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Check Hosting Speed – Website speed has a great impact on its traffic and reputation. This is one of the most important things to rank high on search engines. Also, a slow website may prevent visitors from continuing to browse the website.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your website speed. A website speed test can reveal some of your website’s performance issues, any weak points that need improvement, and help you improve your website.

Check Hosting Speed

Check Hosting Speed

However, doing a proper website evaluation can be a difficult task. To get good results, website owners need to understand the important metrics and metrics correctly.

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This article will show you how to do a website speed test and explain its main parameters. Plus, we’ll review 18 website speed testing tools and offer some tips for improving your website speed.

First, enable caching and make sure to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on your website. These are two tools that can speed up your loading times.

The cache will store a copy of the website’s data on both the client and server side. This allows a website to increase load times by using copied files rather than making repeated requests to the web server.

Check with your hosting provider to see if a caching tool is installed. For example, LiteSpeed ​​Cache is pre-installed on all plans, so you don’t need to install it yourself.

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Otherwise, get LiteSpeed ​​or a speed-optimization WordPress plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache and install it on your WordPress site.

CDN is a distributed network of domain name servers and data centers. Its purpose is to reduce the distance between servers and users to reduce load times. Using a CDN can reduce loading times by up to 30%.

After you have both caching and CDN ready, choose Website Speed ​​Test Tool. We recommend using GTMetrix or Pingdom for website speed measurement and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights for mobile website measurement.

Check Hosting Speed

We recommend doing several speed tests with different test tools. Test results may vary from one device to another, so using multiple devices will result in longer loading times. Compare test results to get an average number.

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We also recommend running multiple tests with each device. In GTMetrix, this is easy to do by clicking on the Retest button.

It is important to run multiple tests to make sure the caching works. When you run the first test, the cache does not store the data, which makes the website slow. The website speed results should give you details to see if resources are blocked or not.

After running the test a few times, there should be enough stored in the cache for the website to show its best performance. Doing so also reveals the difference caching can make to your website.

Most website speed test tools support testing from multiple locations around the world. This will help you figure out how different sites will have different effects on the website. Naturally, the further away you are from the data center, the slower it is.

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Do more testing using Google Analytics to see where most of the traffic is coming from. Then, run the test selecting the server location as the traffic location.

For example, if most of your visitors come from Asia, running a test using a Singapore server will show the actual website speed visitors are experiencing. If you have multiple traffic zones, run multiple tests to see the difference between zones.

This is also a good time to test your site speed with and without a CDN. It shows how effectively the CDN speeds up your website in different areas.

Check Hosting Speed

After checking your site speed, the tool will present you a web performance report. Different devices may include different parameters in their tests.

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Some tools may call this metric differently, such as total load time, but essentially, it measures the time required to load an entire page.

Users will click on the back button if the page loads too slowly. Also, they will have a bad impression of both the website and the brand. Dissatisfied users are less likely to return to the site.

If your website takes more than two seconds to load, check the details of the report. Most tools will show you what is causing the page to load slowly and offer suggestions to speed up the site.

Waterfall charts are also a great way to visualize the loading process of a website. From there, you can check the website load time for each resource, which helps identify which resource is taking longer.

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Click anywhere to open HTTP headers. This will tell you whether the file is cached or GZIP compressed.

First Contentful Paint (FCP) measures the time between a visitor’s request and the first text, image, or other content appearing on their browser.

This is not to be confused with First Color or Initial Render Time. This measure takes into account non-elements such as background color. While this is a good indicator that when users get the response from their browser, no meaningful content is being found.

Check Hosting Speed

Largest color is also a helpful measure. Similar to FCP, it measures the time required to load. However, this measurement focuses on the largest content, such as hero images.

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Finally, check out Time to Talk. It measures how long it takes for a page to be interactive – for example, before users can click a button, open a menu or enter text.

Faster page speeds will improve the user experience, allowing visitors to browse your website without waiting patiently for the website to load.

A slow website will cause users to leave the page and thus negatively affect your website traffic, reputation and user retention.

Performing a website speed test saves you from having a slow website and experiencing its disadvantages. This will help uncover any problems you may be having with your website and give you time to improve it and get it up to speed.

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Some free website benchmarking tools can provide hundreds of sites to test and test at once. We’ve put together a list of the 18 best website analytics tools to help you choose the right one.

GTmetrix uses Google Lighthouse to measure website performance. This includes important metrics like total load time, first available color, and largest color.

It also provides short details and information about the top issues affecting website performance. Testing from multiple server locations is also possible.

Check Hosting Speed

Use the connection throttling feature, which allows you to choose the connection speed, to see how well your website performs with different types of network connections.

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GTmetrix is ​​free to use to measure website speed. However, there are premium plans that offer additional checkpoints, mobile device testing, and free maps.

Pingdom is a website performance monitor that offers free website speed tests. Users have access to important metrics such as page load time, page size, and performance level.

Pingdom offers premium services, such as uptime monitoring, page speed, as well as conversion and visitor insights. It will also notify customers when there is a downgrade. Prices start at $10/month.

WebPageTest is a free tool that allows you to test a website from multiple locations including desktop, mobile and tablet and using multiple browsers.

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One of its main features is multitasking. It’s capable of running up to nine tests, and at the end of each session, it provides a quick web review, waterfall charts for each run, and improvement suggestions.

Another great feature is the visual comparison test. It lets you access multiple URLs to test at once and provides a visual comparison using video to see how pages compare to each other.

Google’s proprietary PageSpeed ​​Insights measures user experience on mobile and desktop devices, according to the Chrome UX Report.

Check Hosting Speed

At the top of the test page, you find the performance score determined by Lighthouse, followed by fields and test data. Field data contains information about what visitors experienced on the site, while test data is collected in the control field to identify and fix performance issues.

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The report also provides suggestions for optimization that include estimated savings in loading times. Diagnostic report shows which programs and applications are affecting website performance.

Page Speed ​​is part of Google Analytics and measures your site’s performance based on page load time, execution speed, and test time.

Test reports include detailed information on individual pages and performance indicators, as well as optimization suggestions.

Test My Site is a free mobile website testing tool. With a website speed test, it measures your site against competitors.

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Since it is important to provide mobile website performance that matches the desktop version, this tool is one of the best tools to achieve this.

KeyCDN conducts speed tests from 10 different sites. The results reveal three important metrics: load time, total page size, and number of requests.

In addition to page speed and domain checking, KeyCDN also provides several networking and security features such as DNS queries and SSL

Check Hosting Speed

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