Contoh Tampilan Hosting

Contoh Tampilan Hosting – Features used in cPanel hosting. We all know what cPanel hosting is, an application that makes it easier for hosting owners to manage the hosting services they have purchased.

In cpanel hosting, many features are provided. It ranges from the most common to the most unique that you may never hear or use.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

This time we are going to talk about the features used in cpanel hosting. So that web hosting owners can use their hosting properly. Without learning all the cpanel when you want to build a website or other apps.

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In the file manager there are many things that can be done. We can upload and download files, create new folders, create new files and modify existing files, etc.

Addon domain, for example the main domain name of the hosting account is and we add a new domain name abc123[dot]com which is completely different from the main domain name.

This domain extension can be accessed directly without entering the main domain name in the host. But the management is in the hosting cpanel.

Sometimes some website owners forget or don’t use this feature because they don’t know about it. In most cases, after the creation of the website, it remains without any additions. Although the website is updated frequently and contains a lot of data, it is strongly recommended to make updates from time to time.

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These are the features that are used in cpanel hosting, in addition to many other very useful features. Knowing the features mentioned above, we can generally manage website hosting and creation. As a website owner, it is true that you want to easily manage your website and use it in the different devices. available. For you webmasters, you are surely no stranger to the term governance.

When it comes to managing hosting and websites, it’s easier to use helpful tools. You can make different arrangements. Like installation, security settings, database, domain management, etc.

If you don’t have a control panel, it’s very inconvenient if you have to do it manually which is impossible, a waste of energy and time. But with a control panel, website owners will find it easier. Click and install.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

As a tool that facilitates the management and hosting of the website, the control panel is a must. Before continuing the discussion, do you know what the hosting control panel means and what it does? Otherwise, in this article, we will discuss control panels, functions, and examples. Listen to the whole explanation until it’s over, okay?

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A control panel is a tool provided by a web hosting service provider which is used to manage, manage, manage and manage all web needs more easily.

As part of managing various websites and developing websites, users can choose from a variety of available control panels.

There are many hosting management platforms that can be used today, both paid and free. In others, like cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin. However, in Indonesia, the one that is most known or used is cPanel.

The main function of this control panel is to help users manage and manage their websites. Here are the Hosting Control Panel features you should know about:

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Each control panel has several interfaces and features. They are different from each other. However, of all the different control panels, if one looks carefully, one can see that all the control panels have the same features and functions.

In addition to this, from the perspective of web hosting service providers, it is useful to read that the requirements and management of the hosting they have will be easier.

As a user, of course, you should pay attention to a number of options when choosing a control panel that will be used for the needs of the website. As there are many different operating platforms that can be used.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

Do not make the wrong choice that can cause you problems, for example during installation and configuration. So, here are some tips for choosing a control panel you can try:

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Web hosting service providers usually install control panel installations for their customers. Even shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated server users.

So far, there are many kinds of operating systems available in the market. Both are paid and can be used for free.

Due to the large number of users, cPanel is currently the most popular control panel. This Unix/Linux control panel is available on the Linux operating system. The user interface is easy to configure.

CPanel is also great for beginners as the menu is easy to understand. Because of this versatility, it’s no wonder many people are crowned the most popular power panel today.

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Now this control panel is similar to cPanel. Also its use. The presentation of the interface is very simple and does not confuse the user.

The most unique thing about Plesk control panel is the user level, i.e. levels 1 to 4, each level has its own menu like Administrator, Domain Owner, Client/Client and User messaging.

DirectAdmin is a control panel software released on March 1, 2003 in Canada. Until recently, this control panel was less popular than other control panels.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

Like cPanel, DirectAdmin also works on a Linux operating system. As for the interface, it looks a lot like cPanel and Plesk. But, in terms of available menu, it is not the same as cPanel.

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On the other hand, DirectAdmin supports a lot of Apache, Nginx, Nginx Reverse Proxy, OpenLitespeed, and Litespeed.

If the previous control panel is popular because it is convenient for its users, then Webmin wants the users to have hosting skills.

Just like Plesk has user onboarding levels, Webmin also has three levels. Namely Usermin, Cloudmin and Virtualmin have their own functions.

ISPmanager is a control panel with a simple interface on a Linux operating system. This control panel is used by hosting companies in Eastern Europe.

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It has a simple design but at the same time it is easy to use. What is offered from this control panel are two versions i.e. Lite and Business versions.

As for the Business version, it is ideal for many shared hosts or commercial customers because it allows you to manage several servers (cluster). In addition to that, it can manage customer user accounts.

Of all the control panels, they all use the Linux operating system. If you want a Windows-based operating system, the time available is limited.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

The reason why Linux is known for its performance, security and user-friendliness is why hosting service providers prefer to use Linux operating system for their hosting.

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From the list above, you may wonder which one is the best to use? The answer is up to you to decide. Because all of the above hosting solutions aim to make things easier and faster in managing your hosting and website.

It is also the best web hosting service provider that provides the best and best technology for your web needs.

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The VPS Control Panel is a web-based application that allows the server administrator to manage various server functions. Managing a VPS or virtual private server is much easier if you use a command prompt rather than using the command line.

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Do you know what VPS is? If you don’t, we have a beginner’s VPS guide that can be used to learn VPS for free.

The ease of use of VPS control panels attracts many users to develop the best VPS control panels themselves. Free and paid VPS control panels.

These types of ads will make it easy for you to choose which team is best to manage the VPS you are using. All that remains is to adapt to your needs and manage your website effectively.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

There are a number of factors that are of particular concern when using advertising. Features offered by the best VPS control panels include:

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Not all free VPS control panels or paid VPS control panels offer all the above features. Some are complete, others are just parts.

Currently, there are many free VPS control panels that you can try to manage your VPS. Even some VPS hosting platforms offer their features for free.

Webuzo is a VPS control panel that offers both free and paid versions with full functionality. The free version of Webuzo has limitations and tutorials. You cannot use all features and only 59 scripts are allowed.

Webuzo provides many features that you can use to build a website: domain management, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) user management, database management using MySQL and Rockmongo, DNS zone, MXEntry record management, CRON management, advanced security using IP Block, CSR, Private Key.

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Moreover, the installation process is very simple. Fortunately, we have prepared a Webuzo VPS guide for you to use.

VestaCP is a free VPS control panel with Softaculous app and more than 439 apps that can be installed with just one click. This band can run fast with very low requirements using 512 RAM and 20 GB of storage.

This control panel supports many Linux operating systems using Nginx and Apache web servers. In email management, VestaCP offers its engine to Dovecot and Exim.

Contoh Tampilan Hosting

VestaCP is also one of the best free VPS control panels used by many system administrators. In addition to being free, this advertisement has very complete features that are not inferior to paid advertisements.

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Besides that, how to install VestaCP on VPS is also easy. In fact, you can also use a good VPS control panel on Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian.

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