Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting – PHP 8 major release is here on the servers. Although officially released to general availability on November 26, 2020, it is now fully available to all customers. After extensive testing and monitoring to ensure full compatibility with cPanel and our infrastructure, we can confidently say that we can safely install a version that provides stability and optimal performance for your installed PHP applications.

This major update of the programming language includes many improvements and powerful features. We’re excited to walk you through the most exciting changes so that every programmer can write better code and build more efficient apps. As always, PHP 8 does not disappoint. This post covers some of the essentials of PHP 8 and how customers can benefit from the overall upgrade.

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

PHP 8.0 is now available on all shared servers and can be easily selected using the PHP selector. PHP 8.0 is the fastest version of PHP to date, so we recommend it if your website is fully compatible with it. Of course, note that some extensions may not be ready for the new version. That’s why you should make your website more beautiful after switching to PHP 8.0.

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As mentioned in our previous post about PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0 is a milestone. One reason for this is the implementation of JIT – a management strategy that directly aligns raw material orders from suppliers with the production schedule. The program is usually configured at runtime in a faster format, typically in the native instruction set of the host CPU. To do this, the JIT compiler uses its access to dynamic runtime information. A standard compiler cannot do this task.

As of yesterday, all of our new shared hosting accounts come with version 7.4 by default. This update will improve the efficiency of the platform for hosting PHP websites thanks to the benefits of 7.4. Of course, in case of any problems or inconsistencies, customers have the option to downgrade their version.

We still don’t set PHP 8.0 as the default version on our shared hosting servers, mainly because there are still some plugins, themes, etc. that might not be fully compatible with it.

Existing versions of shared hosting accounts higher than 5.6 will remain unchanged. Of course, for all of this, upgrading to 7.4 or 8.0 is just a click away.

How To Update Php Versions In Bluehost (php 8.0 & 8.1)

We understand that managing a full upgrade to a new version can be complicated and require additional development efforts. In order to allow sufficient time to ensure compatibility, we have implemented protective and preventive measures to extend PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 beyond the December 2018 EOL date.

We advise all our customers with cloud VPS and dedicated server accounts to upgrade to the latest stable version of the scripting language.

Of course, you don’t need to install PHP 7.3 yourself. You can always ask our expert Linux administrators to perform the upgrade for you. They are available 24 hours a day for your convenience and ensure that your request is answered and processed quickly.

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

Given the dynamic nature of PHP, there are many cases where association types can be useful. An association type is a combination of two or more types that indicate that you can use one of them.

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“JIT” means “just in time”. PHP is an interpreted language, which means that it is not compiled like a C, Java, or Java program. Instead, it is translated into machine code—things that the CPU understands—at runtime.

“JIT” is a technique that compiles parts of the code at runtime so that the compiled version can be used instead.

There is a “monitor” that watches the code as it runs. When this monitor detects parts of the code that are being replayed, it marks those parts as “hot” or “hot” based on frequency. Hot parts can be configured as desired machine code and can be used on the fly instead of the original code.

It’s enough to understand that a JIT compiler can significantly improve program performance, but it’s hard to get it right.

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Knowing that the JIT compiler tries to identify hot spots in the code, you can see why this affects the fractal example. There are many calculations at once. However, since PHP is often used in the web environment, we need to measure the impact of JIT there.

The JIT opens the door for PHP to be used as a highly functional language outside of the web. Also, it can be improved over time, which also improves the code.

Named arguments allow you to pass values ​​to a function by specifying the name of the value, so you don’t have to consider their order, and you can also leave out optional parameters!

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

Attributes, known in other languages ​​as annotations, provide a way to add metadata to classes without parsing document blocks.

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It can be called the big brother of the switch statement: match can return values, does not require break statements, can combine conditions, uses strict comparisons, and does not apply any constraints.

This RFC adds composition sugar to create value objects or data transfer objects. Instead of giving them class properties and constructors, PHP can now combine them into one.

Postback validation was not supported until PHP 8.0. Given the dynamic nature of PHP, this is a feature that many developers will find useful.

From statement to statement, allowing exceptions to be thrown in many new places:

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Previously, PHP implemented similar inheritance checks on public, protected, and private methods. In other words, private methods must follow the same signature method as protected and public methods. This makes no sense because private methods will not be available to child classes.

This RFC changed this behavior so that these inheritance checks are no longer performed on private methods. In addition, the use of

Take the example of ORMs. Caches that refer to entity classes are often implemented to improve the performance of relationships between entities. These entity objects are not garbage as long as the repository references them, even if the cache is the only object that references them.

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

If this caching layer uses weak references and mappings instead, PHP will collect these objects when nothing else references them. Especially for ORMs that can handle hundreds, if not thousands, of entities in a single request, weak mappings can provide a better, more resource-friendly solution to handling these objects.

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With the major release of PHP 8.0, new features arrive and the programming language continues to evolve.

According to benchmark statistics, PHP 7+ shows better memory usage among some other improvements. As expected, PHP 8.0 is still looking for a fast, stable release.

As for Magento, the Magento community has begun its mission to make Magento 2 compatible with PHP 8.0 by launching the Magento PHP 8.0 Compatibility Community Project.

Here’s the percentage of PHP versions used with WordPress, as shown in the pie chart below (according to

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Unfortunately, PHP 5 is still used by 14.4% of all websites with a known server-side programming language. However, these statistics are much better than a year ago, which is due to the site’s health feature reminding users to update their PHP version.

We recommend that you request a supported PHP version from your host. Your best bet is a WordPress approved edition. As of this article, the WordPress requirements are:

With shared hosting servers, it offers the perfect choice for quick and easy PHP version selection. All you have to do is:

Change On Commercial Fastcomet Hosting

We have described all the most important changes and improvements in PHP 8.0. The most important addition is certainly the JIT compiler, but that doesn’t mean that everything else that comes with this major PHP version isn’t important.

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Feel free to share in the comments what changes and improvements you liked the most in PHP 8.0, or what you didn’t. Happy coding!

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