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Cocc Web Hosting – Central Oregon Community College () Jim Wilcox, consultant for small business and program manager for the College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), was recently named “State Star” Oregon for outstanding service by the state office of the national SBDC network. Wilcox will be honored this September at the association’s national conference in San Diego.

“The impact you have made on the business owners you have helped is commendable,” said Mark Gregory, Oregon SBDC network director, in announcing the award to Wilcox. “His 22 years of service to Oregon business is exceptional.”

Cocc Web Hosting

Cocc Web Hosting

To date, Wilcox has assisted and advised 859 small business clients, has launched 29 small businesses and helped create 600 jobs, and has partnered with business owners to secure $39,106,622 in loans and capital for business expansion, according to association records.

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With a background in management, business ownership and human resources, Wilcox has extensive experience managing the day-to-day business operations of small businesses. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Portland State University.

‘s SBDC, part of the College’s Center for Business, Industry and Professional Development, offers free business advice, resources and support for small businesses, and a host of classes and training for entrepreneurs and startups. Visit /sbdc to learn more. Improving the delivery of IP and IaaS services in Brazil Access from Internet Exchange Points ensures lower costs, increased performance and better control.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – August 4, 2016 – , a wholesale provider of data networks and infrastructure services in the Americas, announces the launch of enhanced IP and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services in Brazil by accessing Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) ), also known in Brazil as PTT or Pontos de Troca de Tráfego, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Both Internet Exchange Points are managed by, which creates and promotes the necessary infrastructure for direct connections between autonomous systems in Brazil. Connecting directly to the IXP / PTT reduces costs by eliminating the need for a third-party network, allowing traffic balance to be resolved directly and locally. This method also allows the network provider more control, so that they can direct the traffic as much as possible to the desired destination. This practice often results in better performance and quality for customers and more efficient Internet operations overall. By accessing this IXP / PTT in Brazil, authorize the proposal for IP services. Benefits for customers include:

IaaS is in high demand. As a result, it developed a colocation facility in Rio de Janeiro and sent an attractive bundle to customers who want to benefit from a better connection with IXP / PPT Brazil by colocating in the facility. “Carriers and ISPs must provide added value to their customers in order to stand out in the competitive global telecommunications market,” said Eduardo Falsoni, Chief Commercial Officer. “By accessing IXP/PTT in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, customers benefit from better service quality, better performance and better service control.”

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We use cookies to ensure that we provide the best possible experience (including functional and marketing purposes) on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you agree.OkPrivacy Policy From the moment you receive an offer at , the Talent Development and Talent Management team starts an onboarding plan – completely customized for you and your new career.

Learning and development starts on day one! Join us for the privilege of experiencing a week-long immersive orientation where you will learn about the organization’s culture, core values, history, products and services, and the tools available to you during your journey.

At the beginning of the journey with , I was in constant communication with the hiring team and the direct manager. As a way to welcome me to the company, I received a gift in the mail a few days before the start date. This was a great surprise and made me believe that I had made the right decision.

Cocc Web Hosting

During the first week of orientation, my group of new hires were given a tour of all locations as well as an introduction to the company’s core products and the many platforms they will be using. This informative week ends with team building exercises and other prizes.

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On my first official day with the team, I was assigned as a training ambassador, a senior member of the team who would help train and mentor me in my new role. I quickly realized how much work was being done to prepare for my arrival. I was given a detailed outline of the training schedule and had one-on-one time with each teammate to help me understand the role and understand it. My Ambassadors and my team were very pleasant and created a space where I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed.

I really put my mind to building a supportive environment, and as a new employee, I really appreciate the effort. If I had to list five things that I took away from the program, I would say that I felt like I belonged, I was engaged and I could be true to myself. I also feel freedom and knowledge. Thank you for this great opportunity!

Your first week will be spent with the Talent Development team with historical and cultural immersion, product education, business procedures, and an immersive team building experience.

Your manager helps the Talent Development team create training schedules and agendas specific to your unique role

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Once you’re with us, you’ll find hundreds of classes at your fingertips, ranging from custom programs, a world-class eLearning library, and hands-on training with experts on a variety of topics.

Your team’s training ambassador will guide you in your new role, answering your questions while you actively shadow and learn from them

Management and leadership development, making the transition to management, and management roundtable offerings are designed to help new managers and supervisors develop.

Cocc Web Hosting

We offer a large library of eLearning resources for employees looking to expand their technical skills and knowledge

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Our new leadership certification trains and empowers employees who want to join management with a series of customized courses

Looking to learn a new skill? Or maybe you want to share your knowledge as a mentor? The Peer Connect mentoring program focuses on bringing staff together through peer learning

New to the staff? You will attend early career development classes to improve your skills as you adjust to your new role

Everyone joins the Service Excellence program to nurture and shape our ability to serve clients beyond their expectations

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. To find out more, please read our privacy policy. OKPrivacy Policy is an award-winning, client-owned financial technology company serving financial institutions in the Northeast United States for 50 years.

Launched in 1967, it was founded by clients to give them more control over the features, costs and delivery of their technology needs. Many of these original financial institutions are still active clients today. This unique cooperative structure has set it apart from the competition and is one of the driving forces behind the success of the financial institutions it serves.

Today, it is the fastest growing financial technology company in the United States and is recognized as a leader in providing the innovation and quality services that financial institutions want and deserve. Efficiently servicing more than 100 billion dollars in assets with unparalleled next-generation technology backed by superior customer service, it has built an unmatched record of commitment.

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Is the only financial technology company to successfully migrate its entire customer base from a proprietary legacy system to an open, next-generation relational database core system. This migration helps clients lower operating costs, improve their ability to serve their customers and position themselves to succeed in an increasingly competitive financial services market.

Training & Development

No other company combines advanced technology and a customer cooperative ownership structure. The result is that clients know the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art technology backed by a 100% focus on superior customer service.

Its service reputation is unmatched, with the highest customer service staff ratio in any financial institution, superior customer satisfaction ratings for 10 consecutive years and the most ambitious schedule of visits, training and education in the financial sector. clear mission: to be a customer-owned service organization with a focus on quality service as opposed to profit and earnings per share. Our commitment to partnership is greater than any competitor. promise to work closely with clients to ensure they are used in the most efficient way possible.

Is a customer-owned company with an independent board of directors that includes a CEO elected from its customer base. These partnerships include everything from pricing to product direction to participation in financial institution strategic planning sessions, client committees, regional client meetings and monthly service reviews.

The core system is the next generation, a relational database system that works in a real-time online processing environment, including all deposits and loans. with technology,

First Federal Savings Bank Outsources Core And Digital Banking Tech To Cocc


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