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Dansk Hosting – We make life easier: The right price. 24/7 support. Danish passport. And an interesting sea of ​​technology.

We enable you to provide cloud services from above, including disaster recovery and 24/7 support.

Dansk Hosting

Dansk Hosting

Enter our data center, which is always equipped with the latest server technology, the fastest disks on the market, full storage, adequate cpu power and flexible firewall solutions.

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Start-up IT companies are moving their entire solution directly to the cloud. Here, IT partners can grow the business over time without having to think about how to work with businesses in data centers, hosting and infrastructure.

Some are close to reaching their limits in their data centers. These IT partners use our cloud hosting as a valuable additional resource that provides flexibility to integrate with their data centers.

Finally, there are IT staff who have written off the data center and want to move everything to the cloud. They provide access to the latest technology, remove financial constraints, and eliminate the responsibility of managing a data center.

There is a big difference between whether you have a new data center that will be implemented in the next few years – or you have the freedom of choice in the future because you have already written your iron.

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Our cloud storage can be customized exactly as you are. With us, you have the flexibility and scalability to accept all customer services regardless of your needs or size.

Your journey in the cloud is going strong at Cloud Factory. Eliminate data center costs. Eliminate risk. And free your hands and money to focus on what you do better than anyone else. From now on, you only need to think about Managed Service.

There are different settings when you want to connect to a data center. We offer you options to meet every need.

Dansk Hosting

Latest server technology. All lighting fixtures. CPU load. And many more that help you find the best cloud solutions.

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It is your guarantee that we maintain the highest level of IT security and have policies and procedures that guarantee your business and operations.

“The Cloud Factory data center just plays. I just get my access point and then I can start building my servers there – I take everything else out of the box. Cloud Factory has made the responsibility so high that I don’t have to I worry about it. Everything is on the ground.”

Dear IT friend. Find new words for your design. Who knows if you can buy cheaper, better or more fun with us? Our connected world always requires companies to have a website. At the very least, a company needs a website with locations and opening hours on the company.

Why? Because word of mouth marketing doesn’t go far compared to the internet. People these days find new businesses and local businesses through Google. Gone are the days of looking for you in the yellow pages. If you don’t have a website and social networking sites, your chances of building customers online through word of mouth through social media are also reduced. In other words, no website, no views, no money. Of course, web hosting isn’t just for businesses. You may also want to host your own website or blog.

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UnoEuro is a Danish company with several years of experience and offers servers that are faster than the common servers we used before.

They also have the lowest domain fees we’ve seen, paying just DKK 50.44 per year for a .DK domain. Their prices start at just 18.68 DKK per month and include web hosting, free SSL and unlimited emails in your name. Want to buy UnoEuro hosting and get another 3 months free? So click on this link and enter the discount code “3FREE” when you pay for your stay package.

With VPS hosting you need to set up your own server, so shared hosting is the easy solution and VPS is the solution for more IT people. We’ve tested many different VPS servers over time, but none are as fast as UpCloud, because let’s not lie, it’s the fastest in the world. With them, you get a very fast server, but you have to set it up yourself from the beginning, and you are responsible for the security and management of your applications on the server. If you want to use the world’s best hosting, you get $25 free (5 months of free hosting) by using this link.

Dansk Hosting

Delt Hosting or Shared Hosting is web hosting where the provider has multiple websites on the same server and multiple websites usually share the same IP. The downside is that most websites share server equipment, so sharing websites is usually very cheap. In fact, shared hosting can be found for less than 20 DKK per month.

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Think of the sites that share your server as your rooms, there is nothing to separate you from them. Sure, you can close the bedroom door, but it can cause nightmares in the kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to web hosting, all websites share the resources of a single server, so traffic on one website can affect other websites on the same server.

VPS hosting is similar to hosting multiple domains sharing the same server, but the similarities end there. A VPS website has fewer pages per Server than shared hosting and each page has its own features.

In real estate, VPS hosting is like renting your own apartment in a house. You are lonelier than the houses above.

It is still possible to disturb your neighbor’s house, but less. VPS hosting costs more than shared hosting. You pay $5 and up per month with this solution. Setting up a website on VPS requires a lot more experience and knowledge than shared hosting because everything has to be set up from scratch with VPS hosting. We have created a guide for setting up a VPS server with wordpress, see here

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Unlike shared hosting or VPS, dedicated hosting allows your website to be hosted on a dedicated server. If we use the house analogy again, this means that having a dedicated server is like having your own house. This means that your website can be fully used on the server.

In terms of dedicated hosting, many web hosting services also offer managed hosting. It is often possible that your hosting provider is responsible for maintaining and maintaining your server. Of course it adds extra money to hosting costs, but if you have resources on a dedicated server you also have money for these options that can make your everyday life easier. Read more Our reviews are not subject to such agreements.

We have made it our goal to compare all the most popular web hosting providers in Denmark. To do this, we built the same website on each host’s servers and tested everything from performance and load times to security. Additionally, we contacted representatives to see who would be willing to help us if things got heated.

Dansk Hosting

1 They often see: Can our local hosts meet the global giants?

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We started a big project at the beginning of this year – a project to find the best person in the Danish market, at the best price! We have subscribed to the hosts you see on this list to check their performance, speed, load times, and various features.

We have also contacted these providers and analyzed their usage, so you can choose a host that meets your needs comfortably.

Below you will find a list of the ten best hosts on the Danish market. You will then get a comparative analysis of different hosts, so you can quickly see which features you think are most important. You can also go directly to an in-depth study of Danish webmasters by clicking here.

It is true that Denmark is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, so it has needed good and stable websites since the early days of the Internet. Since the nineties, when the Internet really took off, Denmark has had a large number of Internet providers, some of which have been closed or acquired, and others are growing. Today, influencer companies don’t really fight the way they used to, and now it’s a combination of several factors that determine who the customer chooses.

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Most companies that have guests stay

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