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Contao Hosting – We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Manager version 1.3.0. Some improvements may be useful for the security update planned for September 24, 2020. As always, a list of resolved issues is available on GitHub.

Hints. Until now, the manager displayed a rather cryptic error message about file conflicts if the current folder was not empty or had the wrong name.

Contao Hosting

Contao Hosting

In cases 2 and 3, the root directory must be reconfigured on the web server for the manager to work properly.

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Until now, the manager used an internal list of hosting configurations to find and manage available PHP binaries. With version 1.3, this setting doesn’t work: we’ll just search all known locations for PHP binaries and configure each one we need – regardless of the hosting provider.

The manager’s most important task is to perform command-line tasks to set up extensions or maintain installations. Each of these tasks includes one or more operations that can now be visually distinguished in the new interface. This will make it easier to troubleshoot if something isn’t working.

To help users find support in forums or public Slack channels, there is a new option to copy the entire task log to the clipboard. The protocol is also archived at

Every time an update is released (for security), our Resolver Cloud is affected by many update requests, which can result in longer wait times. Yannick has optimized the cloud to scale for additional employees with increased demand, but we cannot scale indefinitely for monetary reasons.

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Manager 1.3 will now display the cloud status and allow a wait time before starting a task. Estimated time appears in the application change panel, on mouse-over (or click on a touch device) more detailed job and worker reports are available.

Funding for open source projects has been in the news for some time. Without monetary compensation, developing and maintaining popular extensions is not sustainable. Various platforms have been created to help raise the necessary funds.

Composer 1.10 introduced a standard scheme for telling about package financing options. This information is now analyzed and displayed in the Manager and general list of packages. Hopefully, extension users will start funding their respective developers and giving their share back to the open source community.

Contao Hosting

By the way: development and maintenance and Manager partially financed by the Association. Being a member or donating to the Association means that we can distribute the necessary funds according to the democratic rules of the individual players. Contao automatically indexes your website pages as soon as they are accessed and stores words matching the search criteria in a table in the database. Search engines search this table and return pages that contain the terms you’re looking for.

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However, please note that for security reasons, your website will not be indexed if you are logged into the backend and have access to the front view. There may be unpublished content on your website that will not appear in search indexes before you publish it.

With the Contao search engine, you can find more than just words. The search syntax supports AND/OR searches, as well as searching by phrase and using wildcards.

This feature is not specific to Contao. Google and other search engines also support phrase searches or force or exclude search terms. Most major search engines offer more options, such as searching for specific file types, languages ​​or time periods.

By default, Contao only searches pages that contain all the search terms (AND search). If you select “Find

Setting Up Search Engine Friendly Urls For Contao

” page containing only one of the two words (OR search) will be returned. This increases the number of hits to seven in our example.

Phrase search does not only search for individual words, but for combinations of words that are in a certain order. To search for a phrase, all you have to do is put the appropriate word in quotation marks. A search for “web design” returns only three hits compared to an AND/OR search, which is a page that actually contains the term “web design”.

Maybe you are not only interested in web design but also in all kinds of web related web like web hosting. That’s why you want to search for anything that starts with the word “web”. That’s exactly what Contao offers for wildcard search.

Contao Hosting

Start a new search and type “web*” in the search input field. The asterisk acts as a wildcard and stands for all other symbols. As you can see, this search will return more results than the previous two. Now include results containing terms like “web application,” “web hosting,” or “web technology.”

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Applying search terms is a great way to further refine your OR search. For example, you want to find all pages that contain the terms “web,” “hosting,” or “design,” but you’re only interested in web-related design. Industrial product design is not suitable for you and therefore does not appear in the results.

Of course you immediately realize that you can get this with two searches and “web design” and “web hosting”. However, this solution is quite inconvenient because the two lists of results have to be searched separately and cannot be sorted by common interest.

A better option is to search for “+ design web hosting”, which means: “Search for the words ‘hosting’ and ‘design’, but only on pages with the word web.” From the plus sign, Contao recognizes that the search term must be entered in each case. Note that there is no space between the plus sign and the search term.

Excluding a search term is the opposite of applying a search term and has the effect of only finding pages that do not contain a given term. In the example above, you reduce the number of results from eight to five by using the imperative word “Web”. If you now remove the word “Web”, you will find exactly three missing pages.

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Start the last search and type “-web hosting design” in the search box. The minus sign tells Contao that the search term will not appear on the page. Note that there is no space between the minus sign and the search term.

Now that you know how to use the module on the front end, we will now briefly explain how to configure it on the back end. Open the module manager and select the “Applications – Search engine” module.

Default query type: Here you can specify whether AND search (find all words) or OR search (find any word) is active by default.

Contao Hosting

Fuzzy search: If the search is fuzzy e.g. “design” is executed, the search engine will return not only pages with the term “design” but also pages with the term “web design” or “designer” (corresponding to a wildcard search).

Contao 4.x Kurzanleitung Für Redakteure Von First Web

Length of Context: When displaying search results, Contao not only displays the terms found, but also the context to the right and left. Here you can specify the number of characters to the right and left of the term found to be used as context.

Minimum search term length: Search terms that exceed the minimum length are ignored in search results; set to 0 to disable.

Page Items: If you enter a value greater than 0, Contao will wrap the page automatically after the number of search results.

The simplified search form includes a text field for entering search terms and a button for submitting the form.

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The advanced search form also offers two radio buttons to choose between “find all words” and “find words” (AND or OR) options.

Referral page: Here you can specify the page to which visitors will be redirected after submitting the search form. If a redirect page is selected, this module will not display search results. This configuration is useful if you include this search module in your page layout.

Reference page: Here you can limit your search to a part of the page structure. Only pages below the reference page will appear in the results.

Contao Hosting

You may notice that the search engine module contains a search form and a list of results. However, in many websites, these elements are used separately to display the search box in the header. There are three solutions for this in Contao:

Contao Vs Netlify Cms

The landing page that is called when the form is submitted is placed here using an insert tag so that the form will remain functional even if the landing page alias changes over time. “GET” is selected as the transmission method and the search field is given the field name “keyword”. That’s all you have to do!

Maybe you’re just wondering what those two strange comments surrounding the HTML code of our search form mean. This comment, invisible at the front end, told

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