Codeigneter Error Not Found On Hosting

Codeigneter Error Not Found On Hosting – Sharing my initial experience when I wanted to try to learn CodeIgniter Framework and create a website on a local server on a computer, after creating the website, uploaded the created website result to the hosting server using CodeIgniter, suddenly the website got an Error Page 404 Not Found?, why?, Although the machine is still safe on the local server, without errors and problems, then I searched the internet and opened Google and found the reason why the website returned came the result is a 404 Page Not Found See Error, here are tips on How to Fix the 404 Page Not Found Error on the Host:

The reason is that CI cannot call the Class contained in the File Controller, because the Class name in the Class is small / lowercase or it can be said that the Class being called does not exist and the Name in the File Manager is also small. /lowercase letters. Therefore, the error 404 Page Not Not Found occurred.

Codeigneter Error Not Found On Hosting

Codeigneter Error Not Found On Hosting

2. Answer to the question above: “Change and rename all File and Class Managers with a capital letter at the beginning.” Example of a Before Image:

Server Not Found

Then the next step is to reload your Driver file and try to refresh your website again. Hopefully we can figure out how to get rid of the 404 not found error sooner. Ok, I hope my article and story this time will be useful. Thanks for visiting..Welcome to SO Enzo. First of all, thank you for providing everything to help explain your problem and let us answer…

So this can happen when you develop in Windows and then try the same code on Apache Server (Linux) (You call it Cpanel, it’s just a Web Server Control Panel).

Developing in Windows lets you do “everything” because it is quite “comfortable” with what it will let you do. Linux on the other hand is not, which is a good thing.

While playing “Find the difference” here, you might ask yourself “Why do I have a code where the slash goes in one direction and the code for the slash is go in another direction? A Where it shows an error where the trailing slash goes in another direction? continuous slash ie slash.

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Now you know 100% that the file exists. So the words are right in the path but why the backslashes here it gives an error and / (forward slashes) it works?

In Linux, the File Path needs to be / (a ​​forward slash). Whereas windows, using XAMPP or WAMP etc, will let you use both as you have seen.

Windows is also “more comfortable” with Case of Path and Filenames. Linux is NOT another trap to watch out for.

Codeigneter Error Not Found On Hosting

H.E if you have path /front/layout/main path you can refer to this path as /Front/layout/MAIN and any other combination of uppercase and lowercase characters that ONLY works in windows. In Linux, they must match exactly.

How To Create And Install Code Igniter 4 Web Application In Virtual Server Running Using Linux Centos 8

By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. If you find that no matter what you type in your URL, only your default page loads, your server may not support the REQUEST_URI variable needed to serve URLs that n friendly work for a search engine. The first step, open your app/Config/App.php file and find the Protocol URI information. You should try a few alternative settings. If it still doesn’t work after you try this, you’ll need to force CodeIgniter to add a question mark (

If you see “No input file specified”, try changing the rewrite rule as follows (to add

You cannot follow instructions using PHP’s built-in web server. It does not process the .htaccess file needed to properly route the request.

You see that your application displays a page that says “Oops!” followed by the text “Looks like we’re having a hard time. Please try again later…”.

Codeigniter Error Handling & Reporting

It indicates that you are in production mode and have encountered an unrecoverable error. We don’t want to show this error to web app viewers for better security.

If you visit this page while developing, you should change your environment to “development” (in .env). See Developer Mode Settings for more details. Then reload the page. You will see the error and trace back.

The default configuration has daily log files stored in log/writable. You should test them if things don’t work as you expect! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a fully customized 404 error page in Codeignitor 4 (how to create a customized 404 error page in CodeIgniter 4). We’ll start by creating a controller and then move on to setting up routes.

Codeigneter Error Not Found On Hosting

404 not found is an HTML error code that indicates a special condition where the connection between the server and the client is working fine, but the server cannot find the resource that the client asking for it.

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There are many root causes for the error, but the general procedure is the same in all cases. The server received a request for a resource that does not exist on the PHP host. A very common cause of this is broken links that point to pages or resources that have been removed (or taken down) by the webmaster. CodeIgniter 4 displays a simple 404 error page whenever the user navigates to a broken link.

” folder of your codeigniter project 4. And copy the code from the code below starting from line 22 to 24.

That’s it, Now your custom 404 not found page is ready. You will get output as below screenshot.

In this small article, I have illustrated a 404 error page specially designed for your CodeIgniter 4 project. A custom 404 error page is an ideal way to keep visitors on the website and redirect them to the appropriate pages on the website. This greatly reduces the bounce rate of your website and ensures that visitors are interested in your website. If you have more questions and concerns about creating custom 404 pages for CodeIgniter 4 projects, please post them in the comments section below.

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