Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting – After creating a website, there are still a few things that you should pay attention to in the future. Yes, creating a website is not enough, it also needs maintenance. Unfortunately, some users still often forget to budget for the maintenance of this site.

The total cost will depend on the type of your website. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with everything from small business websites to online stores.

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

In this article, we will also explain the cost comparison of website maintenance services by doing it or a professional service so that you can choose the best option. Let’s start the discussion right away!

Daftar Harga Paket Website

The average website maintenance fee is around IDR 200,000 – IDR 50 million ($5-5,000) or IDR 2 million – IDR 200 million ($60-60,000)/year. For big and popular sites like Amazon or Netflix, the costs incurred are definitely more.

The platform, features and services used are some of the things that have the biggest impact on the overall cost of maintaining a website. For example, a large e-commerce site will definitely require more money than a small portfolio site.

The costs we include here include dollar prices because some aspects of a website that require maintenance often require independent services or outside agencies.

Before we discuss the cost of the website, we will explain the three main categories to categorize the costs you have to spend:

Estimasi Biaya Pembuatan Website Tahun 2022

Below we will share the details of website maintenance costs according to the 9 main components of the above three categories.

Every website needs a domain name, and the average renewal price is 155,000 IDR – 1.4 million IDR/year ($10-90). Some hosting providers offer a free domain with their hosting packages so you can save more on your budget.

A domain consists of two elements, namely the website name and its extension. For example, a domain name is the name of our website, and .co.id is an extension called a Top Level Domain (TLD).

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Another factor that affects these costs is the registrar. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable registry to avoid fraud or other unexpected charges. Check ICANN’s list of accredited registrars to find the best registry.

Apa Itu Domain, Fungsi, Jenis & Perbedaanya

Once you’ve decided on the TLD you want to use, use the domain checker below to find out if your target domain name is available:

When you purchase a domain name, the minimum ownership period is usually one year. To continue using your domain, you must renew it before it expires.

Emergency! Domain renewal prices are usually more expensive than the initial registration fee. However, if you renew for a longer period, the registrar usually gives you a discount.

It’s also a good idea to add the cost of domain privacy protection services to your plan. This feature is important for protecting the personal information and contact information of the domain name owner.

Harga Website Paket Marketing Premium Cuma Rp45.465, Gratis Domain Dan Hosting!

Web hosting is a service for online websites on the Internet. In this way, the web hosting provider will rent the space on their physical server to store the user’s website data.

The provider and web hosting package you choose will have a big impact on your website maintenance costs. The prices of the packages offered vary and some providers may have different prices for similar packages because the features and infrastructure are not necessarily the same.

Additionally, the website platform should be considered in the details of your website maintenance budget. For example, most website builders include web hosting in their package prices. However, if you use a CMS like WordPress, you can choose your own hosting provider.

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Before choosing a plan, consider the long-term cost of hosting your website. Your total budget will be affected by the selected subscription period. For example, shorter terms such as monthly payments may cost more than annual payments.

Domain Murah Tahun 2022

For example, the Single Shared Hosting package starts at IDR 13,900 per month. If you choose the 48-month package, the price will remain the same for four years, then it will change to IDR 29,900 per month when extended.

Shared Hosting is perfect for small to medium sized websites like portfolio websites and blogs. This type of hosting has the cheapest monthly fees because you can share server resources with other websites and users.

Shared hosting costs from IDR 13,900 – IDR 46,900 per month. If you are creating a website for the first time, this cheap hosting package might be best for you.

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is the right choice for medium-sized websites because it provides dedicated resources on a shared server. With this, users can control the server settings freely, so this service is suitable for users with technical experience.

Rekomendasi Tempat Beli Domain Terbaik & Terpercaya

Our affordable VPS packages prices start from IDR 57900 – IDR 1129900 per month depending on RAM, disk space and bandwidth provided.

Cloud hosting stores website data on a set of servers to increase uptime. Therefore, cloud hosting is an ideal service for websites with high traffic and high growth potential. In addition, cloud hosting is very user-friendly because the maintenance process is done by the web hosting provider.

Dedicated hosting is perfect for large businesses that have the budget to increase website performance. This type of hosting allocates a dedicated server for each website so that users can freely manage all files and server settings.

