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Cheap Web Hosting India – By default, our servers run cPanel, and chances are your existing host does too. If this is the case, we and your existing host will provide you with login information to log in at a specific URL as below:

Note: The size of the backup depends on your site and data and if it is very large it may take a long time to download and upload between both servers. Start by logging into your previous server’s cPanel using the URL provided by your host. (This picture of our hosting panel) (Go to the home page of the cheap package https:///)

Cheap Web Hosting India

Cheap Web Hosting India

Click the Download button under the Home folder under the Partition Backups heading. A file with a .tar.gz extension will be downloaded to your computer. Note the name and location of this file. (This picture of our hosting panel) (Go to the home page of the cheap package https:///)

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After that, log in to your new cPanel account on your MilesWeb service using the temporary cPanel URL and login details in your welcome email. If you are a reseller, you will be able to login with the cPanel details that you will create in WHM.

Then go to the Backup page as before. (This picture of our hosting panel) (Go to the home page of the cheap package https:///)

Finally, click on Restore Settings on the right side and locate the downloaded .tar.gz file on your machine. Then click Upload. This will load the Home Directory backup and restore all files.

You’ll notice that cPanel allows you to set up separate backups of MySQL databases, email filters, and email distribution. If you also want to transfer this data, repeat the same steps for each respective backup.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Plans In India 2022 [boost Speed]

In order to create our website perfectly and display relevant offers, we use cookies. By continuing to use our website, you accept our cookie settings. More details When it comes to ‘Cheap’, we all like cheap or cheap prices, but definitely not ‘Cheap service or cheap quality. And the same goes for web hosting. We all want the best web hosting service at an affordable price or budget or as low a budget as possible.

With this in mind, we decided to do our own research to find out the best cheap web hosting providers in India currently in the market. Fortunately, we’ve found that the recommended list below combines the above services into a high-value, low-cost package. It is the best in cheap hosting because it provides more value to customers:

HostSoch – India’s best web hosting provider famous for its affordable and reliable feature-rich web hosting services. Its shared hosting service is a great choice for many bloggers, professionals, small businesses, WordPress sites and webmasters looking for affordable web hosting services. Some of its best features like free domain and SSL, free daily backups, flat renewal price, unlimited resources along with cheap web hosting are the main reason why it stands out from the crowded web hosting industry.

Cheap Web Hosting India

Hostsoch plans are covered with low budget and excellent service. In the Indian market, it is a top recommendation for reliable and affordable web hosting services. They offer shared web hosting, domains, dedicated hosting, managed services and security services.

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Unlimited shared hosting plans come with unlimited resources (storage, bandwidth, email, database, etc.) and free domain, free lifetime SSL certificate, automatic daily backups, day money back guarantee 30 and the same update makes HostSoch the leader in the Indian Market.

If you want to start a blog, have a static website to create, have a low traffic business blog, need a portfolio website to create or organize a personal website or blog, cheap hosting plans are the right choice. And these cheap plans that usually come with a shared hosting platform can cost as much as Rs, 2000- Rs, 5000 per year (or sometimes even less). to automatically set up your website and maintain it.

With a shared hosting server, multiple accounts of other customers are hosted on a single server sharing the same IP. Most other user accounts will use a shared server, so shared hosting is the cheapest and best hosting platform if you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting plan.

However, if you are serious about your business, or in general, if you depend on your website for the success of your business, or if you are launching a large e-commerce site or a site with a large database, you should search. advanced hosting plans like VPS, Cloud server, dedicated server.

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This means that you should choose a hosting service based on your website needs, here you can learn the difference between Shared VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting.

The server is shared by many sites It offers limited bandwidth and disk space It is relatively inexpensive due to shared costs It does not require the site owner to have a lot of technical skills High traffic can slow down the server It offers the least control of the three types. It is the least secure of the three types. The server is dedicated to only one website.

It provides high bandwidth and disk space. It is quite expensive because there is no shared cost. The website owner must have technical knowledge as he has full control over the server. The server is designed to handle high traffic. It provides maximum control. This provides high security.

Cheap Web Hosting India

The server is shared by many websites. It provides high bandwidth and disk space. It is quite expensive but cheaper than a dedicated web hosting service. It does not require the website owner to have a lot of technical skills, but it does require a system administrator. The server is designed to handle high traffic. It provides maximum control. This provides high security.

Best Web Hosting Companies In India

Most shared hosting plans in India come with WordPress and other popular CMS tools PHP website software.

For personal projects, blogs, church websites, business profiles, portfolio sites, and small organizations, the resources of a shared hosting plan will often be sufficient. For a well-coded website, large shared hosting plans can easily handle a few hundred visits per day.

If you expect your website traffic to be less than 1000 visitors per day, then a shared hosting plan will be good enough. For a website or blog that must have more than 1000 visitors per day on the low end, you may want to look at other options.

Shared hosting plans are the right choice for bloggers and small businesses as the traffic on these sites may not affect other sites on the server.

Top 10 Web Hosting In India: Reviews & Comparisons For 2022

You get cPanel to manage your website and hosting account if you buy a shared hosting plan from a well-known provider like HostSoch, iPage or Hostgator.

You can usually buy a domain name and then work with the customer support team to transfer it to your existing website or create a new one.

Additionally, companies like HostSoch, Hostinger and iPage are considered cheap WordPress hosts and offer you one-click installation of software like WordPress and Joomla to launch WordPress within minutes without paying a huge amount for a hosting plan. Disclaimer: This is user-generated content for MyStory, an initiative to empower its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The opinions and writings here reflect those of the author and not.

Cheap Web Hosting India

Check out my guide on the best cheap web hosting providers in India. This guide will help you choose the best web host for you based on your affordability and needs.

Top 10 Web Hosting In India: Reviews & Comparisons

When starting a new website or blog, sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hosting. Since you have started a new project and have many things to cover. So you are always looking for the cheapest hosting providers to start your new journey. Buying cheap web hosting doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the services you need to host your website.

There are some great web hosting providers that are affordable and ideal for all types of businesses. The best web hosting services should offer fast loading speeds, maximum uptime, security features, ease of use and 24/7 customer support.

These are all the fastest website options that help you increase your website traffic by slowing down website speed.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the best web hosting service with hundreds of options on the market. Don’t worry, I have checked and found out the 7 best web hosting providers with a range of affordable prices. This guide will help you choose the best option for your website and enable you to host your website with low usage.

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DomainRacer is the #1 reliable cheap and fast web hosting service. DomainRacer offers LiteSpeed ​​​​​​​​21x server hosting, it is the best choice for hosting any type of business website. This recommended web hosting comes with 21x speed turbo servers to speed up website space.

They have top server monitoring of 7+ Tier III data centers in India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, France and Germany. You can start your website with DomainRacer as is

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