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Client Dapur Hosting – In the 2021 Impact Report, Indonesia’s edtech Cakap has established several achievements to create easy and equal access to quality education in line with the principles of the UN SDG.

Cakap has successfully extended its efforts to remote areas across the country, partnering with the government to improve the skills of civil servants. Over a thousand teachers have joined Cakap mitra and delivered over a million hours of live online lessons. Another two million students have received tuition benefits, foreign languages, vocational classes and various development programs.

Client Dapur Hosting

Client Dapur Hosting

Cakap is an Indonesian learning platform that provides an online learning tool to connect students with teachers and experts through video calls and chats. Our education platform enables us to use two modes of learning for life skills students across the Asia Pacific region. Because everyone deserves quality education, it is available on Google Play and App Store to reach different sections of students. CAKAP provides educational solutions with a standardized international curriculum to provide the best online learning experience. #CakapUntukBangsa

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2021 was a difficult but good year. A big thank you to our team who went above and beyond to make an impact across the country and thank you to our valued shareholders, advisors and customers!

Your support made us able to do what we do now. We are pleased to share some of the highlights and highlights of 2021 from Investments and Consulting in the 2021 Annual Report.

You can review statistics on businesses we’ve worked with, updates from our articles and highlights from our events.

This year Investment met more than 1000 entrepreneurs through meetings and events. We are very pleased to have invested more than $8.5 million in our network.

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On the other hand, it generates incentives by delivering 20 projects with the support of more than 50 consultants and mentors. In addition, more than 7 countries collaborate with advice on business solutions.

Thank you for your continued trust in us. Our continued success depends on the loyalty and support of customers like you. Of course, we look forward to a pleasant cooperation with you in 2022!

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has shown remarkable economic growth and is home to many people who are happy to embrace developing technology. With the arrival of some of Indonesia’s biggest tech unicorns, the island nation is gathering importance and influence as a hub for startups and talent.

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Over the past decade, Indonesia has seen more deals and venture capital used by development finance institutions (DFIs) than any other country in the region. Keeping this encouraging trend in mind, more and more diverse players in the startup industry are contributing to the growth of startups – startups with a social and environmental focus – generating promising financial returns.

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As we move forward from this pandemic, there is an urgent need to recover our economy and learn from social and environmental vulnerabilities. The Indonesian government, a growing number of companies, youth-led climate action and young entrepreneurs are committed to addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, putting environmental and social issues on their agenda and working towards a more sustainable economy. These organizations introduce new ideas and technologies from startups and entrepreneurs to challenge the traditional way of doing business.

This is an emerging form of impact technology that supports business ideas through science, technology and innovation to benefit people and the environment. Given the complexity of measuring and tracking social and environmental impacts, we hope to develop a new vision and approach to ignite, coordinate, and integrate existing energies and initiatives to build an adaptive society and purpose for raising young children. Innovators and entrepreneurs are given leadership so that their impact can grow and ultimately lead our communities to a sustainable future.

The report zooms in on some of the key players supporting Indonesia’s startup environment, helping to pave the way for impactful tech startups to grow. Emphasizing work from investors to service providers, these key players in the ecosystem create the foundation for startups to make a positive impact with technology solutions.

This report uses the term “impact” broadly. It’s not just social enterprises that provide “impact” (that is, achieving a positive social and environmental impact through business). “Impact” can be a vague concept and when social enterprises claim to be intentionally pursuing “impact” they have a duty to measure it. Some of these players who may work in areas of impact contribute to achieving “impact” without clearly articulating it or being able to measure it.

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Blue Impacts seeks to discover, support and scale high-impact technologies that solve environmental and development problems. Areas of focus include food systems, energy and carbon, inclusive finance, urban sustainability, health and the circular economy. Blue Impacts has offices in Singapore, Australia and China.

The Innovation Startup Challenge, SHIFT!, is a discovery platform established by Blue Impacts and partners in 8 cities across the Asia Pacific region. Designed to discover the latest technologies in their flagship Shift! Takes a serious approach to developing ecosystems at the regional level.

The company brings together innovators and investors, customers and experts to compare and grow at the Impact X Summit. In 2021 and 2022, Impact X conferences will be held in Australia, China and the Netherlands.

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Prepared by the team from Blue Impacts. Organizations featured in the report are based on collaboration and awareness with Indonesia’s startup ecosystem. Any publication in whole or in part must state the title of the record and name the aforementioned publisher as the copyright owner.

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The report aims to highlight and identify the opportunity to coordinate existing efforts in the Indonesian ecosystem to grow, invest and grow entrepreneurs with a focus on climate and sustainable development goals. This report is also the latest in the 2019 edition of the Ecosystem Mapping Report. So here is the 2021 edition of key players who will significantly contribute to business development and lead the growth of impact technology in Indonesia.

These are the organizations you should meet if you are exploring the Indonesian tech startup market. We’ve updated our 2019 list to reflect changes in the environment as new players arrive, some organizations are no longer active, are no longer active or have changed their minds.

At the reception, 12 women leading innovative and ethical fashion businesses pitched their business to a group of investors, government and other stakeholders. At the end of the brainstorming session, four of them were announced as the main winners and received USD 25,000 from Patamar Capital with the support of Investing in Women. Four were independently selected through a peer-review process. (

This class is interesting to the group because it focuses on an area that is often not addressed in other similar programs. Thanks to the Indonesia Impact Accelerator team for inviting us to participate in the speed dating and awards ceremony. Thanks to this opportunity, we discovered many interesting ethical fashion businesses operating across the archipelago that we had never heard of before!

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The Indonesia Impact Accelerator program was launched in 2016 by Kinara Indonesia, Patamar Capital and Investing in Women. This is an intensive 4-month capacity building support targeting women-led businesses in Indonesia. In addition to the acceleration, the program also offers an investment of USD 25,000 to winners who are attractively selected through a peer selection process.

Honored to be invited to the Kinara Investor Summit with Patamar Capital for Women-Led Businesses Accelerate Their Impact Program.

The group currently runs a program for women co-founding innovative and ethical fashion businesses, particularly those with women as founders or senior management.

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The Impact Accelerator program is a program based on the ‘Peer Selection Investment’ model of Village Capital incubation. The program consists of 3 workshops and two webinars. They use virality metrics as a guide for self-evaluation and peer learning. Participants will attempt a “peer ranking” on the VilCap platform after each workshop, and the top 4 businesses from the final peer rankings will each receive USD 25K.

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NEXUS Indonesia organized its first salon in Jakarta with the theme “Incorporation of ideas for performance analysis and workforce safety”. At this event, the team had the opportunity to meet more than 20 unique young people interested in working with certain social and/or environmental causes. Throughout the night, we were captivated by their story and their passion for impactful work. It ranges from educating migrant women, creating an alternative solution to plastic, improving the lives of farmers and fishermen.

Although these people have different backgrounds (from family foundations to social enterprises and business professionals) and different tasks (from women’s empowerment, to environmental protection, to poverty alleviation) aimed at achieving different goals, their common passion and spirit led to joint discussions. . and effective communication.

This salon also intended to support Fahreza and Janhavi from Through their work, they discovered that workers are ultimately the supply

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