Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019 – In this article, I will show you how to host your Laravel project on shared hosting using the custom CPanel that we all know and love. If you have a local server like WAMP or XAMPP, it will work to test it before sending it to our CPanel.

The first step in this tutorial is to create a Laravel project if you don’t have one. Feel free to check out the Laravel documentation on how to create it if you don’t know how.

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

Installing the Laravel framework has a few requirements. All these requirements are met by Laravel Homestead…

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If you have already created a “symlink” for a file stored in your project, please post it in the public file. I will come back later why. Also, please remember

Htaccess file and place it as is in your root project; Unless you really know what you’re doing – in which case, definitely make a backup :).

File in the root directory to execute our application, Laravel does not set it by default. To make Laravel work with our new directory, we need to change a few files to make everything work properly. The first file we will tackle is this

So the purpose of each line was suggested there by the lovely Laravel team but just to clarify what we’ve done here – because we’ve gone.

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Data to the root, we have to change the path of this data to find it correctly. In lines 24 and 38, we just delete

Folders allow us to create human-friendly URLs for our resources and assets such as images, videos and CSS. For those who may not know what a “semlink” is, here is a good tutorial on it.

When we create a symlink in our project like we did in step 3, we will notice that the links don’t work like they do in the default Laravel application – the URLs for the database will be in our archive. have must be used

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

(whatever it’s called) or in a subdomain directory, it doesn’t matter if you do it via FTP or if you compress it and upload it directly Core Hosting On Linux Ubuntu

Data is the main part of your project as you always do and show your beautiful project to the world.

It’s not a bad idea to host your Laravel project on CPanel on shared hosting if you don’t want to use private hosting. If you like it or have questions or are confused, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer. come on! Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, and in this article we will learn how we can use Laravel in shared hosting without moving outside the public data.

Or you can say, we can use Laravel with change in public data, or upload Laravel to shared hosting without change in public data.

You can follow this example if you download/deploy WordPress plans from GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost etc.

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This is a very simple step that all you have to do is go to the root of your project and zip your project like I did on my local computer. My project zip file is called I marked that one with a red marker, you can see in the image below

Now you need to login to your shared hosting account, I have my GoDaddy account so I will explain it with my GoDaddy account, if you are still using your Laravel project on GoDaddy then you have the below image when you login. .

Now you have to go to your cPanel admin, when you click on cPanel admin you have the below image.

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

Now you need to click on file manager from your admin panel, when you click on file manager you have the below image.

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Now click on public_html, if you have a web hosting plan then you can directly open the folder in public_html, and if you have a high end plan then your public_html will look like below as I last plan I have it and submit it to the Laravel project. . at website.

Now its time to upload your zip project folder to shared hosting, I will upload the zip folder to my folder.

Now unzip your folder, my zip folder name is, when I unzip it it will create a folder called eye-clinic, now we have to move all the folders and files to our root folder, for me. As shown in the image below should be placed in the folder.

Now we need to set the URL of our app in the .env file, as I have done you can see that item in the image below, I have marked it with a red arrow.

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Now you need to copy your .htacce from public file paste into your project root folder, now replace the .htacce code with below.

I hope your website is presented without any problems, but if you experience any errors feel free to comment. This month I received a few requests for my submission. VPS or dedicated hosting providers because they want to install Laravel. And they think it’s impossible to do it in a shared hosting environment like we recommend! They try to do it

All Laravel applications from their computer to their host account using FTP, the process was long and ultimately unsuccessful.

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

The good news is that our shared hosting account is equipped with many hidden features, such as shell access, PHP Composer and Git. Using FTP is no longer necessary with tools like this.

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So, in this short guide, we will go through how to set up a new Laravel 9 application on a shared hosting account, it will be incredibly easy without any uploading.

It is important to note that Laravel is designed to run from the root folder of your website, not in a subdomain or folder. I think you will have to set it up on a new hosting account.

1. Laravel 9 requires PHP 8 and above, so you need to use your cPanel to upgrade your website’s PHP version to version 8.

2. Login to your new hosting account via terminal, you can use terminal in your cPanel or other terminal software like PuTTy. Login with your cPanel username and password and note that we use port 5555 for SSH on all servers.

Support Question · Issue #935 · Bagisto/bagisto · Github

It takes a few seconds and you’re done, nothing to upload, just the command line!

Here we will upload the application that you have already developed to your local computer, in this tutorial, I will assume that you already have a remote repository on Github for your application and we will

1. Same as the first method, switch to PHP version 8 and log into your account in Terminal.

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

2. Create a new folder for your application, my-app or something else, and rename it.

How To Install Laravel On Our Server

As with the Laravel configuration of the environment, you need to create a connection to the public table:

There is only one limitation, you can’t run Laravel Queue Worker Monitor, if you need to install, please contact us to help you.

A private shared hosting account has sufficient resources (RAM/CPU) to run the Laravel application during development, however, it is recommended to choose the LiteSpeed ​​Server High Capacity hosting package when the website goes live.

Litespeedtech, the company behind Litespeed Server has released a special package for Laravel caching. With the LSCache package, your application will deliver better performance and better user experience. Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Hacker News Share to Mastodon

Deploying Laravel8 App On Shared Hosting (hostinger)🌎

It is not recommended to use shared hosting for your Laravel 8 app. There are other very affordable web hosting options starting at $5 per month.

But some customers (- very low budget customers) or situations (for example, you want to have something to try and move) will call you to use shared hosting.

Step 1) Go to the Add Domain section in the Domain section of the panel (Hostinger Control Panel) and add your domain name.

Deploy Laravel App On Shared Hosting Subdomain 2019

Step 3) Now you need to upload all the application code to Hostinger using SFTP, SSH access or Hostinger file manager on the domain name.

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I assume you have successfully installed your app – at least a working app running on your localhost.

Step 4) Open the Laravel folder and move the contents of the ‘public’ folder to the public_html folder of your panel. You can delete the blank text now.

Step 5) Find index.php file from public_html folder. Right-click on it and select Edit Code from the menu.

If everything is fine, going to should throw an error message (if you have a template in your app). don’t worry! The next step is to transfer your databases to your shared hosting.

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Step 6) If the model is running

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