Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting – In this tutorial, we will learn how to send email from localhost in CodeIgniter 4 using the built-in email library.

Be it personal life or professional life, sending e-mail is a regular task and a daily task. Fortunately, CoDinator lets you send emails to any email client. It also makes this task very easy with its own built-in email library

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

The process of sending email is simple and you just need to set up the coordinator’s email library properly in the CI 4 app. You must pay attention to all requirements when configuring your mail settings

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The Codeinator integrated mail system supports simplicity, and that’s the goal CodeIgniter’s robust Email class supports the following features:

You can also see the full list of mail settings here Coordinator’s built-in email library lets you send emails from within the app Let’s see how

If you want to send email via SMTP, go to app/config/email. Open Php and add valid configuration parameters We have updated Gmail email credentials

We will be sending emails from localhost using Gmail, so we need to make a small change to the Gmail account

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Create a new SendMail.php controller file in the app/controllers folder After that, paste the following code in the SendMail.php file

Create app/view/form_view.php and add the following code A form will appear, by filling it we can send an e-mail with a specific message to the given e-mail ID

In order to send email from localhost in the coordinator we need to launch the application So run the command to start the application:

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

I am a Digiman, a full stack developer and a fitness enthusiast I created this site to share my coding experience with newbie programmers I like to write in JavaScript, ECMAScript, React, Angular, Vue, Laravel.function cannot send email to recipient or deliver to spam folder. To avoid this problem, SMTP is an efficient way to send email The CodeIgniter Email class provides an easy way to send emails from a PHI script You can send email through an SMTP server using the CodeIgniter email library

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to send HTML email through SMTP server in CodeIgniter CodeIgniter’s email library will be used to send emails through the SMTP server

If you want to use Gmail’s SMTP to send emails to CodeIgniter, you’ll need to change your Google account settings. Follow the steps below to use Gmail SMTP in your CodeIgniter email library

The following sample code will help you send an HTML email in CodeIgniter using your Gmail account You just need to enter your Gmail email address (smtp_user) and password (smtp_pass).

If you notice that the email is sent to the spam folder, use CodeIgniter class encryption to solve this problem in Gmail. You need to load CodeIgniter encryption library before sending email It encrypts your emails and helps protect you from Gmail’s spam problem

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Need help installing or customizing a script? Submit your request to customize our scripts, support existing web applications and new development services You can send email using Gmail SMTP in CodeIgniter 4 To send e-mail, you must configure the e-mail settings in the application If you send email via SMTP, there are two protocols, TLS and SSL Both protocols operate on different ports In this post, I will show you how to send emails using Gmail in CodeIgniter 4 In CodeIgniter, various options are available to define when email messages are sent You can set it manually or automatically You can manage the settings stored in the project’s configuration file Here I am starting a new project in CodeIgniter 4

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

To create a working email configuration in CodeIgniter 4, you must have a project However, to create a new project, you must have the following configuration

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I will be using Composer to create this project So, press the command below to start the installation

Open the created project in the VS Code editor and the env file will be at the root of the project So first you need to rename it to .env Then find the environment configuration there

That is for environment configuration The next step is to configure your email settings Email configuration in CodeIgniter 4

In the project folder, find app/Config/Email.php Here you need to enter your email settings You need to configure the following

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You will need to create a Gmail password in your Google Account settings The app accepts passwords So don’t use your real Gmail account password

Now that’s about configuration Create a control that implements the functionality of sending emails through Gmail

I will use the spark command to create the controller So, type the following command in the terminal

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

CodeIgniter provides email service to load before sending email Therefore, you need to install the following services on the controller You can create the constructor or load it, preferably inside the function

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We will send you an e-mail through the form So we transfer data dynamically First, add the following functions to the controller

Go to the application/views folder and create a view called email.php After creating the view, add the code below

I displayed the validation error message on the form using the validate() service It also releases a flash data message that will come after the email is sent

Now try sending an email without entering the required information In response, you will receive the validation error message shown below

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We have configured Gmail SMTP in CodeIgniter 4 to send emails After successful configuration, we can send email using Gmail SMTP We have seen SMTP protocols as TLS and SSL If you use SSL, your e-mail is sent through a secure channel This is a good and secure way to send email using SSL The ports of the two protocols are different E-mail delivery is entirely dependent on the mail service provider So, I hope this post is helpful for you

Full stack developer and blogger passionate about coding Programming designer, knowledge enthusiast and dedicated content creator He spends most of his time coding, analyzing and digging Web Design and Development Specialist Work on trending technologies PHP is the most commonly used programming language for web application development And sending email is one of the most important modules used in any web application Web applications send various types of system-generated emails, such as registration confirmations, forgotten passwords, notifications, and more.

Today, almost all PHP frameworks offer well-maintained and advanced email features And CodeIgniter is not new and has a built-in email library for sending emails

Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

Sending emails in CodeIgniter is very easy You need to set the SMTP properties in the configuration file, load it and start sending emails using SMTP This is it.

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Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to send emails using CodeIgniter Here are some steps to follow:

CodeIgniter does not have a predefined configuration file to handle all SMTP – the protocol used to send email So let’s create one:

If you encounter any problem and the email fails to send, please refer to the error directory at the end of the tutorial for more details.

You have successfully sent your email using CodeIgniter You can use it in your web application, define templates and start sending emails

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If you encounter a problem that is not covered in this tutorial, please comment below

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Codeigniter Send Mail From Hosting

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