Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting – Perhaps you are currently confused about choosing and comparing cloud hosting service providers and cloud servers in Indonesia that provide different types of services. In the search process through search engines, you can now find various types of server service models such as cloud hosting, virtual private server (VPS) and virtual data center (VDC). Then at one point, you are confused, which one to choose?

Relax, in this article we will discuss the difference between cloud hosting, VPS and VDC. To begin with, it is really important for a company, especially one that has just decided to embark on a digital transformation in all aspects, to choose the best server service that suits your needs. . Don’t make the wrong choice.

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

All the choices and decisions you make now will determine what results you will achieve in the future. Therefore, you need to know what aspects are provided by each type of server and the advantages of each service. Keep reading this article until it’s over, okay!

Strategi Menggunakan Public Cloud

Let’s start with the definition of cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a cloud computing service that works with multiple virtual servers simultaneously. The difference between cloud hosting and a virtual private server (VPS) is the number of servers used.

Cloud hosting uses multiple servers that are combined into one resource that is used by multiple users at the same time. Cloud hosting service users are only given certain server quotas where cloud hosting users have to share resources (resource sharing) with other users.

It’s like if you rent a cloud hosting, it’s like renting a guesthouse that was designed and built by the owner of the guesthouse in this way, with the facilities provided by the owner. All have pros and cons, and you agree with everything.

So you don’t have to worry about RT/RW meetings, payment of resident fees, payment of taxes, patrol schedule and other complicated things. Every night you can sleep comfortably in your guest house without worrying about these complicated issues.

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In other words, as a cloud hosting user, all you have to do is to know what’s wrong, you only have to use the cloud hosting service and with the features and prices that you previously agreed with the service provider.

Moreover, if you use cloud hosting, you don’t even need special skills to maintain a server or other infrastructure because cloud hosting services include management fees from the hosting provider, all you have to do is pay it. And it has to be used.

However, since cloud hosting is like a boarding house, you don’t get complete freedom to do whatever you want. Since your position “rides” into other people’s homes, you must follow the rules (policies) and rules that apply in that home.

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

Cloud hosting is widely used for personal websites, MSME (small business) websites and other uses that require a server that can handle traffic and workloads that are not too heavy.

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As for yesterday’s article related to What is Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server): Definition and Benefits of Cloud VPS for Your Business, VPS is a private and dedicated hosting environment that is hosted using a main server, or a group of servers. is Virtualization that has the ability to run an operating system (OS) alongside a physical server.

In simple terms, a VPS is a type of physical dedicated server that stands as software that runs on the host/main server. VPS users get full access to 1 virtual machine (VM), unlike cloud hosting, which has to be shared with many other users.

Unlike cloud hosting, which combines multiple servers into one for multiple users to use, VPS gives you the freedom to use the functions available in it, such as the operating system, hosting panel, for any application you want. want to use

If you rent a VPS, it’s like you rent a rental house that was designed and built by the owner first, but every day you get the benefits of owning your own home. are equal

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For example, in a rental house, you get better security and privacy benefits compared to boarding houses because you don’t have to share space and privacy with other residents. In addition, you are also free to be able to arrange furniture and other household items according to your needs without being restricted by limited space and strict rules.

In other words, if you use a VPS, you will get the best performance and performance benefits compared to cloud hosting because there are no limitations on customization by the service provider. But of course, you should have experts who understand technical issues, especially related to server virtualization.

VPS is widely used for company profile websites, company email, temporary landing pages with high traffic (product promotional information, events, product launches and so on) and other applications that require servers that are large. Can handle traffic at scale. and workloads.medium.

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

A virtual data center or often abbreviated VDC is a centralized server resource that can be accessed over the Internet to store, manage and process data. VDC infrastructure can be placed anywhere because it can be accessed remotely through an Internet network, unlike a traditional dedicated server where the hardware resides in a local environment.

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With VDC you can have a small, medium to large scale virtual server with customized features, operating system (OS), and virtual machine (VM) features to support more complex requirements.

So if you use a virtual data center service, you get the flexibility to be able to create multiple virtual machines (VMs) according to the desired architecture, unlike a VPS where you only get access to manage 1 VM. is

Additionally, technically a virtual data center is different from a local or on-premises server that resides in a local environment. Although in fact a local server can also be used to access the cloud in a hybrid way with the aim of accessing it remotely, thus reducing the need for local server resources related to data storage, management and processing and The budget can be eliminated.

As we know, on-site has many disadvantages such as limited resources, the need for in-house experts who are dedicated to routine infrastructure maintenance, and the advantages of scalability and flexibility in the form of virtual data centers. are not

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Using a virtual data center, it’s like you get a flexible building that you can design from scratch, from choosing the type of raw materials to the design and features of the building you currently use. Want to customize. Or you can prepare yourself for future needs.

Equipped with the advantages of scalability and flexibility, the virtual data center is the most effective and efficient solution that can respond to dynamic business needs.

A virtual data center (VDC) is often used for e-commerce sites, news portal sites that have high visitor traffic, and many other applications of VDC that are commonly implemented by companies. which require a dynamic server infrastructure.

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

Here are the differences and advantages of cloud hosting, virtual private server (VPS) and virtual data center (VDC), which you can do as an initial reference before choosing the most suitable service for your needs.

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In terms of performance, VDC is superior to VPS and cloud hosting. VDC performance is better because it has a wider range of resources so it can support more complex requirements with customized features, operating system (OS), and virtual machine (VM) features.

Cloud hosting has the lowest performance of the three. Cloud hosting tends to be slow and prone to downtime because the server you use is shared with other users. This is because the performance of cloud hosting can fluctuate and is highly dependent on the workload of each user who is on the same server.

When viewed from a price point of view, cloud hosting is definitely more affordable than VPS and VDC. However, the top package cloud hosting service usually has a slightly different price than the VPS rental price. You should reconsider this because of course VPS has many advantages that are better than cloud hosting.

In addition, although the rental price of VPS is slightly more expensive than cloud hosting, the benefits of VPS that use the payment method are very attractive because in the long run it can provide benefits in terms of productivity. and efficiency for your business as the company’s business grows.

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In terms of capacity and flexibility, VDC ranks first, surpassing VPS and cloud hosting. VDC gives you the flexibility to create multiple virtual machines (VMs) based on the architecture you need, unlike VPS where you only get access to manage 1 VM.

In other words, if you want to upgrade your VDC, you can do horizontal scaling, as long as your VDC architecture already supports the clustering model. Whereas if you use a VPS, you can only upgrade vertically (flavors in terms of CPU, RAM and storage).

Second, VPS outperforms cloud hosting, especially in terms of flexibility. Using a VPS, you get the freedom to customize such as installing the operating system (OS) or the applications you need to upgrade the flavor (CPU, RAM and storage).

Cloud Yg Bisa Di Jadikan Hosting

VPS is suitable for those of you who need flexibility and scalability benefits that are almost VDC-like, at an affordable price.

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In terms of security, VDC and VPS are more secure than cloud hosting. This is because if you use a VDC or VPS you have the right to implement security settings (security policies) according to the level of security, for example reducing a disaster recovery plan or other security measures.

Meanwhile, if you use cloud hosting, you don’t really need to worry about security settings as they are managed directly by the cloud hosting provider. However, on the other hand, the features of cloud hosting, which has a resource sharing mechanism, are vulnerable to potential cyber attacks. For example, there is a cloud host that manages applications and applications

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