Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse – This tutorial shows how to replace the default data storage mechanism for ASP.NET Identity with EntityFramework (the SQL client provider) with the MySQL provider.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have an MVC application with an ASP.NET Identity Store that uses a MySQL database hosted in Azure.

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

To complete the steps in this tutorial, you must first install Visual Studio Express 2013 for the web or Visual Studio 2013. Once Visual Studio is installed, use the following steps to create a new MVC application project:

How To Connect To A Database Via Mysql Workbench?

MVC applications built from Visual Studio 2013 templates include a reference to the EntityFramework 6.0.0 package, but there have been updates to that assembly since its release with significant performance improvements. Use the following steps to apply the latest updates for your application.

In order for EntityFramework to connect to a MySQL database, you must install the MySQL service provider. To do this, open the Package Manager Console and type “Install-Package MySql.Data.Entity -Pre” and then press Enter.

This is a preview version of the compilation and therefore may contain errors. You should not use a pre-release version of the service provider in production.

In this section, you will configure Entity Framework to use the MySQL provider you just installed, register the MySQL provider factory, and add your connection string from Azure.

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The following example contains a specific assembly version for MySql.Data.dll. If the version contains changes, you must change the appropriate settings for the correct version.

Entity Framework Code first uses the MigrationHistory table to track model changes and to ensure consistency between the database schema and the conceptual schema. However, this table does not work for MySQL by default because the main code is too large. To fix this situation, you need to shorten the key size of that table. To do this, use the following steps:

The MySQL provider shown in this tutorial does not support Entity Framework migration, so you must use the default model to connect to the database. Since this tutorial uses a MySQL instance in Azure, you need to create a custom Entity Framework initialization parameter.

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

This step is not necessary if you are connecting to a SQL Server instance in Azure or if you are using a locally hosted database.

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After completing the steps in the previous section, you should test your database. To do this, use the following steps: Hello everyone. Today we will go through the mysql tutorial on remote database management. We all know that we can manage mysql database using PHPMyAdmin through cPanel in our web hosting panel. But sometimes we may not be able to access cPanel, but FTP and MySQL credentials. So how do you connect at that time without logging into cPanel?

It is not very difficult. To do this in our Windows OS while I am using Windows 8.1 one of the mysql gui tools called sqlyog. You go to sqlyog download page to download sqlyog, you may need to purchase it. I also tried the freemysql gui tool, but among the mysql gui tool, sqlyog seems very good to me and I use it for a long time in many projects.

First find the file C:Program FilesSQLyogSQLyogTunnel.php and upload it to root or any folder where you can access it using url. For example, if I upload it to the root of, the URL of this file will be like But don’t keep this URL, you need.

If you have another saved connection configuration, click the “New…” button at the top and name it.

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Now write your MySQL owner’s address, MySQL username and MySQL password in the corresponding fields in the form under the MySQL tab

Here check the “Use HTTP Tunneling” checkbox and you will see that the “URL” text field will be enabled which was previously disabled.

Ability to save this link so you don’t have to do this next time by using the “Save” button at the top.

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

Online Class Notes, your source for lessons on various topics in computer science computing and technology. We are committed to providing you with the best data, with an emphasis on detail, accuracy and freshness. Read more Your database server contains tables full of important data. Searching for this data graphically on your local computer is the easiest way to interact with your database. However, a remote connection to your database server usually configures MySQL to listen on all connections, which limits port access.

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With your firewall and configure user and host permissions for authentication. and allowing direct connection to MySQL can be a security issue.

Using tools like HeidiSQL for Windows, Sequel Pro for macOS, or the cross-platform MySQL Workbench, you can securely connect to your database via SSH and bypass the difficult and potentially insecure steps. This short tutorial shows you how to connect to a remote database using MySQL Workbench.

After installing MySQL Workbench on your computer, open the program. Create a new connection by clicking the + icon next to the MySQL connection in the main window.

When you connect to your database, you can see details about the MySQL instance, including database status, current connections and database settings, as well as users and permissions. MySQL Workbench also supports importing and exporting MySQL dump files so you can quickly back up and restore your database.

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You will find your database listed under the SCHEMAS area in the left navigation bar. The arrows next to each database allow you to expand and navigate through your database tables and objects. You can easily view tabular data, write complex queries and edit data. From the MySQL Workbench area, as shown in the following image:

In Windows and Linux systems. To connect to another database, create a new connection using the same process you used for your first connection.

Using MySQL Workbench to access your remote MySQL database through an SSH tunnel is a simple and secure way to manage your database from your local computer. With the connection method in this tutorial, you can skip many network changes and settings. Security is usually required for remote connections to MySQL.

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

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For anyone who has a working SSH connection but still gets a connection error after following the above. These two helped me fix it:

When your key file is created by Putty, it will not work with Workbench. You need to import it into Puttygen again and then export it to OpenSSH format. Then you can use this file on Workbench (you don’t need to enter a password for it to work).

Previously I used LAMP Stack and phpMyAdmin for all my projects. But I’ve just started using LEMP instead and am having trouble getting phpMyAdmin to work with the new technology stack. So I decided to give MySQL Workbench a try, but I ended up running into all the problems that were raised.

But now that I’ve figured it all out, I thought I’d leave a comment with some information missing from this article that was important to me in this whole setup:

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If you are using the LEMP stack on you may need to create a database administrator username to access MySQL. So you’ll still use ‘root’ for your ssh username, but you’ll need to create a username to be a MySQL database administrator. When using MySQL Workbench, you will be prompted for both names.

Setting up a username (and password) for the database administrator is easy. Login to your server via terminal using ssh, then just enter a few commands:

I have the same problem. Not connecting to the remote server. Do I have to enable remote connection On in the mysql database?

Connect Mysql Visual Basic To Hosting Databse

Hey, it didn’t work!!! I have done many tutorials, but the same error: lost connection to mysql server at “reading initial communication packet” system error 0 I don’t know what to do to fix it. I need help! In this article, I’ll walk you through configuring Visual Studio Code for MySQL and MariaDB development using third-party VS Code extensions and provide an overview of the basic features.

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VS Code has been a very popular code editor because it supports almost all popular programming languages. For most programming languages, support comes out of the box. However, some common programming languages ​​are not directly supported, but support can be easily added by installing extensions from the VS Code Marketplace.

So let’s see how we can customize Visual Studio Code to fit your MySQL and MariaDB development and management needs by installing the add-on from the Marketplace, ApexSQL Database Power Tools for VS Code.

Created to meet the needs of developers by the team responsible for providing free killer tools for SQL Server, recently.

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