fast response time to your website.

If you realize that your site’s audience is spread across different parts and locations, your CDN will help your server not suffer any consequences. This proves to be more useful than a quality web hosting server. A CDN will ensure that your site is loaded with fast page load speeds, no matter where your audience visits your site.

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Distributed Hosting Seo

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