Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda – Understanding the difference between hosting and domain is very important. Because it turns out that there are still many people who do not understand the difference between the two and even consider them the same. Although it is a big mistake! Hosting and domains are 2 things that are related to computer networks (internet).

Both are two things that cannot be separated, although they actually have different meanings. So from this someone who deals with internet networks should understand the difference between hosting and domain. If not, then it will make the site he created impossible to maximize.

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

So from now on, we’ll provide the gist between the two before venturing into cyberspace. Because although there may be those who do not yet know these two terms, they still need to be learned. More details about the differences in hosting and domains will be discussed, as well as the following information:

Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting Serta Pengertiannya

Before we discuss the difference, let’s first look at the meaning. Generally, various things that can be stored in hosting are files like text, images, video, audio, etc. This data will be available later through the hosting server and the internet network.

You can access the Internet network and hosting server using a computer with good hardware specifications. The computers that are used to manage hosting are known as server PCs. This computer usually has special resources and a good operating system complete with applications to support the performance of the server.

A server computer will run non-stop non-stop, so it must have good specifications. The server computer storage itself is usually in a data center that already has electricity. This computer will be connected via a high-speed Internet connection to meet the service needs of a large number of customers.

It seems that from the above explanation you will have to understand more about the differences between hosting and domains. Because if this hosting is then used to store assets and files on the website pages, then there must be a certain price when you want to rent it. The rental price depends on the service.

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If you discussed the meaning of hosting earlier, the definition of domain will be explained further. A domain is the address (name) of a website. The existence of a domain is very important for a website, as well as for hosting. Without a domain, a website has no name and cannot be accessed. Because how could someone get to the site if they don’t know the address?

Thus, the existence of the domain makes the existence of the hosting more complete. There are generally 2 types of domains to choose from. And that in the form of global (gTLD) and domain ID (ccTLD). Global domains are usually unconditional, such as .net, .com, etc. Meanwhile, the domain ID is usually fully controlled by PANDI.

Therefore, this domain ID is very different from the global one because there are certain requirements that must be met. So, from this, remember to understand the difference between hosting and domain before choosing a domain. The minimum usage of domain services is usually set at 1 year or more. In this case, anyone can specify the domain.

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

But still you should know that 1 domain can only be used by one user. Additionally, custom domain properties cannot be reserved. So if you want to request a domain for a specific service, just enter the name first. Only then enter the domain name and order directly.

Tutorial Menyewa Web Hosting Gratis Domain Selamanya Di Niagahoster

There are several differences between hosting and domains when viewed from various perspectives. So if you still don’t know how to tell them apart, there’s nothing wrong with listening to a little explanation below. Below are the differences between hosting and domains in terms of several aspects:

Having seen the differences between hosting and domains above, the question now is whether a website can be accessed without both. The answer is none! Because the website can only be accessed if it fulfills 2 important things: a domain and hosting. But still, websites can still function without hosting.

Meanwhile, a website is impossible without a domain. To create a blog or website, you must first have a domain name. As for hosting, it depends on the blog or website you choose. If you use free hosting like today, there is no need to rent it. Therefore, it is more effective because it is available for free.

It is clearly still worse than the paid version in terms of quality. But still, it never hurts to try those with medium backgrounds. So you can use free hosting, while the domain is paid to look professional. The way for this is very simple, you can use the help of domain services.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Web Hosting

Simply buy a domain name and set it up to point to your website. But definitely choose a good hosting server to speed up your website management activities. So, if you need quality hosting and domains, contact us now. So, these are all the differences between hosting and domains as well as other interesting explanations. As an SEO content writer at , she liked to share an article about the Internet of Things.

In short, the difference between domain and hosting lies in their function. A domain is the address of a website, while hosting is the land where the website is built. So if you want to create a website, of course you need both.

So, while we discuss the differences between hosting and domains in more detail, let’s learn more about domains and hosting below.

