Comparativa Hosting WordPress

Comparativa Hosting WordPress – If you are looking for hosting for your website, or if you are not performing well with your current hosting, you will find all the reasons you need to start working with the best hosting.

We won’t make comparisons here, because we ourselves have used several hosts over the years, the best being Siteground’s WordPress service.

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

It is the most balanced option in terms of price-quality within the high-quality hosting range, especially if you take advantage of the initial contract offer, offering affordable hosting and advanced options.

Servicios De Hosting: Proyecto De Macro Comparativa Independiete

If price is an issue, you can compare the best hosts, including cheap and good quality options.

In short, the hosts we use, when they ask us for advice, recommend them for many or many types of traffic.

Simply put, a host is the computer where your website is located. All its pages, texts, images…

That way, when a person types in your website address or clicks on a search that appears, they visit this computer and see your website.

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There are 3 types of hosting, and even if your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic (several thousand visits per month), the first option is the right choice:

There are more or less powerful options among the various hosts and at more or less affordable prices depending on your needs. Start with the default share and change only as needed.

Like any computer or device connected to the Internet, it can be better or worse, faster or slower, more advanced or outdated technology.

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

Since this article is not a host comparison, we will not bore you by explaining all the technical aspects: RAM, SSD disk, technology, etc., we will only recommend the best one with a high level of technology.

Descubre El Mejor Hosting De España

When creating a new website, the most common thing to do is look for the cheapest or even free options for website design or hosting.

This is the first and biggest mistake an entrepreneur makes on the Internet. If your website is hosted on bad hosting, you will regret it a lot.

Now let me ask you: How long do you wait for a website to load? Well, the same goes for your customers. If your website takes time to load or gives you problems, they will go away.

This way you can sleep soundly at night knowing your website (and your computer) is fine.

Mejor Hosting Para WordPress Según Mi Experiencia

We’ll focus on shared hosting in this section, but if you need more, Siteground also has fully configurable and scalable virtual servers.

As I said at the beginning, we used both shared and virtual servers. Even on virtual servers, we don’t have performance as good as Siteground’s shared ones.

For more than a year it’s hosted on Siteground’s wordpress hosting, GoGeek plan, it’s the best, we have more than 3000 daily visits, our pages load less than 2 seconds (recommended). It’s all beautiful.

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

In the past we have worked with Google’s virtual servers, which were difficult to maintain and gave us poor performance.

Cual Es El Mejor Hosting WordPress 2023

In summary, it’s the best any host can get in terms of server power and quality of support, at a competitive price of €5.99 per month.

If you are just starting out and money is an issue, we recommend the Startup Plan, otherwise the most recommended is GrowBig.

If you have a website with a lot of traffic, we recommend the GoGeek plan, which we have.

We won’t discover anything new for you at this point: Siteground is the host we use and we recommend everything we have explained to you.

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There are cheaper options like the ones we show you in our comparison of the best hosts, which are not high quality, but they can be an option, especially for starting a new project or with a small visit. If you don’t invest 6 euros a month to make your website very fast, obviously your biggest problem is not hosting.

What we didn’t find was a better value host, and for us, that was the best.

Founder of Xavi Sanchez. The purpose of him is to accompany other entrepreneurs in business ventures and create new projects. His preferred areas of practice include network marketing and business methodologies, business development and projects. Hosting is the backbone of a website, and in that sense, your website deserves the best WordPress hosting to give you a competitive edge.

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

Next, I will give a quick recommendation, valid in 99% of cases, I will tell you to hire hosting and domain together with three providers: Webempresa, SiteGround or Raiola Networks.

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

These three options give you the best value, are in Spanish, their support is solid, they help with technical issues with WordPress, they have good security, and they include the domain completely free for the first year. The Role of a WordPress Consultant

A WordPress consultant provides advice, information and knowledge on web strategy so that people responsible for WordPress sites can make the right decisions without feeling taken by surprise, saving time and money. Criteria to determine if a hosting service is good or not

If you want to host WordPress in Peru, Argentina, Mexico or other Latin American countries, you can choose a host, hosting company, Raiola Networks or Siteground.

They all have IPs in LATAM or the US (close enough that they don’t have enough latency). On the other hand, Siteground has an office in Latin America where its users see Spanish content and dollar prices. Likewise, the host has several offices in LATAM and the web and support are obviously in Spanish.

Comparativa Del Mejor Hosting Para WordPress 2022

Prices and their differences can be calculated manually based on the exchange rate of your country. You will find that the price is double that of the US.

All recommended WordPress hosts are budget priced, so the table shows the price and other features each host offers.

When it comes to quality and what they offer, we appreciate that all hosts are good, however, the choice depends on the specific features you are looking for.

Comparativa Hosting WordPress

If you are creating or building a website for professional use, I recommend Webempresa or Siteground as they offer support plans for WordPress.

Hosting Para WordPress: Hasta 40% De Dto. En Tu Alojamiento Web

If you’re comfortable enough with WordPress and its technical side, you can get a similar service with Raiola Networks for a bit more money, but without WordPress support.

If you just want to try the experience of building a website, but you still don’t have clear ideas about your project, I recommend hosting because you can save the difference if you get a more comfortable price.

Our aim is to share knowledge and contribute to the development of your personal brand which is essential for all professionals immersed in the wonderful world of marketing.

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Comparativa Hosting WordPress

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