Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk – After a period of rapid growth, UK Dedicated Servers require a colocation service provider that can provide the flexibility to grow rapidly in line with their business expansion plans. have been able to provide a solution.

The company needs an exclusive space to pave the way for smooth expansion and business growth in the coming years.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk

Founded in 2004, UK Dedicated Server initially offered dedicated servers, colocation and rack space by renting racks from other data centers. In 2013, it opened its own data center in Coventry and continued to expand with another facility in the city two years later.

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The success of the privately held company has been achieved by providing highly-available and critical dedicated servers. The focus is on providing advanced solutions that are customized and supported by expert support staff. It offers complex e-commerce hosting, co-location services and customizable same-day private and public cloud solutions.

UK Dedicated Servers has been in Docklands since 2014. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength and now has over 4,000 servers for customers in the UK and Europe, from small businesses to multinationals.

Special Services UK wants to increase connectivity options to increase efficiency, provide better service to existing customers and attract new ones. Companies also need data centers that offer the flexibility to add the rack space they need to meet the needs of their customers, both existing and new.

After considering several data center providers, UK Dedicated Server decided that it wanted to connect to an ecosystem, a hotspot for operators, ISPs and technology companies that would allow them to easily connect with other customers and exchange traffic and data.

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“The main reason to connect is connectivity. A lot of internet traffic in the UK goes through the site, so it was logical and the relationship just developed from there. It’s a good price for our space and the connectivity options are second to none. .”

As a small but fast-growing company with strong ambitions for continued expansion, UK Dedicated Server chose London primarily for the unparalleled connectivity offered by its data center, providing direct connectivity to more than 530 operators, ISPs and ASPs.

As the company continued to grow rapidly, it became clear that UK Dedicated Server needed to secure more data center rack space to allow the company to expand at the same rate. To make room for this growth, the organization was allocated its own private section in the West Facility, with space for up to 10 shelves reserved for exclusive use, three of which were immediately filled. Private areas also mean that if a company needs more shelves, these can be placed together.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk

Since moving west, the company has continued to grow and expand its presence, now using a total of 15 shelves across four Docklands locations.

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Ciaran Power, Senior Data Center Engineer and Technical Sales, UK Dedicated Server, hailed the success of the long-term relationship, saying; “Apart from the unparalleled connectivity, it’s also the fact that the large facility at the Docklands campus gives us all the space we need to expand. We’ve gone from two to 15 racks in a few years, and there are ‘ Many data centers outside that can provide expansion during this.

Since choosing to host the site, UK Dedicated Server has built a close relationship with the company and trusts the company to take care of the critical infrastructure of the business; shelf space, power, cooling and security.

The company has been able to continue its steady expansion with confidence that its data center infrastructure will be supported. Since 2017, UK Dedicated Server has increased its high-capacity service customers tenfold and increased its outgoing network connections. The business has also hired three new employees to support its current customers in most European countries as well as some in Africa and the Middle East.

UK Dedicated Servers also benefit from high quality and consistent service, including during the lockdown caused by Covid-19 when UK Dedicated Servers require immediate action and assistance on several occasions. Requests are resolved within four hours, with the company using a “remote hands-on” feature, which provides unrestricted access to a team of skilled and experienced support engineers.

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Power commented: “I have been very impressed with the company’s turnaround time on several occasions when I have used the remote hand function. The team has given me peace of mind by providing the support I need, even though our own staff have not been able to visit the site.

The company’s goal is to continue its network traffic expansion plan in 2020, using the flexibility offered by the service to introduce new operators and services to the market.

“We have a good working relationship and I also recommend it to other companies. The account management is exceptional and everything we ask is handled immediately, without any problems. In addition, we have never encountered any power or network problems during our relationship. As we approach winter, keep the temperature that is right in our data center is important to maintain and ensure that the infrastructure and the servers inside are operating at an optimal level. In this blog, we explain why this is so important and how our engineers manage it. Why is temperature so important?

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk

The cloud is currently a hot topic in many industries. More and more companies are embracing Cloud Hosting because of the benefits it offers. This raises the question of what happened to more traditional hosting solutions. Does it still have a place or will it be a thing of the past?

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The cloud can be a complicated subject, especially when it comes to hosting. That’s why we’ve created a Cloud Hosting demo to help you find out if Cloud Hosting is right for you. What is Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting is when a website or application uses a hosted “cloud”.

As we all know, power is a critical part of a data center. In fact, data centers rely on power for almost everything they do. No power, no data! Like anything that requires electricity. System administrators ensure that everything is always running smoothly in the data center

Yes already. But why?; Choosing a bad hosting provider can cause problems for you and your customers, such as slow speeds, technical glitches and even security issues. Although everything may seem good at first, there may be complications in the end. Reliability Not all hosting providers are created equal and for small

What does Cloud Hosting mean? It might be a phrase that you hear all the time but don’t understand. Simply put, Cloud Hosting means accessing and storing data over the Internet rather than through a computer’s hard drive. Basically, the cloud is just a metaphor for computing. one

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The expression “big data” is a term commonly used to describe data that is difficult to process, and the traditional way of processing this data has become almost impossible due to the amount of data. “Big data” can be classified into six areas, also known as the 6 Vs. Daily volume

There are several things to consider when choosing your hosting provider, but one that is often overlooked is location. Finding a hosting provider locally for you is more beneficial than you might think. Here are some reasons why. Size Although it seems logical to choose a service provider

As the world is asked to work from home and adopt remote working lifestyles, will companies continue to adopt this virtual mindset or will companies return to their physical roots? When work at home orders started, many companies were not ready, but after organizing and implementing the right remote work system, some companies

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Uk

As restrictions begin to ease in the UK and talk of a ‘new normal’, there is a lot of talk about returning to the workplace and how technology is changing and the way we use communication on a daily basis. and working with colleagues after more than a year

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