Disadvantages Of Hosting International Sporting Events

Disadvantages Of Hosting International Sporting Events – 1. When bidding to host an international sporting event, there is always the chance that your income will exceed your expenses. How would you respond to local groups that want to use municipal funds for social programs?

When a city prepares to bid to host an international sporting event, some in the community say taxpayer money should be invested in social programs that benefit the community, not in the sporting event. It is a valid argument that hosting international sporting events can have a significant economic impact on a city.

Disadvantages Of Hosting International Sporting Events

Disadvantages Of Hosting International Sporting Events

An example of this is the huge debt incurred by Montreal when organizing his 1976 Olympic Games (Thoma and Chalip, p. 89). It can be argued that the vast sums of money spent to build new stadiums and arenas and modernize existing infrastructure could have been better spent on education, health and subsidized housing. While the above arguments have some merit, bidding for international sporting events can and is expected to bring significant benefits to cities.

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Below are various benefits that can be presented to the community. Important international sporting events should not be viewed as a single event. This event should be seen as part of the wider calendar of events the city offers and for its direct positive impact on the economy. An example of this is a calendar of events held by Melbourne and Victoria.

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Events celebrated include the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships and the FINA Swimming World Championships. These and other major sporting events have brought over his $1 trillion to Victoria’s economy (dpcd.vic.gov.au/sport/major-events). Successful hosting of international sporting events can strengthen the host city’s claim as an attractive destination for hosting other major sporting events. ii. Second, successful bids may lead to different approaches to urban regeneration that ultimately benefit the host city population.

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Tallon (p. 5 Urban Regeneration in England) defined her four approaches to urban regeneration. Economic: International sporting events can increase employment opportunities, increase labor supply and boost economic activity in the short and long term. b. Social/Cultural: International sporting events , can generate national pride, reinforce the values ​​and traditions of the host city and increase the level of interest and participation in the activities associated with the event. c. Physical/Environmental: If the bid is successful, the host city may choose to build new facilities, improve existing facilities, or develop “greener” environmental or sports activities that may benefit the community in the future. May invest in promoting initiatives. d. Governance: The event enables local community engagement and engagement of other groups and the host city government to review its management and public policies (p. 67, Sports Marketing Melissa Jane).

Being able to host an international sporting event can give the host city an opportunity to revitalize itself through urban renewal. As a result of this revitalization, host cities are likely to be more effective and efficient, and will be able to provide more support and resources when needed. iii. Third, a strong approach to promoting host cities and regions of international sporting events can attract visitors from other parts of the country and abroad. This gives the host city a global appeal. This can have a positive economic impact during the event through the influx of visitors and subsequent creation of new tourism markets (Cooper, Contemporary Tourism, p. 169). Promoting the host city also helps raise community awareness in the broader sports and tourism sectors. iv. Finally, infrastructure improvements will enable the city to host more sporting events and serve the community for years to come.

Creating an improved image, attracting economic development and enhancing civic pride (Urban Tourism, Law, p. 149) has the potential to create a lasting legacy for the host city. International sporting events have the potential to create images that give host cities new levels of global visibility and opportunities for economic, political and social development (Pellegrino and Hancock p.2 2010 Deloitte). While there are legitimate arguments for cities to invest in social programs that benefit their communities, the point presented to local groups is that the city wastes taxpayer money by hosting international sporting events. I would like to dispel any concerns that you may have.

Disadvantages Of Hosting International Sporting Events

The event itself can be considered part of a broader calendar of events, communities can benefit from urban renewal of the city, promotion of international sporting events and the city attracts visitors from all over the world. A host city with a positive and lasting legacy. 3. Describe how Americans are dealing with China regarding the defection of tennis player Hu Na from the People’s Republic of China. Over the years, we have witnessed the tangle of politics and sports. From the boycott of international sporting events such as the 1980 Moscow Olympics to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the US and many other Western countries refused to participate. Protests by those like Iran’s Arash Miresmaili (p398 compare House politics) who agreed with Palestinian oppression and refused to compete with Israel’s Ehud Vaksu. Apartheid has excluded South Africa from many international events. As Pendleton (p. 13) points out, another sign of political interference in sport is evident in the ‘Hu Na affair’, where there is a two-way interaction between sport and diplomacy. , resulting in decisions being made at the highest political level.

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The “Huna Incident” began in July 1982, when Huna disappeared from a hotel room during a tour of a Chinese government-sponsored tennis team. A few days later, they submitted paperwork to the Immigration and Naturalization Bureau to apply for political asylum, claiming that Hu Na was pressured and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. Hu Na was a rising star in tennis in China. She won several tournaments, including the 1975 National Leisure School Tournament, the 1978 National Junior Singles Her Crown, and the 1981 National Singles Title. His success did not stop in China, where he also won the doubles (1981) and singles (1982) titles at Casablanca Her Cup in Mexico. Initially, the United States announced that any decisions regarding Hu Na would be based on an advisory opinion from the State Department.

Members of the US Congress also asked the State Department to grant Hu Na political asylum. The announcement immediately sparked a diplomatic crisis (p. 190 Women, Sport and Society). Upon hearing this, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that China would hold the United States responsible for Fu Na’s safe return and that such an event would harm cultural exchanges between the two countries (Pendleton 14 ). The pro-China Weibo also claimed Hu’s visit to the United States was based on the US-China agreement. The U.S. government therefore had a duty to protect its own security, whether the invitation came from her NGO or a non-governmental organization (Pendleton 14). In April 1983, after almost ten months, the State Department finally decided to grant Huna political asylum. At the time, his Arthur P. Brill of the U.S. Department of Justice issued the following statement (Pendleton 15):

Hu Na was granted asylum under the 1980 Refugee Act. In this case, the applicant demonstrates a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, national origin, political opinion, or membership of a particular social group. The decision was supported by several political parties in the United States, most notably by then-US President Ronald Reagan. After the United States granted Hu Na political asylum, Beijing strongly responded that the decision to grant Hu Na asylum was immoral and a serious incident that undermined relations between the two countries (Nafziger and Wei p.135). Pandektis). They also called the decision “a serious political event that the United States has long planned and deliberately created” (Pendleton, p. 16). As a result of the decision, Dinggok, Director General of the Ministry of Culture’s Foreign Cultural Relations Bureau, has canceled nine bilateral exchanges, including art exhibitions, visits to performing arts groups, and film festivals.

After saying that the United States could not guarantee the safety of participants, the All-China Sports Federation announced:

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