Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server – The term hosting is often used in the internet world, especially for netizens who already have self-hosted blogs. But by subscribing to a hosting account with a hosting provider, users get a domain name, some disk space that can be filled with data, and an email account. Therefore, Tenants (Clients) may create websites and interact with visitors (Website Visitors) and/or specific employees using the Website and email.

The working principle of shared hosting (or simply called web hosting) allows the use of a server that is connected to the Internet and used together with other hosting users.

Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

Since there is shared hosting, basically several websites are located on the same server, each website has its own part of the server. Even if multiple sites share hosting, each can maintain its own email address, FTP access, links and files.

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Basically, shared hosting services provide 24/7 online support of a website managed by a system administrator. Shared hosting is based on control panel systems like HSphre, Plesk, Sphr, Ensim, cPanel and internet work. use server host by name, IP or choose a combination of the two.

How web hosting works begins when you access a website (either with an IP address or a domain name) through a browser using the HTTP network protocol, when the Internet sends access command to the hosting server. file information to the computer via the Internet and then it is translated by the browser into text and images.

Hosting services provide a place to live, run applications and store all the data needed in a centralized location (server) accessible through an internet connection. Basically, hosting is used for website storage and applications, file transfer via FTP, email data center and so on. With that, the web server will not go down easily. Some of the most common host types are as follows.

Can be defined as storage space and data can be in the form of megabytes (mb) to square feet (tb) by connecting to the internet network so that the data can be accessed by

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Similar to one of the web hosting services, a hosting account is placed with the same hosting provider with several other hosting accounts to use the service together. Websites that are online on the same server share all resources, such as memory, computing power, disk space, and more.

, which has many servers designed to interact and connect with each other to maintain website performance. Practically speaking

Hosting services provide a place to host, run applications and services that store all the data needed in a centralized location (

Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

) accessed through an Internet connection Commercial hosting is divided into several capacity variations, including sizes of 300 MB, 500 MB, up to hundreds of GB. basically,

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Web hosting can be defined as a data storage space in the form of megabytes (mb) to terabytes (tb) by connecting to the Internet network so that users can access data from everywhere at the same time. Shared hosting is one of the most widely used types of web hosting. Shared hosting is similar to a web hosting service, a hosting account is placed with the same hosting provider with several other hosting accounts to use the service together.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically almost the same as shared hosting, but the resources used are of a higher quality. In this case, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is perfect for those who have websites with a large number of daily visitors or those with high traffic.

In this era of globalization, cloud web hosting is the most preferred package in the market because it is literally without downtime. The unique thing about cloud-type web hosting is that it has many servers that are designed to interact and connect with each other to maintain website performance.

Dedicated web hosting has a concept almost the same as the shared type concept, which is to use only one server. websites, with web hosting like this, the privacy of the website will be better protected because there are no other websites using the same server.

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WordPress web hosting type is another type of shared web hosting type and it is specially made for Wordpree website users. In addition, the shared web hosting package is specially designed for Wordpree website users. Additionally, a WordPress web hosting package will have additional features. like shared hosting types, easy to use, WordPress related issues are under the control of customer support, and Wordpree plugins and themes are pre-installed. There are basic flaws in WordPress web hosting type, which can only be used only wordpress.

In general, colocation type of web hosting is similar to dedicated type of web hosting but the difference lies in the ownership and location of the server type web hosting, you need to prepare your own server which will be placed and controlled later by the hosting service provider The specific type of web hosting is already available and controlled by the hosting service provider.

A host server is just a computing device with stronger and bigger specifications. The computer used to store and run the website data has a very fast internet network. Additionally, hosting packages provide server services that help clients run websites. In addition to using services that use web hosting services, a client must also purchase a domain. There is a fundamental difference between web hosting and domain names. If web hosting is the same as server space for a website/site, then the domain is the website address. For example, use the domain name

Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

Hospitality is similar to the management of malls with many stores that sell in this case, the mall only provides security services and places to sell, and the use of services (land tenants) will pay the rent. Therefore, if an online store needs a server to store image data, files, user data, etc., hosting has a role in this storage.

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F. Plugin API that includes both frontend and backendG. Supports remote SQL server and software package installationH.Has webpack protection.

The basic thing to understand is that the i-MSCP application can only be used on 2 Linux distributions, namely Debian (Version Wheezy and above) and Ubuntu LTS (Version 12.04 and above). I-MSCP includes an installer that is fully interactive and automatically installs everything needed in the Debian repository.

The steps to install i-MSCP on a Debian 9 strech server are as follows. The thing to note is that if you forget the hostname of the server, you can use another name by typing: “hostname. To set system changes, you can do this by issuing the command: reboot

D. To download and install the i-MSCP installer, you must log in with the root user. Then download the installation file to the /usr/local/src folder with the following command: root@fadhil:#cd/usr/locar/src

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E. Then download the latest version of i-MSCP, which is 1.3.7, the command used to download the data is the i-MSCP 1.3.7 file as follows: root@file: /#wgethttps://github . com/i- MSCP/archive/1.3.7 tar.gz

F. The next step is to rename the 1.3.7zip file to imscp_1.3.7zip using the mv command. After that, extract the file in the /user/local/src folder using the unzip command, wait a few minutes until the file is 100% extracted automatically.

The Welcome to i-MSCP configuration dialog appears. This time answer with OK and finish by pressing Enter.

Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

J. Then the installation mode display will appear which has two options namely automatic and manual. At this point you automatically select by pressing the spacebar and finish by pressing the enter key.

Administrasi Sistem Jaringan Xii Tkj → E. Instalasi Dan Konfigurasi Server Sistem Kontrol Dan Monitoring

K. Then the display will show “please select the server you want to use for the po service” with message and dove options. At this point, select dovecoat by pressing the spacebar and finish by pressing the enter key.

1. Then the message “please select the server you want to use for the ftpd service: proftpd and vstpd and vsftpd” appears. At this point, select proftpd by pressing the spacebar and exit by pressing the enter key.

2. the display shows “please select the server you want to use for SQL service” with options mariadb 10.0, mariadb 10.1, msql 5.5 msql 5.6, msql 5.7, persona 5.5, persona 5.6, persona 5.7 and a remote server Since you are using debian9 stretch can you choose mariadb 10.0. or mariadb 10.1 and finish by pressing the enter key

3. Then the display will show “please select the server you want to use for httpd service” with Apache fcgiq, Apache Itk and Apache php fpm options. Now select Apache php fmp by pressing space key and finally by pressing enter key.

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4. Then the display “please select the server to use for the name service” appears with the option to connect and external server. Now select bind by pressing space key and finish by pressing enter key In i-MSCP installation many dialogs will appear asking for password, fqdn, language, timezone, hostname, local ip address and others. Wait for the installation process to complete.

5. Then proceed by logging in with the admin account created earlier which is or you can also access via password, an overview is shown uer display Change language Change language close menu Language English Español Português Deutsch Français Русский Italiano Română Indonesian (selected) Read more Upload Loading Loading… User settings close menu Welcome to Scribd! Upload Language () Scribd Benefits Read free FAQs and support login

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Contoh Mengevaluasi Share Hosting Server

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