Check Hosting Server Of Website

Check Hosting Server Of Website – Have you ever visited a website and been surprised by split-second load times? Or maybe your competitor’s website beats yours in terms of loading speed and ability to handle massive loads of visitors. You might even be a beginner and have no idea which hosting company is the best, so you want to emulate a popular (and trusted) website. Perhaps a previous admin set up a site you inherited and left no information behind. Whatever the reason, you can easily find the host of any website using various methods.

One of the easiest tools to use to find out which company hosts a website is called HostAdvice and its question “Who hosts this?” tool.

Check Hosting Server Of Website

Check Hosting Server Of Website

Finding out who is hosting a website is as simple as entering the URL in the Search Hosting field. The results should immediately appear with the information you want. The main reason we recommend this tool over others is that HostAdvice includes other information as well. Like the CMS and name servers.

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You can click on the various places and get more information. But in terms of simplicity, “Who is organizing this?” The tool is definitely top-notch.

HostingAdvice is not the only tool like this by far. If you want to check further, or if you just aren’t getting the information you need, maybe one of these will help.

If none of these tools work for you, something could be wrong. For example, you might see a results page like this:

As you can see, the hosting provider is empty. Which is weird, to say the least. The nameservers, however, point to SiteGround as the hosting company. At least that’s where the DNS of the domain name points to. Sometimes, however, all the information is totally and completely masked. Not just absent.

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However, the IP address is provided, which is also a specific indication of who the host is. Now you just have to dig a little deeper into Internet logs to find out who is hosting this site.

In this case, the hosting provider is listed as Cloudflare because the content and traffic are routed through that CDN. Also, the nameservers are Cloudflare, and if you check the IP address (you guessed it), it’s a Cloudflare IP. Even checking the domain’s WHOIS database will show the information from Cloudflare. In that case, it’s best to contact support to ask if they would mind sharing the information. Because digging further is pointless.

However, in cases where you have an IP address that is not masked by a CDN, you can use a tool like to get a display of the same hosting information as the other tools. Note that it may come back as the IP address of the host server clusters. Like this one, which is hosted on SiteGround but includes Google Cloud.

Check Hosting Server Of Website

If none of that works, except asking the site administrators, you have one last resort to investigate. The WHOIS records of the website.

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There are WHOIS records for every website out there. Well, more specifically, for every domain name out there.

A WHOIS record contains all of the contact information associated with the person, group, or company that registers a given domain name. Typically, each WHOIS record will contain information such as the name and contact information of the Registrant (owner of the domain), the name and contact information of the Registrar Registrar (the organization or business entity that registered the domain name), the registration number, nameservers, most recent update, and expiration dates. WHOIS records may also provide administrative and technical contact information (which is usually, but not always, the registrant).

Technically, WHOIS data is public knowledge. But because the Internet isn’t always kind, many domain registrars offer domain privacy protection that lists your own information, not the owner’s. They act as intermediaries for those who need to contact the owner of the domain.

While this practice is very common, you can often obtain web hosting information through WHOIS records. It’s hard to recommend one WHOIS lookup over another, but we generally use,’s WHOIS Lookup Tool, or GoDaddy’s WHOIS Lookup Tool.

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Again, like the other tools we’ve used, all you have to do is enter the URL you want to see where the site is hosted. Each of the listed tools will provide different levels of information, but each should provide something that shows where the domain is pointing.

Using, we see that the nameservers point to SiteGround, although the info shows the registrar (NameCheap) for contact info etc.

ICANN’s official tool provides the shortest, easiest-to-read information. It’s separated into categories instead of the raw data like the others.

Check Hosting Server Of Website

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to find out where a particular website is hosted, you have many different options. From checking nameservers, looking up a domain’s WHOIS data, to simply entering a website address into a tool and seeing the business displayed front and center. And again, if none of the above works and you really need to know the host of your website, you can always email their support team or use their contact form. After all, the information is not private, so many administrators will have no problem revealing it.

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Check Hosting Server Of Website

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