Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven

Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven – We provide strategy and implementation, from a business and technology perspective, to help you lead in the markets where you compete. has extensive knowledge and experience in the European data center, hosting and cloud market.

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Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven

Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven

For more than 17 years, we’ve been making sure that data centers are secure and connected. Our expert engineers design digital infrastructure and solve complex network and security problems for tier 1 cloud providers, data centers and hosting providers.

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This means you are in good hands when considering scaling, virtualization and other developments in your field. If you are wondering which technical solution best suits your needs, we are here to advise and choose the right supplier for you with our ecosystem of strategic partners.

Our strength lies in our flexibility and focus on developing customized solutions for our customers. Find out where we can support your IT team.

Our team is available for video calls or meetings. Contact us to discuss your network and security challenges, compare providers, or discuss your upcoming IT project. We are here to help you.

MDR Why MDR services are critical to modern cybersecurity operations Do you want to fight cybersecurity threats, have an intel agent at your disposal, and do all this at a predictable cost? Then the MDR security service is the solution for you. Erik Biemans Erik Biemans21 Nov. 2022 8 minutes reading time API Security API Security, are you ready? The use of APIs has grown in recent years, especially due to the use of smartphones, making the use of API security essential.Matthieu Millot Matthieu MillotNov 14. 2022 4 minutes reading time Network automation Wi-Fi networks and the emergence of AI Wi- Fi have recently undergone big changes, partly due to working from home. We compare 4 major WiFi providers and use of AI.Jérôme Wezelenburg Jérôme Wezelenburg7 Nov. 2022 3 min read All businesses have different types of needs when it comes to hosting. Colocation and dedicated servers are two types of services offered by hosting providers.

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The difference between colocation and dedicated server hosting is that in colocation, the customer owns the hardware, and in dedicated server hosting, he rents the servers from the hosting provider. In the case of colocation, the customer performs all maintenance on the server. In contrast, with dedicated server hosting, the hosting provider does the installation, management and maintenance of the servers. Companies can manage their IT entirely on their own or outsource it to a hosting provider.

With dedicated server hosting, the customer rents a server from a hosting provider with installation, connectivity, bandwidth and rack space in the data center. When you rent a dedicated server, you can install your software, but the hosting provider owns the hardware, which means they are responsible for all the maintenance. Dedicated servers are usually backed by an uptime service level guarantee, as described in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which contains all contractual agreements of the hosting provider.

Many companies use shared hosting or VPS because it is relatively cheap. With shared hosting, multiple parties share a server, which can affect available capacity and performance. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it offers more control than shared hosting. Dedicated servers are more reliable and secure than shared hosting or VPS that use shared resources. As a result, the performance, internet connection and disk space of the dedicated servers are fully allocated to the customer. The service is designed to enable 100% uptime, and customers can be sure that the application is always available at a business level. Servers can be configured to run heavy business critical applications with good uptime and performance. However, the main disadvantage of dedicated hosting is that one has limited control over hardware and software choices, as hosting providers often offer standard options.

Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven

There is also a difference between dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting. Regular dedicated server hosting is cheaper and offers less support compared to its managed counterparts. Companies don’t always have the technical know-how on their own, and need to hire fewer IT staff with their own managed services.

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With colocation, the data center only provides electricity, cooling and internet connection, which means that the customer is fully responsible for providing and maintaining the hardware. Companies can rent rack space in data centers. Rackspace includes a rack in the server room with all the necessary network equipment. With colocation, the customer has full control of the server and is responsible for all changes made to security, hardware or software.

Both hosting options have advantages and disadvantages. The best choice depends entirely on your business needs.

With dedicated server hosting, the hosting provider remains the owner of the hardware. Dedicated server hosting is often cheaper than colocation because there is no need to invest in hardware, which saves time and money on maintenance. Companies can fully concentrate on business growth.

The agreement on how quickly the hosting provider can help the customer in need is set out in writing in an SLA (Service Level Agreement). With colocation, the customer is solely responsible for hardware maintenance.

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If a project is expensive, a dedicated server can be a more cost-effective option, but colocation can be a better option if you have the technical resources and own knowledge.

Richard Boogaard (Managing Director) and Stijn Grove (MD of the Dutch Data Center Association) invited to discuss sustainability efforts in the Dutch data center sector, with special attention to innovative ideas such as a heat pump project near Rotterdam.

Today we can no longer imagine not having the Internet. We use it for business applications, financial transactions, data sharing, playing games, online shopping and much more. But how do you stay online for all that activity? It concerns the companies AstroTec, Variass, Resato, ZiuZ, Datacenter Groningen, LifeLines Databeheer and the knowledge institute Astron, Hanzehogeschool and University of Groningen. The province of Groningen subsidizes projects from the Groningen@Work program for an amount of almost 36,000 euros.

Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven

The disadvantage of data centers is that they are one of the biggest consumers of CO2 energy in the Netherlands. They emit 930 kilotons per year, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of 200,000 households. More and more data centers are also reaching their capacity limits.

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The new microservers are smaller and more energy efficient than the microservers currently used in commercial environments, such as data centers and factories. Therefore, the consortium wanted to show that by building and testing a number of prototypes, the new microservers can also be used in a commercial environment.

Nearly 200,000 Internet servers are still vulnerable to Heartbleed. This is according to a report from Shodan.

Google starts to use a sustainable data center in Eemshaven Minister Henk Kamp, internet entrepreneur Ben Woldring and several children from the province of Greenland opened the new data center of Google in Eemshaven today. With its construction, the 600…

Rackspace opens first data center in mainland Europe Hosting provider Rackspace is about to expand its activities in Europe with a data center in Frankfurt Your business is growing fast and of course you don’t want to worry about the health and stability of your WordPress website. We not only take care of the hosting, but also make sure that everything is well organized. So you can focus on your own business.

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By combining the right ingredients, we help you achieve high speed with your WordPress website. This ensures ease of discovery, higher conversions and more customers.

It is becoming increasingly important that your WordPress website is secure and continues to function properly. That’s why SSL, daily backups and monitoring are included in our service as standard.

WordPress is constantly evolving, updates are released daily to keep your website secure and stable. We make sure your website is updated and you never have to worry about it again.

Datacenter Hosting Bedrijven

Nice, they do what you can expect from them. I like the idea of ​​my website being monitored in the background and automatically updated. If I have a question, I immediately get a good answer that I can move on to. Nice service!

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You can contact us for all your questions about our services or your WordPress website. We are happy to help. With our outsourced backup solutions, you can back up and restore your data and systems in our highly secure data centers that meet RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements in the security field.

No more management on your side: our team monitors and checks backups every day. Fast recovery, partial or complete, with a choice of retention periods from 7 to 30 days.

In the event of a catastrophic IT disaster, our DRP solutions allow you to quickly restart your business on virtual servers.

Protecting your company data is very important to the continuity of your business. Our hosting solutions are based

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