Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa – To save you some time, I’m going to give you my insights and share with you my top picks for web hosting in South Africa so you can start building your website sooner!

When it comes to finding the right web host for your website, the list of options is endless.

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

So to save you some time, I’m going to give you my insights and share with you my top picks for web hosting in South Africa in 2022 so you can start building your website sooner!

Buy Affordable Web Hosting In South Africa. Free Domain & Ssl. Reliable

If you’re also looking for best practices on how to speed up your site, how I rated each of these hosts, and the different types of web hosting, you can see more below this list.

For anyone starting a website in South Africa, my top recommendation would be BlueHost. They are a web host I have used for just over 3 years and are by far the best provider I have ever used. BlueHost is also officially recommended by WordPress as their number one host 😱.

Simply put, BlueHost excels in the 3 most important aspects of a great web host. These are speed, uptime (how long your site is successfully connected) and customer support.

What also stands out about BlueHost is that they also provide a long list of non-cheat add-ons included in their plans. Some of the most prominent are:

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Ok, so BlueHost sounds pretty good, but what about all the cons? Well, the only downside I encountered is the site transfer fee, which is quite high. But unless you want to move your site, it’s not worth worrying about.

So what can you expect to pay for a service of this magnitude? The price for their starter plan is $3.96 per month, which converts to ZAR 57 per month when you sign up for their three-year plan.

To activate this price, you can click the button below which will give you a 50% discount! To learn more about BlueHost, you can see my comprehensive BlueHost review here.

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

Next on my list is none other than SiteGround. Founded in 2004, SiteGround is one of the leading players in the web hosting industry. They currently host over 1,000,000 unique websites and are the third most recommended WordPress web host.

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But what really sets SiteGround apart is that they have some of the best speeds on the market for shared web hosting plans. With servers in Asia, USA and Europe, they can provide fast speeds to visitors worldwide.

Although unfortunately they don’t have servers located in South Africa, their speeds are still pretty phenomenal, averaging 615ms. This is made possible by their free CloudFlare CDN, located in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The only real downside is that SiteGround doesn’t offer a free domain name that will set you back R180 for

Overall, SiteGround is a fantastic web host that provides fast speeds for those in South Africa, seamless integration with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phenomenal customer support.

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How can I write a list of the best web hosting in South Africa without including a company based in SA? That would be criminal!

So let me introduce AfriHost, which is a South African owned and operated provider that provides a huge catalog of telecommunications and hosting products.

One of their standout products definitely has to be their gold hosting plan for Linux which costs R49 per month which is excellent value. But what do you get for this price? And is their service really good?

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

While this list includes some great additions, there are some downsides to be aware of.

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Of the above drawbacks, the biggest is definitely the limited storage of 2 GB. This is something you need to know if you plan to build a large website. However, AfriHost has alternative plans like Silver Pro which has 10GB of storage for 107R per month.

Overall, AfriHost is still an excellent web hosting provider with local SA servers that will provide low latency and a great feature list at an affordable price!

Next on my list is a web host which is a whopping 11 rand per month. Um, can you say that again please? Yes, only 11 rand per month.

But how is this even possible? This is simply due to the fact that Hoistinger is currently running an amazing sale which is 90% off the original price of R110 per month.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting From R149/m

Even better, this price is based on their 4-year registration plan, so it allows users to lock in this low price for 4 years. Okay, but what do you actually get in terms of web hosting with this service?

Well, to be honest, Hontigers plans and benefits are close, if not on par with some of the other big players. Here are some of their notable advantages:

So as we can see, Hostinger provides the basic basics for a great web host. The only part missing in my opinion is the lack of a free domain name and a free SSL certificate that you have to bring your own or pay for the domain registration with Hostinger.

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

Overall, Hostinger is a solid web host with an even more solid starting price. For those on a budget looking to create a small business blog or website, this is a great choice!

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At the bottom of my list is another SA based hosting provider called Hetzner. Founded in 1996 out of Germany, Hatzner has expanded rapidly over the past few years into markets such as South Africa.

As for their hosting plans, they start at a modest R99 per month which gives the user unlimited bandwidth, 5GB SSD storage, hosting up to 10 domains and one FTP account.

However, the biggest advantage Hetzer has is that they run servers out of Cape Town, which results in blazing speeds for locals visiting, say, a SA based small business website.

On the downside, the piper unfortunately does not provide a free domain name or SSL, but these can be found in their services.

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All in all, Hatz as a great web host that has really made a name for itself as a reputable and reliable web host in South Africa as well as around the world.

Each web hosting provider has its pros and cons. But there are some key features that will make the provider stand out from the rest. Here’s everything I thought of in my reviews of the best web hosting providers in South Africa, so you know what to look for.

Speed ​​is at the top of my list because it is absolutely essential for a web hosting provider. With the pace of the online world these days, if your site is slow, it will definitely fall behind the competition.

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

When it comes to loading a web page, a few seconds can make a huge difference. Experts have shown that if your website takes too long to load, customers tend to lose interest faster. This is why you want to make sure that the web hosting service you pay for is as fast as possible.

Affordable Web Hosting South Africa

In most cases, dedicated server hosting will be faster than shared server hosting. But even for shared hosting, many providers out there have faster speeds. I like to do a quick side-by-side comparison of quoted speeds before making a decision, regardless of hosting type.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best balance between affordability and quality of your web hosting plan. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your plan, but you don’t want to be stuck with an unreliable server.

Consider what type of plan you’re buying—I’ll go into more about the different types in the section below—and compare it to plans from other providers to make sure it’s competitive before you buy.

It is also very important to pay attention to the renewal price of the plan. This can be where you get scammed – sometimes a plan looks extremely affordable for the first year or so, then the prices skyrocket upon renewal.

Best Web Hosting South Africa Picks!🥇[2022 & Reviews]

The term “uptime” refers to the time the website spends normally. Basically, the better the uptime of the web hosting provider, the less time it will waste.

Especially if you use your website for sales and marketing, downtime can be very damaging to your business. It can also put you at risk of data loss. Good uptime means a more reliable and secure website.

Uptime is usually measured in percentiles, or the percentage of time the server spends up versus down. I never consider a server less than 99% uptime.

Cheap Website Hosting South Africa

Here’s the key – most web hosting providers will claim 99.9% uptime. To get to the bottom of these claims, I want to read some neutral reviews of the same providers and see if I find the same statistics being repeated. Some of the suppliers that

Best Website Hosting Providers For South African Businesses

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