Contoh Akun Hosting

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But with a control panel, everyone can easily use hosting. Therefore, most hosting providers already offer a hosting package with a control panel.

Contoh Akun Hosting

Contoh Akun Hosting

In fact, there are now many control panels that you can choose from. So much you can get confused because one looks similar to the other.

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However, don’t worry! You have come to the right article! Here we go in depth about what a hosting control panel is, its features, benefits to the most popular examples.

A hosting control panel is a tool used to manage all hosting features. From domains, files, emails to databases. All of this is displayed on a single page, commonly called the hosting control panel page.

A control panel page makes hosting management easy. In addition to all the features displayed on one page, there is also a resource hosting indicator. This indicator shows information such as disk space and storage RAM remaining.

Hosting without a panel does not offer this convenience. Therefore, you need to enter a special command for the host to run it. Using the control panel is a different story, it only takes a few clicks and the process is underway.

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Well, now you know what is meant by control panel hosting and the features of control panel hosting in general. So, more precisely, what management can be done with the hosting control panel? Let’s take a closer look.

You can do a lot of configuration with the hosting control panel. To help you understand this, here is a full explanation of the hosting control panel features:

A hosting control panel is a tool that can be used to manage domains and subdomains. A domain or subdomain is the address of a website, for example: or course.

Contoh Akun Hosting

The domain must first be managed to lead to the website. Domain management can be easily done on hosting, as hosting offers many configuration options, such as:

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One of the features of the hosting control panel is to make it easier to install hosting. By installing the app, you will find it easier and faster to manage your website.

One example of an installable application is a content management system (CMS). With a CMS, you can create a website without coding. You just need to install a CMS like WordPress and then you can use the site.

Apart from WordPress, you can also install other applications such as Laravel framework and CodeIgniter. Both applications are a special framework of the PHP programming language, usually used by advanced users.

Shared and cloud hosting has a lot of files to manage. For example, if you have a website, you have at least three files in your hosting namely index.html, style.css and script.js. Can you imagine how many hosting sites there are? So there are many files.

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Well, the next feature of hosting control panel is that you can easily manage files in hosting. Unlike hosting without a control panel, where you have to download files, edit them on your computer, and then upload them back to the hosting. Pretty problematic, huh?

In addition to this, another feature of the hosting control panel is the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which allows you to transfer files from your computer to your hosting and vice versa.

You can use hosting to create and manage your emails. Not like most or emails, but emails from your own domain name. For example, Unlike most emails, you are free to set your account memory limit with your email.

Contoh Akun Hosting

Apart from that, you can also check the status of sending and receiving emails. This way you will know which emails have been sent and which emails are having problems.

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In addition, hosting also allows you to create a number of filters, such as spam filters, white or trusted email account lists, and blacklists, which are lists of blocked email accounts.

Last but not least, you can manage multiple email accounts at once. This is very useful for all users, especially for businesses that have a lot of email activity.

The hosting control panel also offers a database for central data management and more secure data storage. In fact, the data in question is information in the form of usernames, passwords, posts, pages, comments, and more.

The hosting control panel plays an important role in making it easy to access and manage various information. Especially on sites with different types of data, such as online stores with different types of products and their descriptions.

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Using the hosting control panel, you can create or upload databases, add user accounts and manage user access rights.

In addition, the role of the hosting control panel is to allow you to back up or copy data so that it can be reused if data is lost or damaged. You can usually back up domain files, email, databases, and DNS from your hosting control panel.

In practice, you can perform a manual backup by downloading the data or restore it directly through the hosting control panel.

Contoh Akun Hosting

Additionally, automatic weekly or bi-weekly backup functions are not uncommon. So you have several options of data that you can download or restore. Then let the system automatically back up the selected data.

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Another feature of the hosting control panel is the hosting resource indicator. This indicator provides information about resources that are reaching or have reached the limit. Some examples of hosting resources include: disk space, RAM, and inodes.

With the hosting resource indicator, you can make sure that the resources are below the maximum limit, so that the performance of the website is stable.

Additionally, hosting metrics can show you when it’s time to add hosting resources through upgrades.

With the hosting control panel’s many features, it’s no wonder that it has many benefits. Below are examples of hosting control panel benefits.

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The hosting control panel has an intuitive and clear display. Each icon represents an available hosting feature. For example, various things related to file management would fall under the Files category. Similar to the data that goes into the Databases section.

In addition to grouping functions by category, there is also a search box in the upper right corner of the panel. You can use this search box to find the hosting features you want faster.

With a hosting control panel, all hosting functions such as domain management, email, files, databases, etc. can be found on one page. Of course, this makes it easier for you if you want to manage the technical issues of the site. In addition to this, there are also informational features such as resource indicators, IP hosting and other important information.

Contoh Akun Hosting

One of the advantages of the hosting control panel is that it makes the application installation process very easy, you know! Everything you need is at hand. Just click and do a simple setup.

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For example, WordPress CMS can also be installed in a few clicks. After assigning a username and password, the CMS can be deployed immediately.

First, you need to download the WordPress files from After that you have to manually create the database. After that, all the files are transferred to the hosting to be used in WordPress. Pretty complicated, huh?

Another benefit of hosting control panel is that it makes managing multiple websites easy. You can easily check files, emails, databases, etc. on all websites in stock.

On the other hand, you will struggle without a hosting control panel. Because domain, file and database management is done without the hosting control panel view. You need to use a terminal, an interface that contains commands to run hosting.

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Not to mention, you must first install hosting features such as web servers, database management systems, and email applications. As a result, you run out of time to take care of the technical side of hosting without having time to develop the website.

There are different types of control panels available today. Each control panel offers solutions according to the needs and limitations of the users.

The control panel users are generally divided into three, namely: standard users, reseller hosting and administrator. Each control panel offers solutions that are not very different, i.e. offering special functions according to the needs of user groups.

Contoh Akun Hosting

There is a control panel that makes a simple display friendly to beginners, but there is also a control panel that offers a display with many settings so that advanced users can make different settings.

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In addition, each control panel also has options for different operating systems. Among them are Windows, Linux, Solaris and others. Thus, users can easily select the control panel according to the operating system of their choice.

As mentioned earlier, there are many hosting control panels to choose from. Here we introduce eight of the most popular hosting control panels:

CPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels because it is trusted by many hosting services and users. This hosting control panel has two main products namely cPanel Hosting and Web Hosting Manager (WHM).

A dedicated cPanel is for a single user. However, its functions are quite basic. From domain management, email creation and management, data transfer and backup, database management and much more.

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This is different from WHM, which is designed for resellers to manage multiple cPanels at once. With WHM you can create accounts and packages for new users, move new users from different services, analyze and server status, secure the system at different levels.

Plesk is a global hosting control panel. Proof, this control panel has been used on 11 million sites.

Perhaps one of the reasons for Plesk’s popularity is its compatibility with Windows and Linux OS. In case you don’t know, there aren’t many control panels that support the Windows operating system. This is what makes Plesk special.

Contoh Akun Hosting

The features of this hosting control panel are domain management, email, databases, files, security. In addition, there is a website builder and an e-commerce toolkit. These features make it easier to create a website, especially an e-commerce website.

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Webuzo is a powerful and lightweight multi-user Linux hosting control panel

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