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Cloud Hosting Indo – Has introduced a web hosting product that follows the latest technological developments, namely Cloud Hosting at the lowest price along with the best server capabilities and support services in Indonesia.

On the server side, Cloud Hosting offers better services than traditional shared hosting, with the added benefit of higher server uptime and better server performance. This can be achieved by using multiple servers, storage and networks at the same time, which are always connected to each other.

Cloud Hosting Indo

Cloud Hosting Indo

The process of a failed server can be fixed quickly and will not disrupt your website at all.

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In terms of price, this is the most important thing, our Cloud Hosting package prices are the cheapest in Indonesia.

With better capabilities than traditional shared storage, we actually offer our customers a 100% SLA guarantee. This means that your website will always be online without interruption when it is hosted with our Cloud Hosting service.

Even if an unexpected disruption occurs, the recovery process can be done quickly, you won’t have to wait hours or even days for repairs, and you will also receive compensation according to our SLA.

So, if you are still stuck with the old ways of using traditional shared hosting, you should be ready

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Which can arrive at any time and require a long recovery process, so of course it will have a big impact on the smooth operation of your business.

Imagine if the old shared hosting hassle happened when a potential customer opened your website. Surely the prospect will move to another seller’s website, right?

You don’t need to hesitate, our cloud hosting is the best thing in Indonesia right now, because we really maintain quality and quality as our main weapon, so many trust of other customers before you.

Cloud Hosting Indo

In addition, we also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee from the time of use if the customer is not satisfied Modern infrastructure, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, quick access and support is always ready.

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A distributed storage system with 3X data replication using SSD NVMe, which guarantees data security, access and speed.

The best service for all our customers, when you need it, we are always ready to serve you through different channels, phone, chat, tickets and WhatsApp.

Why use Cloud VPS Indonesia when you can just use a hosting plan? Hosting packages can meet the needs of limited resources, such as hosting only 10,000 visitors per day, and limited customization. You need VPS Indonesia to:

What is Cloud VPS or Cloud Server? How is it different from traditional cheap VPS? Cloud VPS or Cloud Server is an advanced level of development compared to traditional Indonesian VPS, which implements several modern cloud technologies, including: high availability, distributed and scalable storage. Cloud VPS Indonesia runs on multiple physical servers, while cheap VPS Indonesia usually runs on only 1 physical server. These things provide better performance, scalability and availability/uptime in Cloud VPS Indonesia.

Perdana Network Indonesia

What operating systems are available in Cloud VPS Indonesia? You can choose from various Linux distributions that are commonly used as server operating systems, which are:

Can I install the control panel on Cloud VPS? Of course, you can install different control panels on your Cloud VPS, such as cPanel, Webuzo, Plesk and others.

Do you provide managed cloud server services? We do not provide Managed Cloud Server services, but you will receive basic support to manage your Cloud VPS.

Cloud Hosting Indo

How is the cost calculated? An hour or a month? Our pricing plan is very simple, the cost of Cloud VPS is calculated in monthly cycles.

Keuntungan Menggunakan Cloud Hosting Indonesia Terbaik

Is there a FUP or bandwidth quota? In general, we do not use bandwidth quotas, but we still monitor the traffic of each Cloud VPS. If we find anomalies or usage that is too high to disturb the network and other users, we will limit bandwidth to Cloud VPS.

Are there international bandwidth restrictions? International bandwidth is shared. There is no specific bandwidth for each Cloud VPS, so it will return whatever Internet Service Provider (ISP) you have available.

A cheap VPS is a server rental service for low-cost network and website storage needs. VPS rental on a reliable system based on Indonesian cloud server infrastructure.

A cheap VPS physical form is a large computer network with NVMe SSD storage that processes website data very quickly. All website data is stored in a secure cloud server system in Indonesia and has a backup system elsewhere. If disaster strikes at any time, your website data will be safe because it is stored in multiple locations.

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Cloud servers in Indonesia can be used as different types of servers to meet the needs of customers, such as file servers, database servers, mail servers, web servers, proxy servers, and DHCP servers. But that is not so important, if your target visitors are from Indonesia, it is better to choose Indonesian cloud server location. Since it is the same place as the visitors, the time needed to exchange data will be faster and there will be no delays.

Also, Indonesia cloud server has 3 data replication. If one server experiences downtime, 2 backup servers can still be used. So that the data you have is more secure and there are no problems such as downtime.

In terms of its infrastructure, VPS is almost similar to hosting, but in terms of functionality and stability, VPS hosting will be much better than traditional hosting. This is because the hosting is shared with several other clients. Meanwhile, only one client uses VPS hosting on a server.

Cloud Hosting Indo

So if you choose VPS hosting, you have many options, including limiting website visitors, better performance, more economical than building your own company server, more stable so downtime is minimal, more data storage than shared hosting, plus the speed. The website loads very quickly because the transmission speed of VPS hosting is 10 GbE, so there will be no delay in data exchange.

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Naturally. If you want to build your own server for a company, you will need more resources and energy than renting a VPS. In addition, building a server with a cloud system (saving data on 3 different servers) costs a lot. Therefore, it will be easier to rent a VPS from a VPS provider who is credible and knowledgeable in their field, such as

If you rent a VPS at the address, it will be easier to manage and will have many features that you will not get when building your own server. For example, triple data replication, dual stack IPv4 and IPv6, automatic failover if a problem occurs one day.

If you want to build your own company server, you also have to think about the maintenance budget and the increasingly expensive IT staff costs. Therefore, VPS rental is the solution for companies that want to build their own server.

If you want to rent a cheap Indonesian VPS for web hosting, cheap Indonesian VPS is the best answer because cheap Indonesian VPS has the latest cloud server system. This cloud server system further replicates (backs up) your website data on 3 different servers and in different locations. With this cloud system, not only is your website data safe, but it also prevents web downtime. Because if one server stops, it automatically switches to two servers that are still active, without the least downtime.

Daftar Hosting Berlokasi Di Indonesia Terbaik

In addition, those who have websites that receive many visitors at the same time, such as school websites, exam websites, will have no problem choosing a cheap VPS Indonesia.

There are several things to consider when buying an Indonesia cloud server. Choosing an Indonesian cloud server will greatly affect the future performance and quality of your company’s website. Here are some things to consider when choosing an Indonesian cloud server.

First, the Indonesian server location. If your company has almost all of its customers in Indonesia, choose a server location in Indonesia. Second, define a list of program requirements to be implemented. Each program you run has a minimum server specification, so choose server specifications that match the program you’re running.

Cloud Hosting Indo

Third, determine your disk storage requirements. If you want to create a program or website, determine in advance how much disk space you will need. For example, each site requires 2 GB of disk space, and if you have 10 sites, you need about 20 GB for the disk of your preferred server. Fourth, determine your RAM requirements. You should know that if you have a lot of visitors to your website, you should choose more RAM. For example, if you want to install an Indonesian cloud server with Drupal or WordPress CMS, you should choose at least 1 GB of RAM.

Jenis Website Yang Cocok Gunakan Cloud Hosting

What is the price of cheap VPS? how many server specs you have and the price of a cheap VPS depends a lot on the server specs you choose. The cheapest VPS price is 160,000 and you can get a special discount by using the promo code “CLOUDHANDAL”, so the VPS price will be even cheaper for the 1GB Cloud VPS specifications.

What is a Linux VPS? A VPS is a virtual private server or server cluster set up to create multiple virtual servers used by users. With this virtual server, or what we call VPS, you can install different operating systems (OS), one of which is Linux. There are different versions of Linux itself, including Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. If you have a VPS rented at the address, you can

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