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Demo Hosting – Kepler Hosting is a premium WordPress hosting provider that limits WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. So give your site some extra speed! Kepler Hosting solves your everyday hosting problems!

Migrating from your old hosting has never been easier. With Kepler’s hosting migration service, we’ve got you covered! Create an account, go to the migration section. Submit a migration request and our migration team will help you get started for free

Demo Hosting

Demo Hosting

Try Kepler hosting before you commit! Create a free account without a credit card in advance! When you want to host a website. Just activate your account

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Kepler Hosting is designed with a great user experience to make it really easy! Lots of features gathered in a simple dashboard

With our international and local support team. We offer 24/7 support whenever you need it. Both in Swedish and English

Does your website need speed and performance? Put your website in good hands. We’re here to make rehosting easy and fast!

We know that creating, hosting and managing websites takes a lot of time. Hosting is the last thing you need to worry about. Unfortunately, many hosting companies have complicated portals, poor support, or may not have the right tools for you.

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Safety is our number one priority and our stack is built to last. With options to create dedicated IP addresses. Manage your website with our powerful dashboard and monitoring systems

With our API-based and powerful control panel, we give you all the tools to fully manage your website without having to learn the technicalities of website hosting. Our control panel is fully automated and ensures the health and safety of your site. Our dedicated team will be there to help you every step of the way

We are not here to beat the giants in scale. We believe in truly dedicated services and high performance hosting. Give your website extra speed!

Demo Hosting

Kepler Hosting is a fully managed, lightning-fast WordPress hosting solution that easily changes when you’re on the go. With local partners and 24/7 support, your business is always in good hands.

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With Kepler Hosting, a simple yet advanced payment platform is just a few clicks away. Sign up, get up and running in minutes!

Don’t worry about the serious technicalities of hosting. Ask our support a question and our team will be happy to help! Kepler Hosting is simple yet advanced, so you’ll never feel lost!

Kepler’s main focus is not only performance, but also a simple control panel. We thought, why make it harder than it needs to be? Kepler has many features and a simple user experience

Pay for what you use. It’s that simple. For example, you signed up and created your WordPress site on January 10th. This means that at the end of the month (January 31). You will only be charged for time used, meaning you will be charged for 11 days in January

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Use a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt to add HTTPS to your site, or add your credentials to take advantage of a secure HTTPS connection.

The Kepler Hosting support team will help you migrate your WordPress site for free. We also do a small speed optimization at no extra cost when switching to Kepler Hosting

Kepler Hosting helps you migrate your WooCommerce site for free. Also doing a little speed optimization at no extra cost when migrating to Kepler

Demo Hosting

Having trouble at 1am? Can’t think of anything at 9pm? That’s good because Kepler Hosting offers 24/7 support and can provide all the help you need, anywhere, anytime. We also offer developer support if you need to fix bugs

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Kepler Hosting runs on the latest technology. We use modern technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD software containers, MariaDB and PC-optimized virtual machines to ensure that your website loads super fast.

Get impressive load times for your website backed by our stable and secure infrastructure with well-chosen data center providers. You don’t need to configure anything yourself

MaxIOPS storage technology is built into enterprise grade SSD drives, but is 2x faster than industry standard servers. Only the best for the maximum performance of your WordPress or WooCommerce site

We’ll keep your site as safe as possible from hackers and spam, but if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it for free if possible.

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Our support team cares about your problems and works efficiently to help you find the right solution. We’re here if something goes wrong, if you need advice or have questions about your website

Give your website extra speed, reliability and security! Kepler Hosting solves your everyday hosting problems!

We love to create, change things and make a difference. We are not like other hosting platforms. We believe in secure WordPress hosting, real performance and great support, as well as access to the best developers.

Demo Hosting

With Kepler, it’s all at your fingertips. We do not host on Google Cloud, AWS or any other major leader. Together with our partners, we have special solutions. Glesys, Internet Vikings and Upcloud

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With our API-based and powerful control panel, we give you all the tools to fully manage your website without having to learn the technicalities of website hosting. Our control panel is fully automated and ensures the health and safety of your site

A platform made for everyone and everything. Be it an agency or a group of developers. Small business launching their first WordPress site? Do not worry! We’ve got you covered.

Kepler is for everyone! Could this be your first or second site, or do you have multiple sites? With Kepler hosting, there is no limit to our payment model

Spend less time taking care of your WordPress or WooCommerce site and more time developing your business and products.

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Whether you need to back up your website or are experiencing a spike in traffic, Kepler Hosting is here to support you every step of the way with secure WordPress hosting.

Speed ​​is everything. Performance is key. Did you know you have less than 1 second to load your website content before the user gets impatient?

Powerful tools complemented by powerful infrastructure give you everything you need as a user through our highly automated and managed platform. You won’t regret this move and if you do! Do not worry!

Demo Hosting

At Kepler Hosting, we do not charge our customers upfront. As a user, you only pay for the time you use at the end of each month. Why not give it a try? Free?

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Kepler Hosting is a premium WordPress hosting provider that limits WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. Try Kepler Hosting today! Give your website extra speed! Be it a WordPress or WooCommerce site. Kepler Hosting solves your everyday hosting problems!

Kepler Hosting is one of the most developer-friendly platforms in the Nordic region. Sign up as a developer today and get access to our developer program

Kepler Hosting is for developers and agencies. Hosting a website should be easy and fast for customers, but we believe that hosting gives you ownership of your customers.

With full white label support options, customer billing and developers are at your fingertips, making working with Kepler Hosting hassle-free.

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Never worry about auto-updating plugins and client sites going down over the weekend. We’ve got you covered.

We have a dedicated team that works exclusively on application performance and infrastructure performance, and we are happy to speed up your website with just one click!

Kepler is unlike any other hosting agency. We strive to be different when it comes to website hosting. Kepler is not Google’s cloud hosting platform, but we focus on what our customers need. Local, regional and global solutions. Today, more and more people are moving to on-premise website hosting, and that’s where Kepler comes in, aiming to be a data center provider wherever our customers need a website.

Demo Hosting

Ambition to be the fastest WordPress hosting in Europe – hosted in one of our two data centers in Sweden. Stockholm or Falkenberg. Sweden is one of our biggest markets where we have dedicated and powerful servers ready for your website. Kepler Hosting partners with Internet Vikings and Glesys for hosting services

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Our simple yet powerful control panel and services allow you to spend more time working on your sites and less time managing your server. Sign up now or contact us, we’ll be happy to help you get Kepler Hosting up and running!

Easily configure your staging environment by cloning one of your cloud servers or storage devices – coming soon

Instantly create or schedule periodic backups. With true snapshots, backups are created instantly and can be restored almost instantly depending on the size of your site.

Our powerful API allows you to manage everything that can be managed in a dashboard. It will be launched in the first quarter of 2022

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We’ve designed our dashboard to give you complete control over all aspects of your services

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