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Channel Hosting Tv – It’s no secret that all of us here at Twitch can’t wait for TwitchCon to start. We have been working hard for months to have everything ready for this weekend. By now, you might know that TwitchCon will be packed with hundreds of streamers, three days of panels and expos, and not to mention, a killer party.

What you don’t know about yet are all the new feature sets, product improvements, and big reveals we have planned for TwitchCon, so we thought we’d kick off TwitchCon weekend a little early by sharing our updates. Dead to be seen by all: the new channel.

Channel Hosting Tv

Channel Hosting Tv

The new design of the channel page allows you to more easily access all the content of the channel. We’ve added a new top navigation bar that lets you search for videos and start watching previous streams when the channel is offline, but easily return to the live video player if they go online.

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We’ve also updated the hosting model, so you can scroll down to see channels and dashboards for the channel you’re on, and view, subscribe to, or follow all hosted channels on one page.

Now, when you visit your favorite channel on Twitch, whether the streamer is online or offline or hosting a friend, you can be sure that you’ll quickly get to the best content they have to offer.

The new channel page is live and you can check it on any channel. Learn more about the new channel page by visiting our channel page guide.

And if you want to be the first to see the other big reveals we have in store, be sure to tune in to the TwitchCon Keynote tomorrow, September 30th at 2:00 PM PT at

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Curse Communication Platform is an amazingly powerful permanent voice and chat server to support the games you play and…

Welcome, TwitchCon 2016 attendees! First off, we want to thank you for being a part of the TwitchCon experience this year. We were… Español — Deutsch — Français — Svenska — Nederlands — Türkçe — 日本語 — 한국어 — Thai — Português & Brazilian Português

Today we are adjusting the host mode level. Our new auto-host feature elevates host mode to a powerful cross-promotion tool. How? By making it easy for you to create and manage a list of channels that will automatically host when you’re offline. This includes options to automatically host members of your team, a list of personally curated streamers, and channels similar to your own.

Channel Hosting Tv

Since Host Mode launched, we’ve been amazed at how our community has used it to share content and grow together. Last spring, we experimented to see how we could improve host mode. We conducted an automated host survey and the results were overwhelmingly positive:

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A whopping 97% of participants also say they plan to continue autohosting, so we’re excited to make it available today.

During our research, we heard that there is a community here that uses host trains for cross-promotion. However, the problem is that the host train requires a lot of coordination. Auto-hosting improves the intent of train hosts, because trains often involve the same community of streamers who frequently host each other. With Auto Host, just set up your list and you’re good to go.

As with host mode, choosing who you want to host. It can be set at any time by going to your channel settings. For step-by-step instructions and answers to frequently asked questions, go here.

Auto-hosting allows the community to come together and grow on Twitch. On that note, if you’re going to TwitchCon this week, remember that it’s a great place to join or create a “streaming team.” And of course, don’t forget to set up auto-housing while you’re away.

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[1]. 5 broadcast teams from 45 radio stations participated in the study. Streamers can use automated hosts to keep most viewers offline. As you might expect, smaller spaces have the biggest impact on viewing.

Welcome, TwitchCon 2016 attendees! First off, we want to thank you for being a part of the TwitchCon experience this year. We have…

As the Twitch Creative community grows, our presence at TwitchCon! This year, we will cover all angles …. Jasmine Begum, Director of Legal, Government and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Malaysia met with Tehmina Kaoosji, TV presenter and producer at Bernama Channel for an interview on the danger of. The dark web and the internet can be a dangerous place for children who are allowed to use the internet without any supervision. Watch the interview below:

Channel Hosting Tv

O  “The dark web is where nasty things happen. It’s like an underground economy, it exists, like a black market.”

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O  “Anyone who knows how to access the dark web can enter the dark web, there are no two separate channels. It’s just that criminals, bad people, always exist, and we just have to be careful not to communicate or even interact with illegal people.”

O  “A lot of people think that when you go online, you’re a different person. You use a different persona. Because you have the safety of the screen. What they forget is that what you do online can be a crime, especially in the fast generation.”

O  “The Digital Citizen Index looks at several factors. We (Malaysia) came fourth out of 23 countries in the survey. The good thing is that we are very civil, we respect others. But we still tend to be victims. What we see is a lack of awareness.

O “If you let your kids play in the playground, you’ll tell them ‘don’t talk to strangers.’ But here you’re letting kids play in the digital playground. This is a digital sandbox that you’re letting your child play in. Anyone can into this sandbox without your knowledge.”

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O   ”Suppose you have a device in your child’s room and you have a child with a laptop open and connected to Wi-Fi; And the camera was opened by a bad person, the child will not know. So how do you protect this child? Usually what we recommend is to just stick the top (of the camera) on.

O  “At the same time, it’s important to talk to children about the dangers. Yes, the Internet presents such great opportunities, but at the same time, don’t talk to strangers, like you say when children go out to play in the yard.”

“What we’re seeing today is kids getting social media IDs from the cradle, but many social media platforms have set age limits. I can talk about Microsoft’s, which says if you’re under 13 years, you need your parents’ approval to get an email ID.”

Channel Hosting Tv

O   “There are also reports that children under the age of 2 are not encouraged to be on any screens.”

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O  “The amount of digital exposure before children become adults invites criminals to hijack them. We’ve seen many social media platforms targeted by crime to hijack based on parental information and match the child.”

O  “Some of these photographs are not there for malicious reasons. Parents just want to celebrate, but I think we have to be careful. Even the security settings we put on our social media accounts raise questions of awareness.”

O   “I think there needs to be some kind of conscious digital wallet. If I need to pull something out and interact with a person, I can do that. If I’m having a conversation, I’m not going to look at the device, I’ll take it out of my reach.”

O  “There should be rules not only about online behavior, but also about how devices are used. In my house, we put all the equipment on at 9 in the morning and all the equipment is put in my room. You have to have that kind of discipline “.

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Microsoft and LinkedIn have launched a program to help 10 million people learn the digital skills needed for the most in-demand jobs in the global digital economy.

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