Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana – Talking about hosting, you know two different types of hosting, namely Traditional Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Traditional Hosting is actually more popular but it can be said that Cloud Hosting is more modern. So, which is better between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting?

Relax, the answer is here, really. This time, we will discuss the meaning and difference between Cloud Hosting and traditional hosting. Plus, it helps you choose which type of hosting better suits your needs.

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

Before discussing the compatibility of Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting, you should understand what the two types of hosting mean. Here is the discussion:

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Traditional Web Hosting is a hosting technology where the website is located on a server. Well, Traditional Hosting is the leading hosting technology as well as still popular to this day.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where the resource capacity of the server is divided among multiple hosting users. This type of hosting is considered the most popular type of hosting and attracts the most customers, because of its affordable price.

However, the performance of this hosting changes over time. In particular, if a client uses excessive resources of the server, thereby affecting the server capacity of other clients on the same server.

Similar to Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server or VPS is a type of hosting that divides a server for several users. The difference is that part of the server is allocated in such a way that it belongs to only one user.

Dedicated Server Vs Cloud Hosting

In other words, indiscriminate use of resources from one client does not necessarily affect the performance and capacity of other clients’ servers. So it’s no surprise that VPS prices are more expensive than Shared Hosting.

As the name suggests, Dedicated Hosting is a type of hosting service that only provides a server for a single user. I.e. users signing up for Dedicated Hosting is the same as renting a full server.

Private hosting is the best solution for customers who need high capacity, performance and uptime from the server. It’s just, the price of Dedicated Hosting is definitely many times more expensive than VPS, let alone Shared Hosting.

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

Cloud Hosting is the latest innovation in the world of hosting technology, where your website is not only located on one server but is spread across multiple servers at the same time. Then all these servers are connected to each other by the internet.

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Not only that, Cloud Hosting will also create a virtual machine so that you can access the above different servers in the ‘cloud’ through the internet. Hence, the name of this technological innovation is Cloud Hosting.

Although still relatively new, Cloud Hosting has gained popularity because it offers many improvements over traditional hosting. Therefore, we will discuss this in the following comparison between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting.

Cloud Hosting as you know uses many different servers connected to each other to store the website’s data. That is, if there is a problem on one server, there are other servers that can be relied on.

Whereas Traditional Hosting, whether Shared, VPS or Dedicated Hosting, uses only one server as a place to store website data. Naturally, problems with the server will have a significant impact on its users.

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Cloud Hosting offers great scalability, especially if your website traffic fluctuates. For example, when there are more visitors, it will use more servers. On the other hand, when there are no users, it takes up only one server.

While in Traditional Hosting, scalability is often an issue. For example, space runs out quickly when using Shared Hosting. Or, there are still a lot of server resources even though you have switched to Dedicated Hosting.

Speed ​​is the ‘god’ of the internet. So the difference between Cloud Hosting and traditional hosting is not all, if not about speed.

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

Well, Cloud Hosting can provide constant speed because it works seamlessly with multiple servers at the same time. As a result, access to websites hosted on Cloud Hosting remains fast, even when traffic is high.

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Unlike Traditional Hosting where speed is highly dependent on the amount of traffic and type of hosting. Example in Shared Hosting. If there is a sudden increase in traffic, its speed will decrease due to the limited resources of the server.

The comparison of Cloud Hosting to Traditional Hosting in terms of uptime continues. Because, what does fast mean if the server crashes frequently, right?

Again, the availability of multiple servers in Cloud Hosting gives customers a breath of fresh air. How can it not be, if one server has a problem like an outage, there are still some other servers available as a base, right?

Whereas, Traditional Hosting is based on only one server. If the server crashes, all the websites on it will be inaccessible.

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However, storage technology is not really the only factor influencing the times. Instead, the actual hosting provider’s server quality contributes more.

Security is another point we see this time in the difference between Cloud Hosting and traditional hosting. Who has the upper hand?

Cloud Hosting itself is usually a type of hosting managed by a service provider. Another term is Managed Hosting. Automatically, security becomes more secure because it is directly monitored by the provider.

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

While traditional Hosting, the security factor depends on the type of hosting. For Shared Hosting, the security is almost the same as Cloud Hosting because it is monitored by the host.

