Deskripsi Hosting Domain

Deskripsi Hosting Domain – This book consists of several chapters, the first chapter is the theoretical basis discussing domain names, storage, storage tables, and file transfer protocol (FTP), the second chapter discusses Byethost, the third chapter discusses discussion on domain registration and free hosting, the fourth chapter discusses byethost hosting Panels. , the fifth chapter is about uploading website files through Filezilla, the sixth chapter is about Idwebhost, the seventh chapter is about domain registration and paid hosting and the last chapter is about the Idwebhost hosting control panel .

Domain can simply be understood as a greeting system used on the web as an identity. Domain name is an alternative name for

Deskripsi Hosting Domain

Deskripsi Hosting Domain

. Simply put, like the address of a house, a domain name is a route that can be directed to get to the house.

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Domain names make it easier for internet users to access the server as well as to remember the access server name without having to determine the complex number sequence often called in

In domain name service providers, there are 2 types, free domain name and paid domain name. In general, not all domain names can be registered for free. For example, some restricted domains are considered “

“, are unique character domains, such as domains with characters 1, 2, and 3. These domains can only be purchased by purchase. Prices for premium or paid domains vary relatively, and the prices of these domains will be displayed as they become available.

This Domain and Hosting book is published by Deepublish Education Book Publisher. See other book collections at: Domains & Hosting Deepublish2 Online Bookstore If we want to create a website and want our website to go online, then you must understand DOWNLOAD and HOSING.

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3 D O M A I N What is a Domain? Domain name is the unique name/address for our website, domain name is the name ending in .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv and others

4 D O M A I N [ 2 ] We can also buy our own domain name, choose a good name and we will have your own domain name. For domains, the fee is usually yearly, and once we have the domain, no one else can own it unless we stop paying for it. If we have a domain e.g. your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is

5 CHOOSE A Domain Most of the domain names available are already owned, so you really need to choose a unique domain name. But when choosing a domain name, you must pay attention to the domain name as short as possible to reduce the possibility of others mistype your domain name for example: The domain name is very long and hard to remember.

Deskripsi Hosting Domain

6 CHOOSE A Domain [2] Your domain must be meaningful and easy to remember Never buy a domain with a combination of numbers and letters because it will be difficult to remember. A domain named would be hard to remember. Also, choose a domain that is easy to pronounce.

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7 SUBDOMAIN Subdomains are domain addresses that are still part of your domain, but you can point the subdomains to a different HTML file than your main domain. Example of a subdomain, i.e. an online college subdomain located in We may install subdomains through where you purchased the domain name.

8 MAINTENANCE If someone clicks on your domain name, how can you display the HTML document on your computer? HTML documents on your computer should be stored somewhere else, not on your computer. You must rent space in the Archive company to store your documents. So hosting is where your HTML documents are stored. Usually companies that sell hosting also sell domain names, so you buy the domain name when you rent a server to host your HTML files. Maintenance payments are usually monthly.

9 CHOOSE A Host When choosing a host, there are several things that must be considered: 1. CAPACITY You need to pay attention to the amount of space required, be it 25MB, 50MB or 1GB. You have to choose carefully according to your needs because of course the larger the capacity, the more expensive the price.

Is the server Linux or Windows and if you have generated PHP files does the server support PHP files? Likewise, if you are building a website using ASP, JSP, Perl, Python and Ruby, does the server support it? So you have to be careful before you buy, ask directly from the hosting company you want to buy. Don’t let you create a website with PHP but buy a host that doesn’t support PHP.

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Check if the hosting company you want to buy has good 24-hour support, so if you suddenly have problems with your website in the middle of the night, you can ask the hosting company directly. mine. DATABASE If you are building a dynamic website, make sure you check that they provide a database. Also check how many databases are provided and what is MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access etc.

Does your server back up your data daily. This is important because there are a lot of bad hosts that don’t make backups and if your data suddenly disappears, they don’t want to know

You must check the amount of bandwidth provided. Bandwidth is the amount of data transmission in a month. I think this is what he meant. If a hosting company offers 1GB of bandwidth per month. So if you have an HTML file with size 20kb (including images) and your website visitors per day are around 100 people, then your bandwidth usage per day: 20kb x 100 people = 2000kb = 2MB. Monthly: 2MB x 31 = 62MB, if you have 10 pages then: 62MB x 10 = 620MB. So pay attention to the bandwidth provided by your HTML file size, the more visitors your website has, of course the larger the bandwidth will also be. Most Indonesian hosting services offer small bandwidth, foreign hosting offers larger and cheaper bandwidth

Deskripsi Hosting Domain

Virtual hosting (Shared). In a server there are many servers (one of which is yours) and there are many domains. Usually this hosting is used the most, the cost is also cheaper.

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15 TYPES of HOSTING [2] 2. Free Hosting If this is free hosting, you don’t need to pay any fee but usually there will be a lot of ads appearing on your website and you can’t get the name its own domain. 3. Dedicated Hosting Is the most expensive solution. Because you have your own server and on one server there is only one host with your domain name. You need a professional to take care of it

16 TYPES of HOSTING [3] 4. Colocation Hosting This is also an expensive solution, like you have your own server in your office/home, but in Collocation Hosting, the server is located at the service provider. hosting service and the people who care for it.

To make this website work, we record user data and share it with processors. In order to use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy In our efforts to create a professional website, we need at least two main components, Hosting and Domain. Hosting is a place to store website files online. Although Domain Name is the address you need to access a particular website. For you to have the above two components, you need a service or a place where you can build your website. That place is Web Hosting.

Of course, there are many parameters that must be considered when choosing a service plan offered by a web hosting company. In this case, is here with the best service so they will be ready to help you especially when building this website. What sets Niagahoster apart from other web hosting services is that in addition to a money-back guarantee, fast and reliable web hosts, Niagahoster also offers forever free domains to anyone who wants to build a website. there along with full domain manager access. Are you interested?

Cara Mengubah Domain Utama Hosting Pada Member Area Niagahoster

Through this article, I will try to guide you step by step how to order or rent a domain name host at Niagahoster Web Hosting. For that, here is a full review:

1. Visit the official website of You can then click on the Hosting menu or on the main page you can scroll down a bit to decide which hosting plan to use. For example, I chose Student Package.

2. After you click the Select Now button. Decide on a hosting plan and how long you will rent hosting with the plan. If you click Next.

Deskripsi Hosting Domain

3. Then you enter the domain name and its extension and click Find Domain. If the domain name is available, a message will appear. Good news, this domain is available. Then you click the Add to chart button.

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4. On the next page you will see details about the hosting plan along with the domain name you ordered. If you are sure that nothing has changed, click the Next button.

5. If you do not have a Niagahoster Cpanel account, please register first via the New User menu tab. But if you already have an account like me, all you have to do is log in with your email and password using the form provided.

6. On the Checkout page, complete all your purchase data. Decide which payment method you will use. Don’t forget to check out the sample agreement list of terms and conditions. Then click the Checkout button.

7. If a page appears containing a Thank you message, your order is complete. Check your email inbox that you have registered as a login account at Niagahoster, to find out your payment details, destination account number along with information regarding your member/Cpanel account at Niagahoster.

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8. Pay your domain name order to one of the accounts recommended by Niagahoster. If you made a transfer, confirm the payment on your bill. You go to the Niagahoster member page and then click on the Payment confirmation menu.

10. And the last step is to complete your payment confirmation data so that your hosting plan and domain name are activated and ready to use.

Now, it’s a series of processes that must be done to rent a domain and host at If you already have hosting and domain

Deskripsi Hosting Domain

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