Client Area Jagoan Hosting

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Indonesian web hosting provider Jagoan Hosting, owned by IT company PT Beon Intermedia, offers domain registration, website creation and web and cloud hosting services. Focusing on small and medium enterprises (PME) in Southeast Asia.

Client Area Jagoan Hosting

Client Area Jagoan Hosting

Most of the Jagoan Hosting sales and customer service inquiries are done through chat and WhatsApp, the most popular messaging channel in the region. However, their solution providers provided access to WhatsApp API through third parties. Therefore, he was unable to resolve or support any issues that arose on this channel.

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Jagoan Hosting needs a reliable WhatsApp API provider and messaging platform that can send and receive WhatsApp messages. Ideally, the platform needs to support multiple channels so that it can consolidate all conversations with its customers in one place.

After researching several WhatsApp API providers, Jagoan Hosting found a promising omnichannel platform with powerful automation. He registered your account and applied the following solutions.

Jagoan Hosting has a strong presence on Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Instagram where they post brand updates and related content. Its Telegram channel acts as a community forum for members to share related interests and interact.

As a suggestion, Jagoan Hosting has changed its WhatsApp API provider to get the support it needs. Then, he integrated his social media and instant messaging accounts to direct all customer messages to a central inbox.

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Finally, he added his team leading social media, customer support and customer relations to . These teams manage customer relationships across all channels on a single platform.

An online chat has been set up for sales and general questions.

When potential customers browse Jagoan Hosting’s website to see if it meets their needs, the brand uses web chat to answer any questions they may have. He chose to host the chat on the Internet instead of another provider, so that these requests could also be answered in a shared inbox.

Client Area Jagoan Hosting

The brand created an online chat widget and integrated it into all of its landing pages. Customers simply click on the widget to speak to a “dirty bestie,” or customer service agent.

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Jagoan Hosting automatically registers customers who sign up for the service in its members club. Customers have special privileges, including access to a dedicated support channel for 24/7 support from the customer care team.

Members can access the site for a private web chat or message “Jovita”, the sponsor of the brand (WhatsApp), for immediate support. By providing 24/7 assistance to members through their preferred channels, they feel privileged and well supported.

To relieve employees of repetitive tasks, Jagoan Hosting has automated several steps in . Automated workflows categorize contacts based on their stage in the customer journey. They then route resumes to the appropriate team and assign them to the agents with the fewest ongoing resumes to get a quick response.

The app also verifies members’ identities before giving them access to members-only WhatsApp channels. If entering the site ensures that only members can use private web chat, WhatsApp needs a special authentication method.

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Now, when a contact tries to chat with Jovita on WhatsApp, the HTTP request automatically checks their phone number against Jagoan Hosting’s internal database to confirm their membership. Verified members are assigned to an operator, and non-members receive a “no access” message.

The reporting module tracks staff workload and metrics such as first response time and decision making in real time. It also tracks long-term chat trends, such as when support is busiest during the day or week.

However, Jagoan Hosting wanted to use their current performance measurement system. Created a workflow that automatically exports performance data to their business intelligence tools for analysis.

Client Area Jagoan Hosting

The brand also uses software to conduct customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) and export the results to Google Sheets for charting. This provides valuable insight into the customer experience and identifies areas for improvement to increase customer retention and purchase.

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“The flexibility of the solution allows us to adapt the use of the platform according to our own needs. I really like the ability to request and appreciate the necessary functions. It shows that we want to understand the real needs of the user and he programs his way based with real feedback. I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues, which is greatly appreciated.” – Andy Novianto, Operations Manager at PT Beon Intermedia

Since registering and changing the WhatsApp API provider, Jagoan Hosting has had some technical issues in WhatsApp and others. He credits the integrity of the messaging platform and the support he gets from the customer success team at .

As a result, workers are 52% more productive and able to handle more conversations than before. This allows the brand to focus on growing its customer base and providing exceptional service to members.

Using automation and making strategic decisions based on available data and information has resulted in improvements such as a 20% reduction in service waiting times. The quick attention of the staff and the efficient intention of the customer are clearly appreciated. Jagoan Hosting now stands at an impressive 93% for CSAT scores.

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