Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting – PHP is the most widely used programming language in web application development. And sending email is one of the most important module used in any web application. Web applications send different types of system generated emails like registration confirmation, forgot password, account statements and many more.

Today, almost all PHP frameworks offer well-managed and well-developed email functionality. And CodeIgniter is not new and has a built-in email library for sending emails as well.

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

Sending emails in CodeIgniter is much easier. You need to set the SMTP properties in the configuration file, load it and start sending emails using SMTP. That’s all.

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Now, when you’re done with the setup, it’s time to code to send an email with CodeIgniter. These are some steps to follow:

CodeIgniter does not have a predefined configuration file to manage all of your SMTP, the protocol used to send email. So, let’s create one:

If you encounter any problems and the email was not sent, please refer to the error log at the end of this tutorial for more information.

You have sent an email using CodeIgniter. You can use this in your web application, define your templates and start sending emails.

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If you encountered any issues that are not listed as part of this tutorial, feel free to contribute below in the comments.

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Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Deliver a digital experience that delights every customer. Netcore Community Netcore Community Be part of a community of pure email senders. AMP Email AMP Email Make your email more engaging with AMPCodeIgniter is an application development framework that helps PHP developers build websites faster and avoid long setup times. Contains a large collection of libraries, including Codeigniter’s email library, needed for frequent tasks such as email sender. This article will show how to set up a CodeIgniter environment and develop mail by sending HTML emails, attachments and how to test it with .

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

To add more speed to the development process, we can use a Docker image to set up the development environment faster, without worrying about installing PHP, the database and the web server.

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The first step is to install Docker and Docker Compose if you haven’t already. Then create and open a folder to store the app to download in the next steps.

Download docker-compose.yml from the Bitnami CodeIgniter development container. It is a very useful and stable image that provides CodeIgniter application and all PHP requirements including MariaDB.

For the first time, Docker may take some time to download the dependencies. Once the app is active, open it via the http://localhost:8000 URL. A page similar to the image appears. If you see it, you can proceed to the next steps.

The CodeIgniter application has many folders and files to allow an application to start without adding new code. In our scenario we need to look

Sending Email Via Smtp Server In Codeigniter

The folder contains configuration information for setting up email delivery and ways to define flow between functions and pages.

Add the following line to notify the program that the new controller will become the regular controller. That means the index of this controller will be the function called when accessing the root of the application.

From the CodeIgniter framework. For now, we only need two methods, the constructor and the index, to test the path and relationship between

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

. The following code contains a simple form page with an email field and a submit button. The function on the form will be added later.

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Now, accessing the URL http://localhost:8000 will again display the page with the form that was created just now.

Before we go ahead and create the send function, we need to set up a way to test if the email sending is working. The best way to test sending email is . is an email testing platform that captures SMTP traffic from staging and development environments. It provides a sandbox to test, inspect and debug how our email reaches the recipient.

. Now click on the gear icon to see the credentials needed to send email with . On the page you were redirected to, click the Integrations list and select CodeIgniter to view the configuration code.

Administrator. You will connect the email configuration created in the previous step, get the email filled in the form and send it to the sandbox. The CodeIgniter email class is loaded to enable the email sending method. It will define email routes and redirect to a success message page or error page information.

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To finish sending our first email, add the action to the form in our email view that was created earlier. This will bind the Submit button to the submit() method on

Allowing email to be sent with HTML content is very simple, just add a setting that sets the content type and informs that the email will contain HTML tags.

CodeIgniter allows you to send emails to multiple recipients. This is possible by combining all emails into one thread by separating them with commas or by creating an array where each requested email is a new object.

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

The CodeIgniter library provides many functions, including carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC). To use it, we can send an email list in a comma-delimited string or array, just like multiple recipients. See more in the documentation:

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We can send files as attachments that can be added to the project or provided via an external URL.

To send a file hosted by the app, you need to create a folder and add the file to it. The full path can be retrieved using the DOCUMENT_ROOT variable attached to the file name.

CodeIgniter sounds like an easy framework to set up with a low learning curve. It’s easy to learn quickly, even for developers coming from other languages ​​and familiar with other MVC frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django.

Docker proves once again that it is a great tool to help you start learning new technologies faster and avoid unnecessary worries and troubles with a development environment.

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Is a time-saving email testing service. It allows you to view HTML code, provides spam reports and lots of technical information, even for free accounts. Using it in a development environment is a better and faster approach compared to setting up local SMTP servers and sending spam to your personal mailbox.

Finally, be open to new experiments and try to do the same thing in different ways. It is a good way to improve your skills and increase your knowledge.

Uses cookies to improve your browsing experience, analyze traffic and display targeted advertising. By continuing to use our site and app, you agree to our privacy policy and our use of cookies. Ok Sending email is the most necessary function of any website to connect the user to the system, so in this post we have discussed how we can send email in the form of submission using PHP script using PHPMailer Library class. The PHPMailer class is an alternative to the PHP mail() function for sending email using SMTP settings. If you have an email hosting account, you can use this PHPMailer class to send email from your website by providing SMTP credentials.

Codeigniter Fail Sending Email Form Hosting

In this post we have learned how to send email from localhost in PHP script using PHPMailer. If you have used the PHP mail() function to send email, you should configure the email settings in your php.ini file, but if you have used the PHPMailer class, you can use any email hosting account to send email. upon form submission or any event on your website as you configure.

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Here we will learn how to use PHPMailer in PHP and how we can configure our PHP script or form send event. To use this category we have required the SMTP username and password and we also know the name of the SMTP host server. If you don’t know, first collect this information to use this class, without knowing this information we can’t configure PHPMailer class in our web application. If we have successfully configured the SMTP settings, we can send email through the SMTP server in PHP using PHPMailer. In this post, we have created a simple contact form for the user to send comments to the website owner via email using PHPMailer. If you find that no matter what you put in your URL, only your default page loads, it could be that your server doesn’t support the REQUEST_URI variable needed to serve search engine friendly URLs. As a first step, open your app/Config/App.php file and look for the protocol URI information. It is recommended to try some other settings. If it still doesn’t work after trying this, you need to force CodeIgniter to add a question mark (

If you see “No input file specified”,

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