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

Hosting or web hosting is a server where all your website files are stored and can be accessed and managed over the internet. Starting with image files, videos, scripts, etc.

Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain Yang Harus Dipahami

Well, a hosting server is not alone. The server is managed and stored in a data center. This is to ensure that the hosting server is secure and can function optimally.

The types of hosting services that are rented also vary and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The price offered also corresponds to the equipment provided.

For example, imagine that you have rented an accommodation unit or a room in a shared house. You will share the same equipment with other residents of the unit. For example, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

As with shared hosting, your website files will be shared with other users. And it will share the same facilities like speed, disk space, etc.

Rekomendasi Web Hosting Bulanan Dengan Harga Terjangkau

Shared hosting is suitable for those of you who are creating a website for the first time or who are just starting out with a website and do not need high specifications.

There are several shared hosting packages at the address: Baby, Student, Personal and Business. The price also varies depending on the hosting package you choose.

Thus, you have the freedom to configure and configure your resources. However, you need technical skills for this process.

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

On a physical server divided into several different resources. And sharing this server uses software, that’s why it’s called that

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Yes, think of it as an apartment complex and you live in one of the houses. You are free to organize and do anything in your own home.

However, since they are still in the same complex, the main resources are still shared. For example, electricity, water, etc. If the power goes out, yes, a complex will feel it.

Just like cloud VPS, if the server is down, VPS users on the server will feel it too.

VPS is suitable for websites that have high traffic so that shared hosting can no longer accommodate them, they want the freedom to manage and configure the servers and have the technical skills to manage the servers.

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This is achieved by spreading the load across multiple servers at once. So if one server dies, they still have another backup server.

It’s like opening a shop or a restaurant. Where not all consumers are concentrated to be in one place. So you can avoid long queues if there are too many visitors.

Cloud web hosting is suitable hosting for websites that have very high traffic but want simple setup. For example, online stores, project websites, company websites, news portals, etc.

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

Cloud web hosting services are services with large disk space that can accommodate hundreds of thousands to millions of traffic, you can have them at different prices.

Beli Domain Murah Indonesia Rp12.000 Cek Domain Sekarang!

The importance of hosting is that it affects the performance of your website later. So you have to be wise in choosing it. There are several criteria to consider when looking for the best hosting service.

For small or personal websites, they usually still need less than 20 GB of disk space. At the same time, large websites (online stores, news portals, etc.) require more than 20 GB or unlimited.

Bandwidth activity on your site occurs very frequently. So, choose a hosting service that provides unlimited bandwidth for smoother website performance.

3. Webmail: Manage email on your hosting server using your domain name extension. The goal is to make it look more professional.

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You also need unlimited email to accommodate very high email activity. For example, adding a webmaster email account, sending emails to customers, etc.

5. Data Center Quality: Host server storage that is equipped with an infrastructure to protect the server from outages. The highest level of a data center is the Tier 4 data center.

Initially, a domain took the form of a very complicated combination of numbers and letters that indicated the address of the hosting server where the website files were stored. Internet users are very hard to remember.

Dapatkah Satu Hosting Digunakan Beberapa Domain Yang Berbeda

Thus, the browser can recognize the location of the website file from the domain name. The same as the address of the residence you are renting or of the hosting server.

Perbedaan Level Domain: Top, Second, Serta Third Level Domain

Not only that, armed with a domain, we can also find out information about the owner. Starting with name, physical address, email and more. WHOIS is a list of that personal information. To get information about the owner of the domain, you can check the whois of the domain.

A top-level domain is an extension after a website name, such as .com, .id, .co.id, .gov, etc. Choosing this extension is something to consider as you can choose the one that best suits the purpose of the website.

For example, if you want to create an online store, it is better to use .com or a school website with .sch.id, etc.

The SLD can also serve as the domain name you register. It can be your brand or company name.

Apa Itu Domain? Simak Pengertian, Jenis Dan Manfaat Disini

However, you shouldn’t

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