Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting – Sharing my first experience when I want to learn CodeIgniter framework and create website on local server on my computer. When I created a website, we uploaded the results of the created website to the hosting server using CodeIgniter, suddenly I got a 404 website not found error? Why? Although the computer is safe on the local server, there is no error or problem, then I searched the Internet and opened Google and found that there is a way to find the website results error page 404 Not Found Here are some tips on how to overcome the 404 not found error page on hosting servers:

Because the CI controller cannot call the class in the file, you can say that the character name of the class is lowercase/lowercase or that the called class does not exist and the name in the file controller is lowercase. / lower case. Then a 404 page not found error.

Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

2. Solution to the question above: “Change all classes and file managers to uppercase.” Example of previous image:

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The next step is to reload your control file and try to refresh your website again. Hopefully we can find a way out of the 404 error that was previously detected. Well, I hope my posts and story are helpful this time. Thanks for checking in… No matter what you put in the URL, your home page just loads, probably because your server doesn’t support the REQUEST_URI variable needed to provide URLs to search engines. As a first step, open the application/Config/App.php file and look for the URI protocol information. It is recommended to try two alternative settings. If it still doesn’t work after your test, you should force CodeIgniter to add a question mark (

If you see “Input file not shown”, try changing the rule to add something like below

You cannot follow the tutorial using PHP’s built-in web server. The .htaccess file needed to redirect requests correctly is not working.

“Oops!” You see a page showing up with your app Then it says “We’re done. Please try again later…”.

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This indicates that you are in production mode and an unrecoverable error has occurred that you do not want to show to webapp viewers for better security.

If you access this page while developing, you must change your environment to “Development” (in .env). See Development Mode Settings for more information. Then reload the page. You will see the error and the background.

In the default configuration, there are log files stored in write/logs. It’s good to check that things aren’t going as you expected! Welcome to SO Enzo. First of all, thanks for helping me explain my problem, can you please answer…

Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

So this can happen when you run under Windows and try the same code on an Apache (Linux) server (you call it Cpanel, it’s just a web server control panel).

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Development under Windows allows you to do “things” because it “depends” on what it allows you to do. Linux on the other hand doesn’t, which is a good thing.

While you’re playing “mark the difference” here, you might be asking yourself, “What are the codes for the lines that go one way and the other?” You may ask.

Now you know 100% that the file exists. So the words are on the right track, but why do dashes (backspace) and slops / (forward) work here?

Under Linux, file paths should be / (forward slashes). Windows, XAMPP or WAMP etc. will allow you to use both as you see fit.

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Windows also “rests” when it comes to path and file names. Linux isn’t just another trap to watch out for.

I.E. Under Linux they should match exactly.

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Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

I was trying to play and learn Code Igniter 4 and my code was working fine on localhost (Xampp), then I decided to try live (shared hosting). I’m stuck there and don’t know what else to do because what I use on localhost is the same as what I upload directly to the server.

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After months of developing this app, it’s wired and I don’t know where to go from here because I’m completely confused and don’t know what to do anymore.

If my method loads a clean php page, for example return(‘welcome’);

Believe me when I say that the welcome page is opening but I still don’t understand that my Smarty template isn’t loading.

Since you are developing on Windows and not Linux, this is a sensitive topic. You can name your files/folders as Auth/Auth.tpl, but on Windows you can load them as auth/auth.tpl. But they should be loaded as Auth/Auth. tpl. So you should check your capital.

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You need to transfer your files in one way. You shouldn’t be in /public/ so index.php is placed in the wrong folder.

(03-30-2020, 09:40) jreklund wrote: Since you develop on Windows and not Linux, this is probably a sensitive topic. You can name your files/folders as Auth/Auth.tpl, but on Windows you can load them as auth/auth.tpl. But they should be loaded as Auth/Auth. tpl. So you should check your capital. You need to transfer your files in one way. You shouldn’t be in /public/ so index.php is placed in the wrong folder.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I said that the file type folder has a lower case, auth >> auth.tol folder. This is how I use it, I use smart on ci3 and I have no problems, I don’t know what is going on here.

Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

But if I try to load the welcome page of ci4 details it works but I can’t load the file mentioned here.

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You have to be smart enough to find the exact path you are testing and adjust from there.

(03-30-2020, 10:30) jreklund wrote: I think it’s a smart solution to find the exact path you’re trying to fix and fix it from there. Revert $this->source->currentspace and see how it searches for the file.

I’m glad it worked. I have updated the thread to be solved and added it with problem types. Usually, things don’t work. This is especially true of computer programs. Usually something has changed and you don’t know what yet.

CodeIgniter is still a popular PHP framework. Many consider it a replacement for Laravel, but both have their pros and cons and both enjoy a good track record.

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You’ve spent some time coding your next website, you’ve gone live and BOOM! You submit a questionnaire, it is not directed as it used to be. It may show a white page or some other result. Either way, you’re not quite sure what’s going on.

Reason? Environmental differences may occur. Your local host environment may differ from your production environment. Some are intentional, some are not, and some are subtle.

Maybe you’re Windows native, but you’re running a Linux server. It can be incredibly frustrating due to relative differences in platforms. For example, Windows forgives accidental (or incorrect) capital letters, while Linux drags you over the coals for it.

Codeigniter Not Work In Hosting

Your security configuration is probably more secure in production than in development. Maybe you’re on shared hosting and have no control over your production system’s security configuration because it’s locked down by your hosting provider?

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Despite all these differences, when it comes to CodeIgniter (or PHP in general), there is a common explanation for redirects that work on localhost.

You push the output. Well, we don’t know for sure – but this is the most common problem, and if you’re struggling to stop redirects from working after your app is deployed, you should check (and check again!).

Now, I know you’ll swear you’ve already checked. I believe in you! But should you check again for your sanity?

Mostly to fix the output of messages in places like models. While your Windows installation may survive this, your Linux installation may crash. If you see a plain text output screen instead of redirecting after submitting the form,

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