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While VPS and Dedicated Hosting are classified as Unmanaged Hosting. In other words, the safety factor is your responsibility as your service tenant.

The final comparison between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting is a matter of cost. But like security, this aspect actually makes more sense if you look at the type of hosting first.

Cloud Hosting is definitely cheaper when compared to Dedicated Hosting. But on the contrary, when it comes to VPS, especially Shared Hosting, it costs more.

So that is the difference between Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting from many different aspects. On the last point, there is information that is less important to your point of view. Let’s ride!

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From the Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting comparison table above, it can be concluded that Cloud Hosting is a hosting technology that can supplement the shortcomings of traditional Hosting.

So, do you want to try Cloud Hosting? If not, find the information you want to pass on below, that’s okay!

In this article, you learned the difference between Cloud Hosting and traditional hosting. There’s actually nothing wrong with traditional hosting. Also, if you need economical options like Shared Hosting, software like VPS or dare to pay for Dedicated Hosting.

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

However, admittedly if you need scalability, speed and good uptime then Cloud Hosting is the best choice. In addition, the Cloud Hosting subscription fee is very reasonable.

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Therefore, if you are interested in Cloud Hosting, make sure that you only choose providers that have been tested for quality, such as . Hence, having a Cloud Hosting service comes with various advantages.

They call it 10x faster performance than Shared Hosting, 99.995% uptime guarantee, to protect layered security from malicious attacks. You don’t need to worry about the price, from only IDR 124k/month you can enjoy hosting with the best performance.

Get a variety of educational articles, interesting insights, and tips about the online world directly to your email. Sign up now and win with us! For on-site Management Information Systems administrators, a cloud server service is an alternative to deploying various application services. The service is very tactical as it is an on-campus solution that does not yet have its own IT infrastructure. With this cloud server service, a campus does not need to think about buying expensive physical servers, renting internet bandwidth, renting public IPs, ensuring electricity, operating temperature conditions for buildings. specific data center home/room. A cloud server is usually in the form of a virtual server (VM), sometimes called a VPS (Virtual Private Server), on which

Because it’s practical, the use of cloud servers is also favored by startups, travel communities, IT communities and the like. In groups based on the Telegram chat service, web forums, and even mailing lists, there are many discussions about comparing the use of cloud services from different service providers. It begins with a discussion of price, service, and convenience issues

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What is I/O speed? – I/O speed or output speed is the read/write speed of the computer to the disk. Factors that affect I/O speed include:

You don’t need to worry about the above terms, these terms will be explained in detail below this article 😊

Additionally, below is a technical comparison of the speeds of several types of cloud servers tested by the eCampuz Technical Team. In the description list, the scope of discussion is limited to the comparison of I/O Speeds, from VPS of different vendors. The benchmark test will use the script available at This method is very simple, all you have to do is download from your VPS server and run it as bash.

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

CK (Cloud Kilat) is one of the VPS providers in Indonesia that is very popular among browsers and startups. In this test, two samples are taken from the CK service server.

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Do you guys have any other notes for the Lightning Cloud provider? On the CK website at, there is an option to subscribe to the CK service, starting from the most economical class all the way up to the SSD usage tiers.

In testing conducted on multiple Biznet servers, Biznet services had consistent I/O and download speeds.

Vultr, a very good and stable outsourcing service, has multiple data centers in USA, Europe and Singapore.

This Iniz server is considered a combination of KVM and OpenVZ. OpenVZ has one advantage: the memory and CPU we ordered are no longer loaded by the kernel. The disadvantage is that the kernel switching model cannot be optimized.

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Which is not very high. Due to its very high bandwidth quota, FlipperHost servers are often used by IT and research activists to create tunnel servers, VPN servers, and data pool servers. Unlike regular OpenVZ which only provides TUN/TAP connections, Flipperhost offers PPP features on its OpenVZ service.

Yes But in our team’s technical note, most of OpenVZ Colocrossing have I/O Speed ​​under 100 MB/s. But still enough to protect

Niagahoster is a company of Hostinger, a company from Lithuania. In Indonesia, the headquarters of Niagahoster is located at Jalan Palagan, Yogyakarta. As an immigrant

Cloud Hosting Vs Vps Mending Yg Mana

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