Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting

Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting – In this article, I will explain how to restore Azure SQL Database if you need to restore some data, or if someone has deleted your database. Restoring databases is a common task that DBAs perform in their daily activities to meet various business needs. We also need to perform regular restores to ensure our backups are healthy and recoverable in case of emergency. Here, I create an Azure SQL database called TestDB, with a table worker inside this database, restore its automatic backups and restore them.

I used an existing Azure SQL database called “TestDB”. I then created an empty table inside this database called “Employee”. Next, under T-SQL statements, check whether the table is created or not.

Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting

Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting

We can see that table worker is created in “TestDB” database. If you want to store some data in this table, you can insert some rows in this table.

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Someone has downloaded this table or deleted some entries from this table. Now you need to restore it without affecting other databases. To do this, we need to restore this database with a different name and copy only the tables or deleted rows from the new restored database to our primary database.

Here, I restore the TestDB database with a different name using the Azure portal. First, we will check the status of the automatic backup required to restore this Azure SQL database. Use the Get-AzSqlDatabaseRestorePoint PowerShell cmdlet to display the backup status of the TestDB database. Pass the name of the server where the TestDB database is located, the name of the database and the name of its resource group TestDB. I ran this cmdlet and got below output where “RestorePointType” is CONTINUOS which means time restore is possible for this database.

Now, login to the Azure portal and go to the Azure SQL Database TestDB overview page. You can see that it has a Recovery tab on its overview page on the right side panel. You can use this tab to start database recovery.

When you click the “Restore” button in the image above, the following screen will appear. You can see that almost all details appear with pre-populated data and all resource details are grayed out and cannot be changed.

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You should check all the details marked with crimson arrows and change them according to your needs. You can specify restore point time, target database name, count and storage size, etc. You can change. Fill in the details as desired on the screen below and click on the Review + Create button.

I renamed the target database to TestDB_26Aug1109AM and kept the rest of the details the same. You can also see that we are restoring this new database to the logical server where our source database resides. See the image below where I have separated it with a crimson arrow. Check all the remaining details of the source and target data and click Create to create this new database with a copy of the TestDB source database.

Recovery may take some time depending on the type of calculation you choose. After the database is restored, you will get the following screen.

Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting

Now click on the ‘Go to Resources’ button shown in the above image to go to the overview page of this newly created database. In addition, if we want to check all the databases hosted on the same logical server in mdsos-server or check whether this recently restored database is restored on this logical server, we should go to the overview page of this logical server and click. “SQL Database” tab. Displayed under Settings Options in the left-hand panel. We can see that the newly restored database TestDB_26Aug1109AM is appearing on this database server.

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From the Database Overview page of the newly restored database, click “Query Editor” in the left pane TestDB_26Aug1109AM.

Along with this recovery, we run the command shown in the first screenshot of this article to ensure that our table staff is restored.

When you click on “Question Editor”, it will ask you to select the authentication mode. I selected SQL Server authentication and entered my ID and password to connect the database to this newly restored database.

In this database, you can see that the table “Employee” has been restored. You can copy the data from here to your main production database from a recovery perspective or use this database for testing or other business needs.

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If you want to replace the same database (TestDB) with its backup, you need to follow the above steps and after the new database is restored with a copy of the original database, rename this new restored database. If you want to restore or replace. Maintain the same compute volume and price level when replacing database backups.

This section describes the steps involved in recovering a deleted SQL database. If someone drops your SQL database, you can easily restore it through the Azure portal.

First let’s delete the above database we restored with the name TestDB_26Aug1109AM. You can delete it through the Azure portal by accessing the Database overview page as shown in the image below. To delete this database, click the delete option shown next to the purple arrow in the image below.

Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting

You can use the PowerShell cmdlet Remove-AzSqlDatabase to drop this database. It will ask you to provide the name of the database to delete, the name of the server on which it is located, and the name of the resource group in which these resources were created. I went through all the details and downloaded the database using this PowerShell cmdlet as shown in the image below.

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Next, we can check whether the SQL database ‘TestDB_26Aug1109AM’ has been removed from the logical server mdsos-server or not. Now, you can try to access this database control panel or overview page, you will get below errors while accessing this database.

Resource not found, it may be disabled. If it is enabled from a pinned tile on the dashboard, it should be removed.

Status Message: Not found ‘Microsoft.Sql/servers/mdsos-server/database/TestDB_26Aug1109AM’ under resource group ‘MDS’. For more information, visit

Another way to ensure database deletion is to review all SQL databases hosted on the logical server mdsos-server. Now we can see that only one database is visible on this server. It means database “TestDB_26Aug1109AM” was deleted successfully.

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Whenever Azure SQL deletes a database, the details of the deleted database are reflected in the Deleted Databases tab of the Data Management option. We can also use deleted database page. I will show you how in this article.

Let’s go to the “Deleted Databases” tab of the “Data Management” option of the logical server name of mdsos-server where the deleted database is located above. Below is a screenshot of it. If you want to restore this deleted database, you need to click on the database name “TestDB_26Aug1109AM” which is hyperlinked in the image below. This link will take you directly to the restore page for this database, where you can check some details and restore this database to where it was unloaded.

Another option is to view all deleted databases and recover them using the recovery link attached to each deleted database. This option is available under the “Backup” option shown above “Deleted Databases” in the image above. Click on this backup to get to his page.

Create Auto Run Restore Databases On Hosting

In the right pane of the Backup page, select the Deleted radio button. It displays all deleted databases with a recovery page link that can be used to open the recovery page for that database. These recovery pages are similar to the Deleted Databases tab. You can use any method to recover deleted database. You can also see when your database has been deleted. You can use this time to recover in time. Now go ahead and click on the link attached to the “Restore” option shown next to the crimson arrow.

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The following screen appears when you click on the TestDB_26Aug1109AM database name from the Deleted Databases page or click on the restore link shown next to the purple arrow on the screen above. Check all the information indicated by the crimson arrow on the database recovery page below.

If you need to restore it completely, make sure you are restoring this database when it was deleted. You can get the database shutdown time from the above images shown in 14.09. If you want to restore this database with the same name as it was previously used, change its name in the Database Details section of the image below.

To restore this database, click on the Browse + Create option shown in the above screen. The deleted database will be restored there

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