Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

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We’ve tested some of the most popular web hosting services in Indonesia to see which ones are the best. We hosted the same website from each provider for several months, and tested their security, loading speed and delivery time in Indonesia. We also contacted the support team to see if it could really help.

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

NiagahosterHostingerSiteGroundQwordsExabytesDomainNesiaDewawebIDWebhostDhyHostRumah WebWhplusHow we compare the best web hosting companies for Indonesia Who are the best web hosting service providers in Indonesia? If you want to try Web Hosts, you should make a Result and Analysis of the website – How International Hosting Can Popular Hosting Companies? What is the best hosting company for Indonesia? Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide the most comprehensive study results on hosting services made in Indonesia. Can a local hosting provider provide better service than a large international hosting provider? The answer may surprise you.

You can learn more about our review process of what we expect from a great web hosting provider below.

The demand for web hosting services in Indonesia is increasing as online businesses grow. The high demand for web hosting has been followed by the proliferation of web hosting service providers in Indonesia with various attractive services.

Competition among internet providers in Indonesia makes them compete to attract customers. Usually, the hosting provider offers different types of hosting packages, discounts and bonuses in the form of free sites or free hosting services.

What Is Cloud Hosting

We have selected 10 travel agencies in Indonesia. We select these sites based on Google search results using the keywords “Best Hosting” and “Cheapest Hosting”. In addition, we also ask our partners for information about the hosting provider they use.

After 10 hosting vendors were selected, we purchased a hosting package from these vendors and installed a WordPress-based site.

Once the theme and content were installed, we tested and verified the website’s speed with Gtmetrix and LightHouse. The GTMetrix test server location we use is Hong Kong. Therefore, the physical distance between the servers does not make a big difference.

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

To monitor server stability and responsiveness, we monitor each site with the UptimeRobot Pro Plan. So we can monitor the server performance in a minute.

Rumah Hosting: Speed Nya Cukup Cepat, Tapi Uptime Nya Buruk

We monitor each site for one to two months. We compare the average time and response time with the world average for the test. What other factors are evaluated?

After getting the above information, we made a comparison table and made an analysis. Each value is then adjusted by assigning different weights to each factor. After that, the ten guests are sorted according to each one’s weight. Who are the best web hosting service providers in Indonesia?

Based on the review and performance tests we conducted, here are the 10 Indonesian hosts with the best service and website performance:

You can learn the pros and cons of each of the above companies by clicking on the host provider name links above. If you want to test a web host, you must create a real website

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If you like films about the journey of a chef, you surely know that often the critics who review the chef’s restaurant are not aware of the restaurant manager.

The goal is for the reviewer to judge the food and customer service. Without worrying that the restaurant will be biased and the review will be biased.

We want such neutrality to make our feedback useful to you. Therefore, we have created a website based on WordPress with independent shoe advertising content.

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

The concept of a standalone shoe is also unique. These innovative smart shoes have the idea of ​​combining technology with everyday use. Next, we developed this independent shoe ranking page with a WordPress-based website.

Keuntungan Menggunakan Cloud Hosting Indonesia Terbaik

We chose WordPress because this CMS is the most popular CMS in Indonesia. This CMS is suitable for bloggers, online stores and company accounts. So, there is not much doubt.

We installed the same WordPress theme and content on each test website. The goal is to avoid performance bias due to differences in site size. Results and Analysis – How do hosts compare?

Providing a review of the ten places we chose was a challenge. Each host has its own pros and cons.

To facilitate the analysis, here are 9 points that we take into account when buying and evaluating hosting packages from each vendor: # 1 Server Uptime: Determines the reliability of the server.

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The server uptime is the length of time the server has been running. Uptime is also often used as an indicator of server stability. A good website has a server uptime above 99%. A value below 99% indicates that the server hosting your purchase is bad and unstable.

We test the uptime of the hosting providers we choose with UptimeRobot. On average, the ten hosts reported a value of 99.67 to 100% uptime. Websites that report an average of 100% uptime are Niagahoster, Hostinger, Qwords, Dewaweb and SiteGround. The lowest uptime was reported by DhyHost at 99.67%.

Out of our ten hosting options, only four companies did not come down: NiagaHoster, Hostinger, DewaWeb and Qwords. The longest receiving time is Exabytes with a record time of 2 hours 46 minutes.

