Colocation Hosting Adalah

Colocation Hosting Adalah – Data Center Magazine ranks the top 10 data centers in the world, from edge to hyperscale

It has been an exciting, unprecedented and challenging year for the data center industry. The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid growth of remote work, exponential data generation, and ongoing new, transformative digital technologies from 5G to remote computing and AI have all hit the data center. the heart of the digital world.

Colocation Hosting Adalah

Colocation Hosting Adalah

The industry responded bravely and large projects began to meet the inaccessible demand. Cloud adoption, high density computing and colocation are in high demand. Here are the top 10 companies offering colocation services worldwide.

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As the world’s leading provider of data center deployment services, Digital Realty’s platform is almost impossible to beat. Together with its European subsidiary Digital Interty, it owns and operates more than 290 data centers in 47 metros in 24 countries on six continents.

In addition to more than 440 MW of capacity in Europe alone and an extensive presence in North America, Digital Realty is also experiencing significant expansion in the APAC region. In the past year alone, the company has announced new operations in Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. This rapidly expanding data center footprint is also connected to dense, carrier-neutral fibers, as the company envisions the immediate “fabric of the fabric.”

“We want Digital Realty to be the recognized data center leader in Asia Pacific” – MARK FONG, VP SALES, APAC & JAPAN, DIGITAL REALTY

With more than 220 international business exchange (IBX) data centers in more than 26 countries, Equinix has the largest and most interconnected data centers of any provider in the industry. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Equinix has the largest ecosystem in the market with 10,000,000 companies and delivers a rich ecosystem of experiences through a network of hyper-connected devices. The company, like other international leaders in cloud computing, is aggressively expanding into the Indian market and acquired two data center campuses in Mumbai earlier this year.

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“Equinix is ​​uniquely positioned for the technology as traditional technology markets shift to service models” – Charles Meyers, President and CEO, Equinix

Years after most of the telecom sector dumped data center assets like the plague, the data center division of Japanese network operator NTT Communications is still cementing its place among the world’s biggest providers. With a largely APAC-oriented portfolio – but with the company’s US clout following its 2018 acquisition of RagingWire, as well as a large footprint in the UK and India – NTT GDC’s global portfolio is poised for further growth this year. In September, the company plans to expand its data centers by 20%, including locations in London, Singapore, Tokyo and Virginia.

Cyxtera’s platform With more than 60 data center facilities in 29 markets around the world, Cyxtera is one of the world’s leading providers of retail space. The company was formed in 2017 by merging the data center portfolios of CenturyLink and Savvis and currently focuses on the US market with offices in London, Amsterdam, Germany, China, Singapore and Australia.

Colocation Hosting Adalah

Texas-based data center giant CyrusOne owns and operates a large portfolio of more than 50 data centers in North America, Europe and South America. While the company has so far focused on the larger FLAP-D markets in the US and Europe (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin), this year CyrusOne expanded its footprint into emerging markets, starting with a 21 MW facility. Madrid.

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Owned by Japanese IT solutions firm KDDI, the Telehouse data center platform is active across North America, but is mostly focused on Europe, where it has several facilities in London and Paris – as well as a direct Marseille landing station data center linked to 2Africa . submarine cable. In APAC, KDDI/Telehouse operates data centers located in markets such as China and Japan, as well as hotspots such as Vietnam.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Flexential is a cloud-hosted data center operator with a network of nearly 40 data centers spread across 20 markets. Most of the company’s operations are centered in the United States, although Flexntial has a successful presence throughout the APAC region, as well as in Europe and South America.

QTS Realty 28’s data center platform is spread throughout the United States, with operations in New Jersey, Northern Virginia, Silicon Valley and the Netherlands, where the company has one data center in Emshaven and another in Groningen. QTS Realty was acquired by US investment giant Blackstone earlier this year for $10 billion.

Colt, one of the world’s most exciting providers of hyperscale colocation services, has 26 data center platforms around the world. Historically, Colt was concentrated in Europe, and its footprint stretched from Spain to the north. Colt is currently focused on expanding its APAC operations, fueled by a major cash injection from its parent Brookfield Asset Management. Earlier this year, Colt announced another hyperscale facility – a 45+ MW facility in Osaka, Japan. Upon completion, the company will operate approximately 100 MW of data centers across the country.

Data Centre Colocation: Facts, Benefits And Future Trends

Synonymous with data security and protection, Iron Mountain has successfully entered the data center industry over the past decade. The company has 18 data centers on three continents (including a hyper-secure facility built 220 feet underground in Pennsylvania). This year, Iron Mountain expanded into the Indian data center market through a multi-million dollar joint venture with local operator Web Works.

According to a new report from Lenovo for Humanity, data collaboration will be fundamental to solving humanitarian problems and building ESG strategies…

Data Center Magazine is pleased to announce that in 2023 we will be hosting our first live online event, Data Center LIVE Global…

Colocation Hosting Adalah

According to Deloitte’s 2023 Global Cyber ​​Survey, organizations should incorporate cybersecurity strategies into their broader development plans… As resources to manage various servers are limited, companies may seek other alternatives. During your research, you must have heard about shared hosting services.

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Today, it is difficult to secure resources such as 24/7 internet connection, cooling, infrastructure and charging stations in the home infrastructure.

So, before choosing data center hosting services, let’s look at the main benefits of the hosting service you choose for your business. Should I start?!

From in-house data server management to data server outsourcing, it is a cost-effective solution for organizations. Internal data server management manages various tasks such as cooling support, related infrastructure and other equipment.

All this leads to an increase in the cost of business operations. Instead, choosing a hosting service is a complete and reliable package. The main advantage of choosing hosting services is that you get the right infrastructure and a reliable environment. Installation hosting service eliminates security personnel, office migration or power outages.

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This service allows you to expand your data services as your company grows. Scalable hosting increases bandwidth and storage capacity on demand. This means you don’t have to buy additional resources or hire IT professionals when demand for your services increases. So the advantage of choosing a hosting service is that you can spread the traffic over several servers and handle a surge in demand.

It is recommended to choose an ECS data backup solution. ECS experts take care of your sensitive data by backing up your important data in advance. In case of any error or error or server related problems, our team is ready to help 24*7*365 Network Operation Center (NOC) department. Data backup solutions enable synchronization of original data to third-party servers.

You will get better security of your hosting servers. United hosting service has a dedicated team to take care of your services. The team has all security skills and mechanisms in place to minimize or eliminate physical threats and intrusions. Also, when it comes to security, many companies use security cameras, biometric systems, access control systems, and background checks.

Colocation Hosting Adalah

Choosing hosting services also ensures the smooth running of your business operations. It also includes 24/7 support. So, when there is a problem, you need someone who can help you immediately.

Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, And Colocation Services

The service provider also ensures that your services will not be interrupted in any way. They are equipped with all the necessary mechanisms so that there is no interruption of server backups. A 24/7 support team is available to handle any unexpected issues and ensure everything is up and running.

Compared to internal management of data servers, hosting services ensure better server availability. Generally, hosting services have adequate infrastructure and good resources that help keep the server cool and provide better connection services. Therefore, it offers a better availability of approximately 99.9%.

Finally you

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