Config Raudus Application On Hosting

Config Raudus Application On Hosting – 1) New RaVCL control: TRaTabControl. It doesn’t respond to pressing a button at runtime. So, right click and use the menu.

You can enumerate the sub-components (methods and data modules) of OwningComponent. Components are released when the session is released (using “RaApplication.Application.DestroyContext” or after hitting “RaApplication.Application.Timeout” or “RaApplication.Application.Terminate “).

Config Raudus Application On Hosting

Config Raudus Application On Hosting

You can create forms like this: SomeForm.ChildForm := TChildForm.Create(SomethingElse). So you can manually release the variables, but they remain in the browser.

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1) New RaVCL version: TRaScrollBox. See link example (scrollbox is better for scrolling long input controls in mobile devices).

2) New RaVCL version: TRaDBGrid. Performance is reduced – cannot edit cells, cannot change columns. But a rich UI has been designed for the wall. See the employee’s website example. The phone may be on hold. You can tap (tap) the grid on all sides. Open the template using a desktop browser.

In the future plan to release DBGrid and create a forum here. Also write a guide for creating custom versions.

Using the same technique, you can make recordings of controls from other control groups (see examples). Take control from any HTML5/CSS3/JS configuration code and create control for both design-time and runtime.

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A new fast and intuitive WYSIWYG IDE designer is included. Faster than real VCL/LCL versions.

1) If you have a RaExt-based or RaSt-based project, always use 0.8.x, but consider using 0.9.x for your next project.

2) If you have a RaVCL project, open 0.8.9, install 0.9.0 and update your project (make simple changes like “model”).

Config Raudus Application On Hosting

1) Work. Improved multithreading capabilities. Now you can optimize your program so that many SQL queries do not block the execution of other applications. Read the wiki article about multithreading.

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2) Memory usage is reduced. The end of the season is included. Now if you don’t work with a session for a while, the session is destroyed. Read the wiki article about termination.

1) Now you can create your own unknown or unknown version for RaVCL. Basic knowledge of javascript and html is required. You can link any web control available from any javascript control suite (ExtJS, QooxDoo, JQuery, TinyMCE or ​​others) to use it as a control. Examples are included. The “60-RxGeolocation” example contains an object that requests geolocation parameters with the geolocation API. “61-RxExtPickerDate” compares the standard ExtJS DatePicker as a RaVCL version. “62-RxTinyMCE” includes the TinyMCE resource editor as a RaVCL version. Will ship with more bonds in the future.

See example – open ‘example7-rfe-preview18-FishFacts’. This is a database application. You can run in three ways:

1) Run after unlocking. It will launch an online program. When you open ‘http://localhost:88/’, the program checks the browser you are using. If you are using a desktop browser, you will see the desktop theme in the controls. If you are using a web browser (iOS, Android or others), the app will update and reset controls such as screen resolution and format. And you will see the mobile theme in the versions.

File:scorpion (parabuthus Raudus) (uv Lighting) (6538400175).jpg

2) Remove the line ‘MobileDevice := True’ and run. The app works in mobile mode even when you’re using a web browser. The online demo works like this: http://samples.:88/18-FishFacts.

3) Concept lines with all modules including DPR. You will exit the online mode and return to the original menu. This shows how to convert an existing VCL document into a web application.

Our wiki has moved to a new site: Welcome and feel free to join. Many thanks to Mr. Sergio Hernandez, keeper of the week!

Config Raudus Application On Hosting

The focus is on the current development branch. Open ‘example7-rfe-preview’ with Delphi 7..XE2 or Lazarus The new version is named RaVCL. It will display both standard VCL versions and advanced versions (such as DevExpress) in the browser. Photography. The version contains a new source JavaScript code base (not a derivative of a Sencha product or any other page lock). The JavaScript codebase will be significantly optimized (10 times smaller than ext-4.0.7.js) to speed up delivery over the web. The control panel works on all web browsers, including Android and iOS browsers. Photography. Lazarus (both Windows and Linux) can be used to create applications using this version. Other explanations follow later. Get the following images many unique photos of princes in the middle of Afrika Selatan photos can be downloaded quickly and easily in the iStock library.Product #:gm1221469030$ i17tock in stock

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