Complex Website Hosting

Complex Website Hosting – Personal hosting € 6.59 excl. GST/month Order now 1 domain name included* 100 GB disk space 10 email addresses 1-click CMS View product

Professional hosting € 10.99 excl. VAT GST/month Order now 1 domain name included* 250 GB disk space 50 email addresses 1-click CMS View product

Complex Website Hosting

Complex Website Hosting

Performance Hosting 1 vCore , 2 GB RAM2 vCore , 4 GB RAM3 vCore , 6 GB RAM4 vCore , 8 GB RAM S$18.69 excl. GST/Month Order Now Guaranteed Resources 1 domain name included* CDN, SSL, Private SQL Server View product

How To Host A Website In 2021

Just started? Our solutions offer the most used tools, such as WordPress, pre-installed and deployable in just one click.

You can use our solutions to centralize all your projects, from the simplest to the most complex. Develop one or more websites and control your costs. You can easily migrate from one solution to another as your needs change over time. We will support you as your projects grow.

You create your website, we take care of the rest. This is the promise of web hosting, which offers simplicity, flexibility and performance. You get a fully pre-installed infrastructure that is always available, monitored 24/7 and updated with security patches.

Protects against distributed denial-of-service attacks, as all solutions do: Our web services come with the most stringent protection.

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Track the number of visits to your websites. Our statistics dashboard gives you a complete picture of your traffic.

We provide a backup and recovery tool for your files and databases. You can recover files in D-1, D-2, D-3, D-7 or D-14 if necessary.

Join our community space: community. You can also join the affiliate program for exclusive benefits. On the Marktplaats you will find a selection of solutions to support you in all your projects.

Complex Website Hosting

Creating a website has never been so quick and easy. Install one of our 4 CMS tools in just one click, during or after your order.

How To Host Multiple Websites On One Server

WordPress Blog Start building your website or blog by installing WordPress with one click. Take advantage of the power of the most famous CMS in the world to develop your web project quickly and easily. Find out more

PrestaShop website Use the most suitable CMS for all your e-commerce projects. Create your own custom online store with this one-click tool that offers a world of customization options. Find out more

Drupal CMS Choose the most recommended CMS for resource intensive website architectures. Drupal offers a very high degree of customization for building large and complex websites. Find out more

Joomla! If you want to build a complex website that meets your needs, choose a full-featured, collaborative CMS with a large library of templates and extensions. Find out more

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CDN € 3.89 excl. GST/month The Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the loading time of your pages. It provides a smoother browsing experience for your users and thereby improves the user experience.

Private SQL From € 10.99 ex. GST/month Private MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL databases – Unlimited databases – Up to 64 GB storage – Up to 200 simultaneous connections – Backup included – Guaranteed RAM

Sectigo EV SSL Certificate €175.99 excl. VAT GST/year Domain and company verified, warranty included Exclusive to your web hosting plan. Enabled via the control panel

Complex Website Hosting

A web hosting plan is a type of technology that you can use to serve website content. No internet without hosting. This term generally refers to storage space on a server, which is used to put websites online. This makes the content of the website accessible to all visitors. Server technologies and power are constantly evolving, so you can also host complex applications and websites on a resource-intensive structure. Before you can host your website, you need a domain name. This is a mandatory factor as the Domain Name System (DNS) associates a domain with an IP address. This is your online identity. When an internet user enters your URL or part of your domain name into their browser, DNS connects them to this address and everyone can find your website. Having your own server requires computer skills and manpower, but it can also be expensive. That is why hosting providers offer their expertise to customers so that you can quickly and easily host your websites and applications.

How To Choose The Right Cloud Hosting Solution For An Ecommerce Website

Shared hosting strikes a good balance between features and price. They are perfect for hosting a medium-sized, high-traffic website. By definition, you share physical server resources with other users hosted on it. However, user data and content are completely isolated so no one else can access them.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual storage space with guaranteed resources. Virtualization technology is used to partition the resources of a physical server. Portions of the resources are then assigned to users as virtual machines. This means that users get their own hosting space, which they can make the most of. It’s worth bearing in mind that since you get root access to the VPS, you’ll need to manage it yourself. Otherwise, you can enlist the help of a system administration expert to handle it for you.

Cloud Web hosting gives you access to an isolated virtual server, for which you have the resources. This server is fully managed by us, so you can concentrate on developing your web project.

A dedicated server is the solution that offers you the highest degree of freedom and performance. Get your own bare metal server, hosted in our data centers. You can use it to bring complex web applications online, get started with AI projects, or host a slew of websites. Dedicated servers are optimized to meet the needs of even the most ambitious projects.

The Best Web Hosting For Creatives In 2023

To know which type of hosting to choose, you must first work out your web strategy. Depending on the size of your company, the scope of your online business and your IT infrastructure, your hosting requirements will evolve. For example, a coffee roaster who just wants a perfect coffee brewing WordPress blog can opt for a web hosting plan. However, if they want to host a high-traffic online store, we offer more powerful solutions, such as our Performance plan. Big data, AI and machine learning tasks require higher capacity solutions such as a high performance dedicated server from our Bare Metal range.

Most importantly, you can assess your IT needs. If you choose a solution that can limit your flexibility, you risk losing visibility and relevance in search engines (interruptions, slow loading times, etc.). gives you more flexibility in choosing from different solutions to support your web business.

Once you have chosen a hosting plan that suits your project, all you have to do is deploy it to the server. You can easily set up your project via the control panel. If you haven’t built your website yet, you can install a 1-click CMS module to build it. This way you can immediately start designing.

Complex Website Hosting

If you already have a website, simply transfer the files to your hosting plan using the Control Panel with FTP Explorer, through an FTP client, or in SSH.

What Is Web Hosting?

You can then start creating your databases, as well as email accounts associated with your domain name.

Manages the security of your web hosting plans. By default, we enable anti-DDoS protection and a firewall on all our hosting packages.

However, we recommend that you make sure that you properly secure access to your website. We also strongly recommend that you set a strong password to access your client account and your databases. We also recommend enabling HTTPS on your website.

Ecommerce sites in particular require more resources than, say, simple storefront sites. You get additional clickable elements, ordering channels, information windows about banking parameters, customer and product databases, which require more hosting resources. Our Performance range is particularly suitable for this type of use. You get more resources than our other web hosting plans and you get a competitive price. You can link more than 1,000 e-mail accounts and have an additional SQL database with 512 MB of RAM. This plan also offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to deal with high traffic fluctuations such as sales periods and Black Friday. To do this, you just need to enable the Boost option to upgrade your solution to a higher level of resources for a certain period of time.

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We are the number 1 web hosting provider in Europe. For more than 20 years, it has been supporting companies in their digital transformation. We offer a complete range of hosting solutions, cloud infrastructures and services to implement your web strategies. ensures data sovereignty. Your data is hosted in our data centers and we work hard to ensure that your data is protected and accessible at all times. We want to offer cutting-edge technology at competitive prices, so that everyone can get started with their own web projects. it’s there wherever you and your customers are, with a solid global infrastructure. It spans 5 continents and 183 countries, with 32 world-class data centers and multiple points of presence (PoPs). He has been designing and building his own servers for over 20 years

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