Cloud Hosting Agreement

Cloud Hosting Agreement – 1 Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Customer (Cloud Hosting Agreement) Effective Date: Document Owner: Version Date Description Author SLA Approval SLA (By signing, all approvers agree to all terms described in this agreement.) Approver Role Sign Approval Date Service Provider Customer SP 1998

2 Table of contents 1. Overview of the contract Objectives and objectives Stakeholder review of the service contract Periodic service management… 2/

Cloud Hosting Agreement

Cloud Hosting Agreement

3 1. Agreement Overview This Agreement constitutes a Service Level Agreement (SLA or agreement) between Cybersmart. and the customer provides cloud hosting services necessary to support and maintain the product or service. This Agreement shall remain in effect until superseded by an amended Agreement mutually approved by both parties. This Agreement describes the parameters of all cloud-hosted services, including parameters separate from cloud management or use, as covered and mutually understood by key stakeholders. This Agreement does not replace existing processes and procedures, except as expressly provided herein. 2. OBJECTIVES AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that the appropriate elements and obligations are in place for the consistent provision and delivery of cloud hosting services by the Service Provider to the Client/Customer. The purpose of this agreement is to reach a mutual agreement between the service provider and the customer regarding cloud hosting services. The purpose of this agreement is: To provide a clear reference to ownership , responsibility, role and / or responsibility of the service. Provide a clear, concise and measurable description of customer service. Match perceptions of expected service delivery with actual support and service delivery. 3. Stakeholders The agreement is based on the following providers and clients, which represent the main stakeholders related to this SLA: Cloud hosting provider(s): (Provider) Cloud hosting client(s): Client (Client) 3/

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4 4. Periodic Review This Agreement is effective as of the date described herein and will remain in effect until further notice. This contract should be reviewed at least once a fiscal year; In lieu of a review within a certain period, the existing contract will remain in effect. The Business Relationship Manager (document owner) is responsible for facilitating regular review of this document. The content of this document is subject to change as necessary, especially as key stakeholders reach A mutual agreement was reached and communicated to all affected parties. Document owners add subsequent changes and obtain mutual agreement/approval. as required. Business Relationship Manager: Cybersmart Review Period: Previous 12 Months Review Date: January 3, 2013 Next Review Date: January 3 Service Agreement The Service Provider is responsible for the continued support of this Agreement for the following service parameters. Scope of Service The following services are governed by this Agreement; o Manned phone support o Monitoring support o Remote support using remote desktop and virtual private networks when available o Scheduled or emergency on-site support (for an additional fee) o Monthly system reporting 4/

5 5.2. Customer Requirements Customer’s obligations and/or requirements to support this Agreement include: Payment of all Support Fees at agreed upon intervals. Reasonable availability of customer representatives when resolving service-related incidents or requests. Customers are responsible for cloud backups of their services unless otherwise specified and documented. Cloud hosted services are subject to self-management if necessary. Customers are responsible for managing and maintaining their own servers, operating systems and installed software. 5.3. Service Provider Requirements Service Provider responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include: Compliance with infrastructure response times and initial installation events. Appropriate notification to customers on all scheduled maintenance tasks. Cybersmart is not responsible for the service or maintenance of the service provided. In case of hardware failure, recovery is not guaranteed without proper backup from the customer, unless otherwise specified and documented. Elements include: Service changes are communicated and documented to all stakeholders. 5/

6. Effective service management Service support is the result of maintaining consistent service levels. The following sections provide relevant details on service availability, managed services and related component monitoring. That Cybersmart has the facilities, infrastructure, capacity and ability to provide the Service although this warranty provides the Service on an “as is” and “as available” basis. NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, TITLE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, UNLESS SUCH WARRANTIES ARE SPECIFICALLY REQUIRED BY LAW.2 FOR THE PURPOSE OF SERVICE SLA:.2.1 This is a measurement of Cybersmart’s service uptime and only with reference to the availability of Cybersmart’s network and UPS power; 2.2 Service time does not include downtime, disruption or disruption or unavailability of the hosting server caused by: disruption, disruption or unavailability of external or third party telecommunications or network providers or equipment connected to Cybersmart’s network infrastructure / customer hardware, disruption, disruption or unavailability of service. caused by software and/or applications. ; Downtime for general maintenance, upgrades, upgrades or modifications (or other planning). Cybersmart will use reasonable efforts to notify the customer of such downtime and will also use reasonable efforts to provide such notification at least 24 (twenty-four hours) prior to the scheduled downtime in the event of force majeure; acts or omissions by the customer, including, but not limited to, accidental damage, operator error, abnormal operating conditions, unauthorized peripheral connection, misuse, abuse, neglect or violation of the hosting service; and.2.2. All factors beyond Cybersmart’s reasonable control..3 Cybersmart provides auditing services and provides monthly uptime reports upon Customer’s request when server statistics are requested. /

The Standard Service Level Agreement was created and entered into force on Monday 3 August 2015 by Daniel Herr, Managing Director, Tech Help Direct To download the latest version please visit

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Cloud Hosting Agreement

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Cloud Hosting Agreement

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