Disk Space Hosting Penuh

Disk Space Hosting Penuh – Hosting space is the storage capacity of a web host. For example, you buy the idMedium web hosting package from idMedium, the data storage capacity you get is 1 GB. This storage capacity is useful for storing databases, website images and e-mails. If your site becomes more complex, it is possible that one day the hosting capacity will fill up, and if that happens, there are only two options: (1) Sort out and delete old files that are considered unimportant. or (2) upgrade to a higher capacity hosting package.

The amount of traffic is the data available on your website. For example, you have an online store website with many images, and each page on your website has a total data volume (images, text, etc.) of 1 MB, if your website is visited 1000 times in a month. access, so the resulting data traffic is 1MB x 1000 = 1GB.

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

In shared hosting, a quota or amount of bandwidth is given for a period of 1 month. For example, if you purchase a hosting package from IdMedium with a monthly bandwidth of 25 GB, if the data traffic that occurs exceeds 25 GB before the 30 days are reached, your website will not be available until the first of the following month. . If you use the example of 1 web page, the total size is 1 MB, if you open it 25,000 times before 1 month, 25 GB of data traffic has occurred.

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(1) Your website is already very busy, so there are already many visitors and data traffic is increasing. For this situation, the only solution is to upgrade your hosting packages to a hosting package with more bandwidth.

(2) If your site still has relatively few visitors, but it hasn’t been 1 month since you ran out of bandwidth, your host probably contains malware. Malware usually comes from the computer you uploaded the host data to, or it can also come from website scripts you get from untrusted sources. It can also be from templates/themes/plugins you get from untrusted sources. If this happens, the solutions that can be done are:

(3) If your monthly bandwidth runs out before 1 month, there is a third possibility, the details of which you can read about disk space on our previous blog page, which is https:///blog/redaksi/bandwidth_limi/ have done When purchasing packages . But do you know what disk space is?

Disk space is one of the important features you should be aware of when choosing hosting packages. For that you need to know what hosting space is and how disk space works in hosting. So you can choose the right type of hosting for your website.

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Disk space is the storage capacity of website information on the host server. The desired data can be in the form of text, image, video, database, code, etc.

For small sites like blogs, it may not require a lot of storage space. Unlike the case of business websites that need more disk space to store a variety of content such as videos or images.

Well, simply put, disk space is the capacity of data storage space on the host. Meanwhile, bandwidth refers to the quota of website data that can be transferred from the server to visitors.

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

In other words, disk space holds the amount of stored data. Meanwhile, bandwidth acts as a data transfer rate regulator that affects web page loading speed.

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Want to learn more about room hosting? Come see the hosting disk space performance below!

Disk space is one of the factors that should be considered when choosing the right host for your website. Why? Because the performance of the disk space in the host is as follows:

The data in question are images, videos, template files and plugins, for all files uploaded via FTP, such as web fonts.

With disk space, you can store backup files so you don’t have to worry about your website data suddenly disappearing.

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If you already know the required disk space, you can freely make the site more attractive. So you don’t have to worry about exceeding the specified capacity.

For example, an online store owner will certainly not be free to upload images or videos of product specifications if they do not have enough disk space. Because the capacity required to store the content is definitely high.

This type of storage media works by using removable disks when processing data. There are components on the disk that are responsible for writing and reading data.

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

, SSD is able to process data faster. As a result, the startup process, data transfer and maintenance do not take much time.

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Blogs or websites that have little media (images or videos) certainly do not need a lot of disk space. For websites of this type, it is sufficient to use 500 MB to 3 GB of disk space. If you want more flexibility, you can purchase unlimited hosting packages.

Unlike the case of websites used for online stores that have a lot of images and large data. Sites like this can require 20GB of disk space or even more.

Still curious about disk space? We’ve listed some frequently asked questions about disk space, including:

Niagahoster currently uses SSD type disk space. With SSD, data storage and processing speed is much faster than those still using HDD.

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The amount of disk space available in the host provided by Niaga Hoster depends on the type of hosting service. A more complete explanation is as follows:

Checking disk space is important for those who want to buy a hosting package. Because when choosing a host, you need to estimate how much disk space is required.

However, after hosting, you should still check your disk space usage regularly to prevent your site’s performance from slowing down.

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

When website performance slows down, such as slow loading or access problems, it is most likely because your disk space is full. Therefore, it should be overcome by reducing disk space usage in cPanel.

Mengecek Penggunaan Disk Space Di Shared Hosting Cpanel

At Niagahoster, hosting packages with unlimited SSD disk space, i.e. unlimited personal and business hosting packages, as well as WordPress hosting are available.

Therefore, unlimited disk space means that Niagahoster provides resources or website resources without setting specific limits. So you can use resources as needed.

However, because Unlimited Hosting users share a server with many other sites, Niagahoster uses a fair use policy (

This policy explains that resources will be limited if you use too much host disk space on the server and cause inconvenience to other users.

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In some cases, it is possible that your account may be deactivated before you can upgrade to a plan that better suits your site’s needs.

Disk space is the space capacity for storing website files or data on the host server. Now you understand what a space host is, right?

Therefore, the function of disk space in hosting is to store website data, backup files to ensure that you can provide interesting content without causing slow loading. host. This will be very useful to predict when a problem occurs with the host being used. By having knowledge about the world of web hosting, overcoming web hosting problems can of course be overcome yourself.

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

This time Noosa talks about how to overcome one of the most common problems in the web hosting world.

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There are several reasons why hosting disk space is often full. Each cause also has a different method to deal with it. Below are the reasons that often lead to the host’s disk space filling up and how to deal with it.

Error_log is a record automatically created by the host system to report errors on the website. This error_log usually appears suddenly, it may even fill the hosting capacity suddenly.

If a host appears with an error_log, it means that there are scripts, plugins or themes that have problems or are not compatible with the host being used. Just like when we make a mistake, such as a mistake installing a plugin, an error_log file and an error_log file appear, causing the host to suddenly fill up.

Spam e-mail is e-mail that is sent continuously without a request from the recipient. Spam is usually used for advertising purposes. Usually there is no control over incoming spam either because the recipient does not want it. Of course, if this work continues continuously, it will fill up the host space.

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Aside from prevention, another thing that can be done is to manually delete the spam email folder or file. How to delete the spam folder or file can be done like how to delete error_log above.

Display media are used on a website to create a visual image that aims to facilitate understanding for readers. In addition, the media appearance of course also seeks to make the website look more attractive. The size of the media used on the website will of course also affect the hosting space used.

To do this, the website owner can compress the size of the media files uploaded to the website. Apart from compressing the media used, you can use video media by embedding it from YouTube. Of course, using embed really helps to save hosting space

Disk Space Hosting Penuh

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