Contoh Penawaran Domain Dan Hosting

Contoh Penawaran Domain Dan Hosting – 1 Offer Proposal Restaurant/Café Home Page Creation Service Restaurant Brand Registration Service NAZWAH SOLUTION WEB Address : Jl. Titi Palawan No. 03, Medan Mobile Phone : Website :

2 Matters: Website service to provide Yth proposal and trademark registration. Dear Sir/Madam Owner of Restaurant or Cafe on the Square, Thank you for taking the time to read and accept this offer proposal in order to review and select some of the products we offer. Nazwah Web Solutions (NWS) is a website developer who prioritizes the best services and solutions for clients in need of website creation services. The services we provide include: Consulting services and website creation services Search engine optimization (SEO) Google/internet marketing Advertising services on Google and Facebook services and trademark registration services with the Directorate General. Intellectual Property Rights of Tangerang. We guarantee that no Internet Service Provider in Indonesia can create a higher quality website than us for the same price that we offer. We have worked with various companies, government agencies and people to create websites, including: – Mutiara Polkamnas (TNI Media) – Harmony Officers Club (Statesmen Community) – Others. We hope to establish cooperation with your company. So this offer proposal is waiting for good news from you. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, NAZWAH WEB SOLUTION Saddam Zikri HP

Contoh Penawaran Domain Dan Hosting

Contoh Penawaran Domain Dan Hosting

3 Restaurant and cafe website description In fact, if a restaurant or cafe has its own uniqueness or character that you feel is appropriate for publication, one publishing medium that can offer many advantages is the to create a good website. A great website with interesting content about your business can become a “24/7 ad” in cyberspace and the internet world. Internet users in Indonesia are increasing day by day. Many people look for information on the Internet, and information about restaurants and cafes they want to visit is no exception. Romantic cafes, cheap seafood restaurants and Chinese family meals are all easily found on the internet. So if your restaurant doesn’t have a website, people looking for information on the internet won’t be able to find your restaurant on the internet. You can also create a website as one of the sales promotion media for restaurants. Show people a delicious picture of your menu or a nice atmosphere in your café, and give them information to get them interested in your restaurant. Show the advantages of your restaurant and write a unique and characteristic word for your restaurant. For example, a restaurant chef who is an expert, ingredients used in a restaurant, and so on. The website also facilitates interaction with restaurant customers. Customers may provide suggestions, criticisms or questions regarding the restaurant through the website. Or, more importantly, you can provide testimonials that can be displayed on your website so that other people who have never been to your restaurant will want to try it. If you have a restaurant business, you can also provide information about your terms and conditions to potential investors interested in becoming a restaurant franchisee. Therefore, not only for the benefit of the customer, the website can also facilitate communication with potential investors of the restaurant (franchise). Benefits of having a website: Improves the image of the restaurant’s professionalism. The website displays a list of food menus, thus increasing the visibility and credibility of the restaurant. Reduce operating costs. By using your website as a means of communication, you can reduce printing costs, operating costs for creating promotional brochures, distribution costs, and costs for mailing documents and letters. Media promotion and sales at any time. Websites can operate non-stop 24 hours a day or all year round. This means that all restaurant information is accessible to many people at any time. We present the most complete and up-to-date information. Websites may contain more complete and up-to-date information than other grading media. Extensive, up-to-date and inexpensive marketing or marketing data. You can promote your business franchise across Indonesia through your website. 2

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4 Restaurant and cafe website development service fees. Below is a website development service package for restaurants and cafes. Bronze Package: Rp.,- (Regular Price) Ramadan Special Price Rp.,-Tablet) Domain Name Com/Net/Org (Example: Hosting Capacity 250Mb Header/Banner Animation Slide Perfect 1 Year Online Business Solution Consulting Service Website Example : Silver Package : Rp ,- (Regular Price) Ramadan Special Promotion Price Rupiah,- Features and Facilities: Design Layout: Standard Template Responsive Layout (Responsive display when opened on Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Tablet Smartphone ) Domain Name Com/Net/Org Hosting Capacity 500Mb Professional Animation Header/Banner Internet Business Website Visitor Statistics One Year Solution Consulting Service Website Examples: 3

5 Gold Package: Rp ,- (regular price) Includes restaurant class brand registration fee. Special Price For Ramadan Promotion Rp. 3.000.000,- Features and Facilities: Design Layout: Professional Template Responsive Layout (View will be responsive when opened on Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Tablet Smartphone) Domain Name Com/Net/Org Hosting Capacity 1Gb Animated Header/Banner Professional Bonus Free with Blog Address: Website Visitor Statistics Professional Website Modules Project or Portfolio Pages Article Pages with Automatic SEO Boost Brand Consulting Services and Online Business Solutions 1 Year Website Examples: Additional Information Websites There is an additional charge to customize the . will be charged. If the website creation package we offer does not meet your needs, please contact us. Please let us know your needs in detail. We will then submit a website creation offer based on your needs. A separate fee will be charged for websites outside the specifications provided or for websites with different levels of website creation difficulty. Contact us directly for complete files or examples of websites you have or are working on. Website Development Stage Website Needs Analysis Package Selection 50% Down Payment 50% Upfront Website Demo Completed Content Completed Website Completed Remaining 50% Fee Refund 4

6 stages of website material preparation Domain name selection (3 alternative domains) Account selection Image Logo Company/personal name Company/personal slogan Submission of website content or regulations – other) Website development requirements Creation process begins after submission of materials. / Company name / Person name / Logo, website, program license, etc. / Material is only one domain. Internet extensions for the following year will occur up to one month before the domain expires. Content Migration Process If at this point your client already has a website that uses the services of another party, we will assist you in the process of migrating the domain to her NWS. Time and Method of Payment Payment shall be made at least 50% of the total fee upfront and the rest after the website is finished (100% paid directly, especially for the Gold Package). Payment is made by BANK BCA or MANDIRI remittance.Thank you for listening to our suggestions and speeches.Greetings to your success! Five

7 Bronze Package Rp. Home Page Menu Page 6

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8 Silver Package Rp. 7

9 Gold Pack Rp. 8

Re: Web Design / Redesign Suggestion Dear Sir/Madam Thank you very much Sir/Madam for your leadership.

Contoh Penawaran Domain Dan Hosting

Online store website and company profile website creation proposal Online Business Consultant SEO & Website Developer SEO Village Address : Jl. Keman Treng RT 04 RW 04 Kec.

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P R O P O S A L. Bid proposal. Company profile and services on the consultant’s website. Company Profile Website Production Service

About Us Website Consulting and Service Proposals P R O P O S A L About Us Website Design Services Need affordable and professional website design services? We are the solution.

Re: Cheap Website Service Offer First of all, thank you for accepting and taking the time to read this website service offer.

Offers Offers Elegant, Cool and Inexpensive Blog Development Services Business Blog Development Services Elegant, Cool and Inexpensive Blog Development Services from Mung Address: Perum Argomas Barat 387, Kel. Argomulyo, Salatiga, Central Java

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Address Jl. Eka Warni No 54 Medan-Johor Email Phone 081361005184 Website Developer We have all the solutions.

0 Tender and Cooperation Proposals for Website Development Services and Media Pillar Applications ii Tender and Cooperation Proposals for Website Development and Media Pillar Applications Address : Jl.

A brief history Aibi Studio is a business engaged in the field of information technology (IT) services, our main services are company profile, online shop,

Contoh Penawaran Domain Dan Hosting

Software consultants offer suggestions and website services Filomena Web media address: Lojman

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