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

If you want to see the data in real time, click this link. #2 Loading Time: Your Website Loading Guarantee Wus Wus Wus!

Best Web Hosting Companies In Brazil (2023)

Load time is the time it takes for your website to load. Maile Ohye, a Google official said that Google prefers sites with a loading time of less than two seconds.

Unfortunately, only four of our top 10 hosts recorded load times of more than two seconds: NiagaHoster, SiteGround, DewaWeb and WHPlus. Of the ten websites we tested for speed, DhyHost was the slowest provider (29.5 seconds).

You can see the download speed data of the test websites we tested with GTMetrix in the table below:

If you’re curious about how each host performs, you can read about the reviews we’ve done here. #3 Price: Looking for Affordable Hosting

Reasons To Avoid Cheap Cloud Hosting

After finding the best internet hosting provider, the next factor to consider is the price. Therefore, we have studied hosting packages and their prices.

Among our top ten hosting options, WHPlus and DhyHost are vendors that charge Rp 50,000.00/year for their low-cost services. Of course, to host these there are other options with different prices and features.

Eight other suppliers choose to lower prices with a monthly payment scheme with a minimum order per month, quarter, semester to year.

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

Niagahoster (Rp. 10,000.00 / month) is the provider that offers the lowest price for this project. It is followed by Qwords (Rp. 14,500.00), Exabytes (Rp. 15,000.00), and Domainesia (Rp. 16,000.00).

Penyedia Jasa Domain Dan Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia

The most expensive hosting prices are Hostinger (Rp. 87,295.00 / month) and SiteGround ($ 11.95 / month). This is natural, because the features you get from the two hosts are also no joke. You can read Hostinger Indonesia review here. So, you can find out if the high price can be justified.

If you want to create an online store, news portal or develop a website application, unlimited hosting and web hosting is more recommended for you.

Whplus is one of the providers with low cost Cloud Hosting services starting from Rp. 150,000.00 per year (Cloud Hosting Combo 1 GB). Other Cloud Hosting service providers are Domainesia (Rp. 16,000.00 / month, 0.75 GB) and DewaWeb (Rp. 20,000.00 / month, 500 MB).

The most expensive Cloud Hosting is written by Hostinger (Rp. 351,103.00 / month, not including discounts, 100 GB SSD) and DhyHost (Rp. 250,000.00 / month, 20 GB SSD).

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia 2022 (review Uptime & Speed)

Host prices are often related to performance. A cheap hospitality at a price of IDR 10,000.00 is definitely not as good as a very expensive hospitality.

For monthly bandwidth issues, for example, hosting at a price of IDR 50,000 / year has a limited bandwidth. If your website’s bandwidth is used up, your website will not be available. So, if your website is busy, choose a hosting plan with high bandwidth (more than 100 GB/month) or unlimited.

Don’t worry, if you search for promotional or discount information on the website of your chosen hosting provider, you will find attractive discounts or bonuses. So, you save more without sacrificing the performance of your website. #4 Main Features and Additional Inclusions: Searching for a Host with the Best Facilities and Lowest Prices

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

The fourth factor that you should look at when choosing to host is the main and additional features that you get for a certain price. In general, the characteristics taken are the size of the data storage, bandwidth, data transfer speed, memory, CPU and disk I / O.

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Also keep an eye out for other features like free SSL certificates, free setup fees, or even better, free migration fees. You can also consider many other features such as SEO tools, SEO analysis, and website optimization tools when choosing a host.

Choose a package from a host that offers more or more functionality, at the same price or with a slight difference. This way, you can build a space that has a reasonable performance and budget. #5 Ease of use: Make sure you have no problems managing your hosting

Hosting itself can be like a computer. In order to use a computer properly, you must be able to use the operating system installed on your computer.

Well, in this case, the host control panel is your host’s operating system. Like the operating system, the control panel also has many problems.

Lessons Learned: Always Free Website Hosting With Oracle Cloud

Generally, hosting in Indonesia uses cPanel as the main control panel. Although it is called a “user-friendly control panel”, its popularity and flexibility make this control panel very popular with website owners.

Other panels that are widely used by Indonesian hosting providers are Plesk and DirectAdmin. Plesk and DirectAdmin have a cleaner and simpler look. This makes these two panels easier to use than cPanel.

Hostinger (hPanel) and SiteGround are providers with their own control panels. Some webmasters claim that the panel was created by the client

Cloud Web Hosting Indonesia

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