Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan

Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan – Kitchen hosting is one of the best price web hosting. With the cheapest package at IDR 100,000 per year, subscribing to Kitchen Hosting is a cakewalk. These hosting providers have actually been around since 2005. In addition to operating as a hosting reseller, they are also a re-hosting service provider.

Although the name of Hosting Kitchen is not as good as the name of the best hosting such as Hostinger, it is still mentioned as one of the other options in choosing web hosting. Historically, not much information can be found on kitchen hosting. But one thing is certain, Kitchen Hosting ranks among the web hosting that has the largest user base in Indonesia.

Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan

Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan

But real quality is not always reflected in the big or small factors of consumers who use web hosting services, but in how the users themselves perceive their services in general. Although Dapur hosting has many customers, it is not because their service is of high quality, but because the price is cheap and the performance is quite average.

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The team reviewed the pros and cons of kitchen hosting in terms of page load speed, hosting server capabilities, features offered, and the ups and downs of web hosting.

Kitchen Host was established in 2004 and is one of the oldest in the field of web hosting sales. Located in Mangga 2, North Jakarta, this provider has long been known as one of the cheapest web hosting providers from Indonesia. Sam Kitchen Host is known as a trial and error provider among the power users of the web hosting world. This is due to the lack of facilities offered by providers and prices that are still in the affordable range.

With two main servers located in Indonesia and USA, Kitchen Hosting is a web provider with very fast page load time among other old competitors. There is not much information about the company’s background or history, but if you are more interested, you can contact them on live chat or directly on 0878 7725 2578 or 0811 886 4678, available from 9am to 9pm are.

Customer trust can change over time. What’s happening right now with kitchen hosting is that trust is at an all-time low and it’s very difficult to get it back.

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Along with the current package launch, we think Kitchen Hosting has a hard time competing with the best web hosting we’ve reviewed. Trusting your website to be hosted with this provider will be very difficult because we only want the best for you. Our mindset is to host your website with minimal or no hassle.

But for more details, let’s see why kitchen hosts can’t be fully trusted like in previous years.

There’s a price, there’s a way, at least those are the right words to describe kitchen hosting services. If you’re looking for cheap hosting, it’s not uncommon for Dapur Hosting to be recommended by other reviews. It is nothing new if the selling power of this provider depends largely on the price offered. So far, the price of the kitchen is one of the advantages they have and they are quite successful with it.

Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan

With hosting prices starting at IDR 100,000 for one year, users can already get a standard hosting package. Standard here means that you can only enjoy the standard features of a web hosting provider without any special advantages that can make it compete with its peers. More or less, those of you who want to try cheap local providers can try Kitchen Hosting.

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The advantage of this provider is actually the page loading speed. Actually, there are no promises from the provider about the quality of this one, but customers can quickly feel the difference in speed compared to other cheap providers. In terms of page loading speed, this website can be trusted when accessing the website when traffic is low.

This speed is achievable because the website itself limits the bandwidth usage to only 5 GB and the memory usage is only 300 MB. Of course, users of shared packages can act quickly with very strict restrictions like this.

Like most other providers, Dapur Hosting also offers a 7-day free trial of their service for those who are unsure of the quality of their hosting. The server location provided for trial hosting is in Indonesia, but the free email feature will be disabled. This is to prevent this demo account from being misused, such as selling to other people.

Please note that this trial hosting is offered separately, which means you will not be assigned a trial domain as a companion. And the test itself only applies to subdomains, not your main domain. The trial account will be deleted without notice within 7 days of use, so trial account users are expected to save files that are considered important to prevent them from being deleted as well.

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As with regular hosting facilities, trial accounts are subject to the same terms of service as the standard service, such as not using the service for fraud, etc.

Kitchen Hosting actually has several features to claim the title of the best hosting in Indonesia, one of which is the 30-day warranty they offer. If the user is not satisfied with the service within the first 30 days from the date of active hosting, the user can request a refund for this. The guarantee itself only applies to shared hosting and reseller hosting with a note, free domain registration is also excluded.

This hosting guarantee may also be voided if you upgrade or downgrade during the 30-day guarantee period, and all guaranteed funds are transferred via PayPal and Central Bank of Asia (BCA) only.

Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan

The audience of the most important websites now will usually be in big countries like America and Indonesia. Fortunately, Kitchen Hosting provides both of these main options to its customers. For faster server performance, Indonesian servers are the best choice for that, and if your website is in English, American servers are the best choice. Although rarely talked about, server points actually have a significant impact on the performance of a hosted website. Because the closer the website server is to incoming visitors, the faster and better it will perform.

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Although kitchen hosting offers relatively fast page load times, it cannot always be the same every time, especially when website traffic is high. As with shared hosting in general, using a lot of storage space and bandwidth slows down the hosting speed. This is why the storage space offered by Kitchen Hosting is very small and the features are kept to a minimum. If the shared hosting users have used the maximum storage capacity and get enough traffic, we can feel a drastic change in the page load time of this provider.

Hacking attacks are more common today than when people selling online were considered new. Especially now that there are so many ways that people can commit fraud and one of them is creating imitation websites of famous brands. These fake websites usually do not have an SSL certificate, which is an important requirement for conducting personal data transactions over the Internet. Unfortunately, the kitchen host does not provide these facilities, and this is the point that we do not recommend using the kitchen host as the best choice.

Uptime is an important component that every web hosting provider should emphasize, Kitchen Hosting is no exception. Offering an uptime guarantee of up to 99.99% like BlueHost does is definitely a green card that is sure to please any website owner. This is because 0.1% of web hosting failure will have a tremendous impact on hosting users’ websites. Just imagine the countless losses if your website is down during peak hours.

If we calculate the average uptime of Kitchen Hosting over the last 6 months, we get a provider uptime of 99.61%, which is still lower than the top 5 web hosts we reviewed. The best way is to use hosting that has special services if you want to have a really professional website.

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Considering the price offered by Kitchen Hosting, it might seem cheap and affordable to you, but try to compare it with the top 5 cheapest hosts we have reviewed, it is far from expected. For the cheapest package, you will get only a small capacity (300 MB), 5 GB of bandwidth and only one additional domain. There are no bonus features or free domains for a one-year subscription.

Take Hostinger for example, for the same price (approx. IDR 104,000 per year) you can get 10 GB storage capacity, 100 GB bandwidth and most importantly a free SSL certificate. A difference like earth and sky that does not need further explanation, which is better.

Talking about the cheapest packages, Kitchen Hosting really offers the least features among other web hosting. With this cheapest package, you get only 300 MB of storage space, 5 GB of bandwidth and an additional domain. Roughly measured, a good photo averages 3 to 5 MB in size, not to mention adding other files like documents, videos, or moving image media to enhance the look of the website, all of which take up more than half of that. they do. Warehouse capacity. However, the cheapest package is only for websites that mainly contain only text and a few accompanying interactive images. If you want a cheap plan with more storage, then

Dapur Hosting Mengecewakan

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