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Dedicated hosting costs can reach IDR 1.2 million – IDR 4.6 million per month and is the most expensive hosting service overall.

Langkah Pasti Cara Bisnis Domain

This type of hosting is optimized for WordPress-based websites, usually providing tools and other technical features. This option is especially suitable for beginners, as it does not require advanced technical skills to operate.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a data transfer protocol that uses encryption techniques to protect the connection between servers and browsers.

Using an SSL certificate will increase website security and data privacy protection, as well as improve performance in search engines. All websites that process user personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers, must have an SSL certificate.

SSL prices vary depending on the number of domains or subdomains covered. The price for one SSL domain starts from 100,000 IDR – 13 million IDR / year ($7-860). A Wildcard SSL certificate that can protect multiple subdomains is available for IDR 780k – IDR 15 million ($50-1000).

Rekomendasi Hosting Murah, Layanan Terbaik Di Kelasnya

Get a web hosting package that comes with a free SSL certificate to save on web maintenance costs. For example, it offers free lifetime SSL certificates with all plans.

To check if a site already has an SSL certificate, try opening the site in a browser and then look for a lock icon in the left corner of the address column or “HTTPS” in front of the domain name. When you click on the key, you will see information that the website’s SSL certificate is valid.

A custom email like this can help your business promote its brand more widely, appear more professional among competitors, and gain the trust of customers.

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Another option is to look for a hosting provider that combines a free email service with a hosting package. For example, some plans offer up to 100 email addresses per domain.

Hosting Gratis Terbaik Dari Rumahweb Dibuka Setiap Hari!

Also provides Indonesia email hosting service for business with automatic virus scanning and built-in calendar. The Business Starter Package costs only IDR 15,000 per month, while the Business Premium Package costs approximately IDR 36,000/month.

The duration of the chosen package will certainly affect the overall cost of maintaining your website. For example, a period of 48 months will be 14,129 Rp/month and a period of 1 month will be 31,255 Rp/month.

Another factor that affects the cost of maintaining an email service is the number of mailboxes you need. Having more mailboxes at the time of purchase will definitely increase the total cost.

Accessing customer service will be helpful when you encounter any issues that may arise on the site. The technical support for both beginner and advanced users is really helpful to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Rumah Hosting: Speed Nya Cukup Cepat, Tapi Uptime Nya Buruk

Most hosting providers offer free live chat and email support with every plan. This support channel is suitable for those of you who have personal online websites or small businesses.

For large websites such as online stores, it is better to use a dedicated support service. Services like these will help you fix problems before your website traffic and UX decline.

Some providers also offer paid support for immediate and personalized services. For example, premium support services are available between IDR 22 thousand – IDR 170 thousand per month depending on the subscription period.

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Of course, the website maintenance costs for technical support services that should be included in your plan will also depend on the needs of your website.

Beli Domain Dan Hosting

Website design is a digital visual representation of a brand. This element is one of the first things visitors see before deciding whether your content is interesting enough to look at further.

Additionally, an attractive website design will have a positive impact on a website’s SEO and can help increase traffic. Costs vary depending on whether you design the website yourself or hire a designer.

This option is suitable for small and medium websites such as personal blogs. You can redesign a website using free or premium tools. You also don’t have to pay expensive fees, usually a maximum of $17 (Rp. 264,000) per month.

Website builders often include professional templates with their premium packages. Most builders also have a drag-and-drop feature so you can design your website by simply clicking and dropping an element.

Daftar Hosting Berlokasi Di Indonesia Terbaik

For beginners who need more flexible but easy-to-use options, try using a CMS like WordPress to create and design websites. With WordPress, you can choose, install and update website themes.

WordPress offers 9000+ free themes in its official gallery with great theme options like Neve and Ultra. If you need more custom features, you can purchase a premium theme.

The average price of a premium WordPress theme is $5-17 (Rp.77k – Rp.264k) per month. Check the payment schedule first before purchasing the theme. You can purchase some themes for a one-time license fee, while others use subscriptions.

Daftar Harga Domain Dan Hosting

Professional web developers are usually experienced and really understand the current design trends. They can code the site to your specific specifications.

Jasa Pembuatan Website Murah Pekanbaru

Developers can also create attractive websites with their own features

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