Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019 – Yes, you probably know that VPS is highly recommended for Laravel applications because of its many features including reliability, flexibility, high performance and most importantly security.

What if the Laravel app is too small and I don’t want to buy a VPS? The cheapest VPS start at $4 per month or more depending on usage.

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Good news! A Laravel app can run successfully on a shared host and I will walk you through the setup. We use Cpanel which is used by most shared hosts, if you don’t use Cpanel this should be a guide for you too.

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Our Laravel app is called resume and it’s ready to go live!

If you are not using an FTP client, you can zip the resume to, then root your hosting account using CPanel > File Manager to upload it to your hosting server.

3. Create .htaccess in /home/crazyin/public_html We need to create a .htaccess file in /home/crazyin/public_html so that our apps use pretty urls and obey the Laravel guidelines.

Hidden files are not displayed in Cpanel File Manager, so select Show Hidden Files under settings

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.htaccess should have the following simple section, you can add more rules if you understand .htaccess

NB: If you encounter any problem and want to solve it, you can add these lines at the beginning of the index.php file. In this article, I’ll show you how to host your Laravel projects on shared hosting with the standard CPanel we all know and love. If you have a local server like WAMP or XAMPP, this works to test it before uploading it to CPanel.

The first step in this tutorial is to create a Laravel project if you don’t already have one. If you don’t know how to create one, check out Laravel’s official documentation on how to create one.

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Installation The Laravel framework has several system requirements. All these requirements are met by Laravel Homestead…

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If you have already created a “link” to the repository folder in your project, put it in the shared folder. Then why will I come back. Also, remember

.htaccess file and place it as is in the root of your project; unless you know exactly what you’re doing – in which case make sure you back up :).

File in the root of the directory to execute our program, Laravel is not built this way by default. In order to get Laravel to work with our new directory structure, we need to edit a few files to get everything working properly. This is the first file we edited

So, the purpose of each line is explained there by the lovely Laravel team, but to explain what we’ve done here – since we migrated

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Root file must change its path so that these files can be found correctly. In lines 24 and 38 we subtract

Package to enable us to create human friendly URLs for our resources and assets such as images, videos and css. For those of you who don’t know what “links” are, here is a very good tutorial.

When we create a link in our project as we put it in step 3, we will see that the links do not work as they do in a normal Laravel app – the file URLs that have to store in our repository folder. settle by use

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019


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A file that is at the heart of your project, as you normally would be, and shows off your awesome project to the world.

If you are not going to use Private Hosting, it is not difficult to host your Laravel projects on shared hosting through CPanel. If you’re disappointed or if you have any questions or if you’ve had problems along the way, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them. Hello everyone! Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well and in this article we will learn how to host a shared package on shared hosting without copying it externally.

Or you can say we can use laravel by modifying the public folder, or upload laravel to a shared host without changing the public folder.

If you upload/host laravel projects on GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, etc., you can follow this example.

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This is the most important step you have to do, is to zip your project into your project root and like I did on my local computer. My project zip file called, I marked it with a red marker, you can see in the image below

Now you need to log in to your shared hosting account, I have a GoDaddy account, so I will explain with my GoDaddy account, if you host your project on GoDaddy, when you log in you have a photo as below.

Now you need to login to your cPanel admin, when you click on cPanel admin there is an image like below.

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Now you have to click on the file manager in your admin panel, when you click on the file manager there is an image like below.

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Now click on public_html, if you have one hosting site, you can open the folder directly inside public_html, if you have a final layout, I have a final layout and since I have used the laravel project, public_html will look like below on the .kumareye.yn center website.

Now it’s time to upload the zip project folder to shared hosting, I will upload the zip folder to folder.

Now open your folder, the name of my zip folder was, when I open it will create a folder called eye clinic, now I need to move all the folder and files to my root folder, for me i need to do that put it in folder as shown below.

Now I need to put the URL of the application in the .env file, as I did, you can see the same in the image below, I marked it with a red arrow.

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Now you need to copy the .htacces from the public folder, put them in the project root folder, now replace the .htacces code with the following.

I hope your site has been used without any problems, but if you encounter an error, please feel free to leave a comment. In my 2019 review, I mentioned that I was working on a side project that was building a shared hosting platform with Laravel. developers.

I have hosted many Laravel projects on Linux shared hosting and I know how painful it is especially when there is no ssh access.

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Litehost is here to solve this problem. All hosting plans include ssh access and have Composer, Git and PHP CLI pre-installed on their servers. In the end, it is very affordable, ₦400 ($1.11) per month. Isn’t that amazing? Litehost is live and accepting customers since December 24, 2019.

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Yesterday I moved my Laravel blog to Litehost. So I’m going to show you how I did it in 5 minutes.

Let’s get to the point. I assume he has a Cpanel account with ssh access.

Push your Laravel project to a remote git repository. I have my blog and open source repository on GitHub.

Now let’s go back to Cpanel. If your hosting plan includes ssh access, look for terminal under the advanced tab and click on it.

Guide To Deploy Laravel 5 App To Shared Hosting (1and1/ionos)

Copy your .en.example file and update your .env variables. You can do this using the CPanel file manager. Note that “Show hidden files” (dot files) must be enabled from the CPanel file manager settings.

Ok, now our Laravel project is ready to be used, but there is one more thing left to do. Laravel uses the repository folder for many things, including writing the script, caches, and storing local files for download.

I know this is not recommended, but not on a VPS. It’s on a shared server with some limitations on what we can do. Yes.

Deploy Laravel 5.7 On Shared Hosting 2019

Finally, you need to configure your .htaccess file to point to Laravel’s public folder. You can find this .htaccess file inside the public_html folder. if not, create one and update it with the code below.

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I know it’s not the best way to host a Laravel project, but I think it’s efficient enough to run your project on shared Linux hosting.

I’m working on creating shared hosting plans designed for Laravel developers. The goal is to save time and use faster on shared hosting. One of the last steps in every web project is deploying a live server.

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